12 minute affiliate review | 12 minute affiliate system review

12 Minute Affiliate Review: Don’t Miss This 12x Cheaper Alternative!

Affiliate Disclosure: Look, I'm working my ass off delivering value to you. So, yes this blog is monetized through affiliate products. They are true recommendations and if you purchase them, I probably earn a commission (at no additional cost to you).

Welcome to my 12 Minute Affiliate review, where we will be having an in-depth look at the 12-minute affiliate system by Devon brown.

We will be having a look at the software itself, the pros, cons and also some alternatives which are much lower cost.

I will be showing you how you can get the EXACT 12-minute affiliate system for 12x less the price if you want to, or some even better alternatives. 

The choice is yours. 

12 minute affiliate review | 12 minute affiliate system review

What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System?

The 12 Minute Affiliate system is a paid system used for affiliate marketing, created by Devon Brown. 

On the sales page of the 12 Minute Affiliate, there are some very aggressive claims being made. 

For instance, “If you can order pizza, you can make money with this system”.

So, are these claims true? 

Well, I don’t think they are, even though I have been a real user of the 12 Minute Affiliate, but we will be having an in-depth look at how it all works so that you can form your own opinion.


What’s Inside of The 12 Minute Affiliate? 

Here’s what the system actually is…

You get 1-3 landing pages and email templates for each product, all with pre-written copy. 

That’s it, you don’t get anything else.

And, while this might have great value for some people, you can do this yourself for a lot cheaper. I’m going to show you how later on this article. 

How Easy Is It To Set The 12 Minute Affiliate Up?

Setting up the 12 minute affiliate system is as easy as it gets. 

Here, take a look at the only steps you need to get going with it.

But, keep in mind there are some small issues with this process that I will be addressing later on. 

Step 1: Create A Free ClickBank Account

The first step of this system is to create a free ClickBank account.

It’s simple, easy, and free. 

You will need an affiliate account so that you have access to the ClickBank marketplace.

This is where the products that you will be promoting are hosted. You will need an account to grab your unique affiliate link and get paid. 

Step 2: Autoresponder

The next step of the 12 Minute Affiliate is the autoresponder. The 12-minute affiliate uses Aweber.

Currently, there are no other options.

So, you will have to use Aweber. Aweber offers a 30-day free trial, so you would have to sign up for that.

After you have done so, 12 Minute Affiliate tells you which emails to send which day. 

For example, it will say: Day 1 send Email 1, Day 2 Send Email 2, and so on. 

However, I don’t actually recommend you do this and I will tell you why in a second. 

Step 3: Choose A Funnel

The next step is to choose a funnel where your leads will be sent once you get traffic.

This is where they opt into your landing page so that you can send them emails and sell products to them in the emails.  

Another simple step, you just choose a landing page that’s available for your product.

Here it will also give you instructions on how to connect it with your Aweber account. 

12 Minute affiliate review: A look inside

Step 4: Get Traffic

Last but not least, once we are all set up, we need to get traffic.

Inside of the 12-minute affiliate system, there will be an option for this. A “push-button solution” they call it. 

Well, I actually don’t recommend that you get that for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s bad quality from my experience
  • There is little information on it
  • It’s expensive starting at $1 per click. You might as well use Facebook ads.  

So, I do not recommend buying this traffic at all. 

Instead, you should use your own traffic methods, you could use any of these methods below: 

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • And many others. 

However, if you are a beginner, I recommend Udimi solo ads, as they are cheap, effective and they have scam protection. 

The Problem With The 12 Minute Affiliate 

There is one key problem that I see with the 12-minute affiliate which will limit you if you do use.

Everyone gets the same assets i.e the same landing pages and the same emails. 

The same landing pages are a problem because when you use those people are going to know exactly where they lead.

If they have already been through that funnel, they will probably just get annoyed.

Same emails? Even worse. 

If everyone is using the same emails, they can often be blacklisted by many email service providers which means your emails won’t even deliver.

So, if you do choose to go with the 12-minute affiliate, I recommend EDITING these email templates heavily.

Editing them enough for the recipient servers to know they are not the same templates 1000’s of other people are sending. 

12 Minute Affiliate Pricing 

The problem with either of these pricing plans is the heavy limits on niches and landing pages. 

Plus, all you’re getting is quite a generic landing page per niche. 

Basic Membership 1 NichePlatinum Membership 3 Niches
Price$47 Per Month or $397 lifetime$97 per month or $797 Lifetime

Keep in mind, this is just for the landing page and the email templates. You will have to purchase Aweber too which comes in at $20 per month. 


Below is a picture of the funnel map. In reality, you will probably need none of these.

The first upsell is just a blueprint that I didn’t get, but it’s probably just a pdf file. 

The second upsell is the whole system set up for you, again it’s so easy I wouldn’t waste $67 on it.

Lastly, you can choose which membership you would like to purchase. 

12 Minute Affiliate review price

12 Minute Affiliate 14 Day Trial

The 12-minute affiliate offers a 14 Day trial, where you can try the system to see whether it’s right for you. 

It only cost $10 and its also covered by their 60 Day money-back guarantee, so it’s risk-free!

Try 12 Minute Affiliate For 14 Days

How To Get The 12 Minute Affiliate For 12X Less The Price

As I did mention earlier, we are going to be looking at some alternatives that are around 12x lower the price of 12 minute affiliate.

Now, keep in mind, no matter what product you choose, you are going to need an autoresponder such as Aweber anyway.

As the 12-minute affiliate uses Aweber, I have used it in the alternatives here. 

It’s also one of the lowest cost, yet best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

I didn’t take Aweber into the cost calculation, as the 12-minute affiliate doesn’t either. 

So, we are comparing the alternatives to the $47 cost of the 12-Minute Affiliate. 

How It Works

With all of these alternatives, you are basically going to create the system yourself.

While that may sound confusing, it isn’t.

All alternatives I mention have a drag & drop builder, so they are pretty easy to use. 

How To Get Pre-Written Copy

Of course, you’re probably not a copywriter and want pre-written copy.

That’s fine, there are two ways you can do this.

The first way is to get the 12-minute affiliate trial for $10 and just copy and paste all the templates. You are going to edit them heavily anyway, so it’s fine.

Or, the better way to do this, is to go to established affiliates in your niche and just opt-in to their landing pages, so you receive their emails. 

From here, you can take a look at the emails.

What are they selling and how they’re selling it?

You can then do the same and use their emails as templates.

Keep in mind, you should always edit any templates and not just copy and paste everything. 

12 Minute Affiliate Alternatives 

Here are the 12-minute affiliate alternatives:

  • Aweber
  • WordPress

Don’t worry, I will explain each one below. 

1. Only Aweber 

Aweber actually allows you to build landing pages too.

Cool, so that’s all you need right? Kind of. 

The problem with Aweber is that there are no custom domains.

And, not using your own domains is going to hurt your conversions, as you simply won’t come across as a professional. 

You can use this method, but no custom domains is a big blow in my opinion. 

Aweber12-Minute Affiliate
CostFree with Aweber plan$47-97$ per month
Landing PagesUnlimited BUT NO Custom Domains1-3 Depending on Plan

2. WordPress

Or, you can also use a self-hosted website with WordPress installed+ Elementor Pro + Aweber

While that may sound confusing at first, you’ll get used to it extremely quickly. 

Plus, I am going to show you how to get Elementor Pro (usually $49 per year) for completely free. 

Elementor Pro is the drag & drop page builder you can use to create unlimited landing pages.

Why this approach is the best

The only thing you will have to pay for is hosting, other than Aweber which you need anyway. 

Hosting with Bluehost costs $3.95 per month and WordPress can be installed with 1-click. 

A self-hosted website means you own the website, so you have full control over it. 

Plus, this way, you also get a blog that you will probably need in the future, unlimited landing pages, and much more flexibility.

If you would ever want to sell your own products, you could install WooCommerce (free) onto WordPress and do so. 

How To Get Elementor Pro For Free

Now, I did mention that you can get Elementor Pro for free, despite the normal cost being $49 per year.


I will give it to you as a bonus if you purchase hosting through my referral link. 

Here’s what you’re getting for $3.95 per month…

  • A WordPress blog (what you are reading right now is a WordPress blog)
  • Unlimited Landing Pages (My Bonus For You)
  • Free Custom Domain (Included)
  • Free SSL Certificate (Making your website secure)

This means, you can start blogging to get free traffic from Google too and you can build unlimited landing pages. 

It’s the ultimate starter kit for a beginner.

You can secure your bonus here. (Follow Instructions on Bottom Of Page)

This option with my Elementor Pro Bonus12 Minute Affiliate 
Cost $3.95 per month$47 – 97$
FeaturesSelf-hosted WordPress blog with maximum flexibility

Unlimited Landing Pages

Free Domain

Free SSL Certificate

You own your website

1-3 landing pages depending on the plan

Limited in customization, flexibility, and no free domain. 

If you’re in the boat currently that you can’t afford $3.95 per month, I probably wouldn’t advise you to start affiliate marketing. But, if you are in that boat, you can use Aweber without custom domains.

However, you also won’t be able to get free traffic from Google with a blog and also will have limited landing pages.

What I Like About The 12 Minute Affiliate

Now that we have had a look at the system itself and how it works, I wanted to explain what I like about the program. 

1. It’s Easy

The first thing I like about it is how easy it is.

I mean, they have made the landing page for you, the emails for you, and give you step-by-step instructions on setting it all up.

So, it is actually easy and probably the easiest way to get started with list building. 

2. It Focuses on list-building

The next thing that I like about it is that it focuses on list-building.

List building is one of the most important parts of affiliate marketing.

It allows us to increase the lifetime value of a customer, as well as the average visitor value.

So, I really like that this program focuses on building an email list. 

Don’t believe me? The average ROI of email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent. (Oberlo)

3. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not 14 days, not 30 days, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee which is great.

This also means, that the 14-day trial, can really be a 60-day trial. 

If you’re not making money in the first 60 days, you can get your entire money back.

So, that’s definitely a big pro and a confidence boost for members. 

4. $10 Trial

The fourth thing that I like about the 12 Minute Affiliate is the $10 Trial.

Some people may not like that it’s not a free trial, but in reality, the 60-day money-back guarantee is a lot better.

So, a $10 trial for 14 Days is more than enough, considering there’s the 60-day money-back guarantee.

5. Real-Income Opportunity

For number 5, I also like that it’s a legitimate income opportunity.

There are tons of programs that just sell you some BS, that doesn’t exist.

The 12 Minute Affiliate focuses on affiliate marketing and list-building which are both real strategies. 

6. How Focused It Is

Lastly, I also like how focused it is.

In affiliate marketing, often people don’t focus on one method which causes them to fail.

This is especially the case for beginners. However, with the 12-minute affiliate system, this shouldn’t be a problem as it is laser-focused on one method. 

As it is this focused on one method, I believe that the success rate of members is probably higher than in a lot of other programs or systems. 

Try 12 Minute Affiliate For 14 Days

What I Don’t Like About The 12 Minute Affiliate

Actionate Review: Cons

Now that I have said what I like about the 12 Minute Affiliate, let’s talk about my dislikes of the system.  

1. Aggressive Claims

First of all, the aggressive claims such as the “If you can order pizza, you can make money with this system”.

These claims are too aggressive in my opinion.

A lot of people with no previous experience will still take some time to understand the whole process behind the system, so I don’t like these claims. 

2. Limited To 1-3 Niches

The next dislike I have for the 12 Minute Affiliate is the fact that you are limited to 1 or 3 niches, depending on which plan you choose.

My problem with this is, what if you want to choose a new niche.

I have worked in dozens of different niches, so I really don’t like this limitation!

3. Expensive Monthly Fee

The next dislike is the expensive monthly fee because you can do this all yourself for cheaper.

Now, I get that this is the reason for it all being done-for-you, but then surely they can have a one-time-fee at the start with a cheaper monthly fee. 

Then again, for people who have more money to invest in time, this should not bother them.

4. Autoresponder Hidden Costs

On the sales page, you are just told you only need this magic system and that’s it. 

But, the truth is you also need a custom domain and your autoresponder. 

As it uses Aweber, that is another $20 per month added to your cost. 

6. The Traffic

Lastly, this con is a little harsh from me too. As I said earlier, I do not like the traffic for 3 reasons which are 

  • missing information 
  • the cost 
  • bad quality

This doesn’t really matter, as you can use your own traffic, but I just wanted to warn you, in case you choose to buy the 12-minute affiliate system.

Is The 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam? 

No, despite a lot of fake reviews the 12-minute affiliate system is not a scam. It can help you build an email list which you can then sell affiliate products too. However, you should also note that it’s possible to do this all yourself, for a much smaller price as explained in this article. 

With that being said, the 12-minute affiliate is definitely not a scam.

It will help you build an email list with a ready-made email opt-in page and ready-made emails which I recommend you edit. 

Is The 12 Minute Affiliate Worth It? 

If you really want to start affiliate marketing with minimal learning and effort, then yes it can be.

You won’t learn anything and you will end up over-paying for a simple system that you can get for 12x cheaper.

However, there is little work involved, so it might be worth it for some people. 

The problem is when this system goes, for a lot of people there business will too. 

12 Minute Affiliate Review: Final Thoughts

Lastly, I just wanted to give you my overall verdict on the 12 Minute Affiliate system. 

Overall, I would say it’s an okay system.

Nothing special, but not a scam either.

As I have mentioned throughout this article, you can do it yourself for a smaller price with:

  • More landing pages
  • More flexibility
  • A blog 
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL

All this for 12x less the price.

But, if you want minimal work and learning, then the 12-minute affiliate system could be for you. 

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