ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: I like both… but which one is best?

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ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: Introduction

ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse


Welcome to my comparison of ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse

Email Marketing is super-important for any online business.

And, in order to utilize email marketing, you’re going to need an autoresponder. 

There are many autoresponders out there, but if you are looking at making a decision between these two, then you are doing pretty well. Why?

These two autoresponders are some of the best ones on the market.

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Ease Of Use

ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: Key Differences

Use ActiveCampaign If

Use GetResponse If



The first thing that we are going to have a look at is (arguably), the most important part, the features. 

Now, in order to make the comparison easier, I have divided the features into three sections, Email Marketing, CRM and Landing Pages & Funnels.

Each section then compares the two platforms in that specific category, to help you find the best software for you.

So, let’s get started with the comparison!

Email Marketing

The first category in which we are going to compare these two platforms is email marketing, which is probably the main reason why both of these platforms are used. 

GetResponse Email Marketing Features: ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Features:
 Newsletters ✔

Autoresponders ✔

Automated Emails ✔

Segment Specific Sends✔

Perfectly Timed Emails ✔

Automated Blog Digests✔

Split Testing ✔

Lead Scoring✔

Easy integrations ✔

Newsletters ✔

Autoresponders ✔

Automated Emails ✔

Segment Specific Sends ✔

Perfectly Timed Emails ✔

Forms ✔

Split Testing ✔

Lead Scoring✔

Easy integrations ✔

As you can see in terms of email marketing features, they are incredibly similar. They offer almost identical email marketing tools, so in terms of email marketing features, there is no clear winner. 


In terms of deliverability, both of these platforms were tested in February 2020. 

ActiveCampaign was found to have a 90.2% deliverability, whereas  GetResponse only had a 75.6% Deliverability rate. (emailtooltester)

Now, what does this mean? 

It means that in these deliverability tests, emails by ActiveCampaign were delivered 90.2% of the time, whereas emails by GetResponse were only delivered 75.6% of the time.

ActiveCampaigns rate is the highest across the Industry.

With that being said, I must also say that this is very dependant on how you build your list and your line of business. 

If you build your email list through traffic exchange platforms and your emails look a little spammy, then, of course, you will face some trouble with deliverability. 

Other than that, you should not face problems with deliverability.

However, you can always test your emails first and see where they are going, so that you can make any changes if needed. 

So, in terms of email marketing, it’s a minor win for Activecampaign, due to the deliverability. 


The next category in which we are going to compare the two is CRM.

Both of these platforms offer CRM, however, GetResponse CRM Tools are a bit more limited. 

ActiveCampaign CRM Demo 

GetResponse CRM Demo 

As you can see, the ActiveCampaign CRM functions are a little more advanced than GetResponse. Additionally, the tasks are also more automated on ActiveCampaign. 

So, in terms of CRM, ActiveCampaign wins. 

ActiveCampaign 14 Day Free Trial


Both platforms also have some other features that don’t go into the above categories. 

Activecampaign also offers SMS marketing which of course, has significantly higher open rates.

GetResponse does not offer this feature. So, that’s an aspect in which ActiveCampaign wins. 

However, GetResponse also offers tons of free courses if you are a member of GetResponse.

For example, their 90-day list building program. This can be extremely helpful if you are completely new, as you will learn how to build and grow your email list. So, that might be a reason why some people may want to go with GetResponse.

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Landing Pages & Funnels

The next feature that we are going to be comparing between the two platforms is landing pages & funnels. 

This feature is only offered by GetResponse, so it’s a clear win for GetResponse. However, we will still be having a look at this feature, just to see what GetResponse has to offer.


GetResponse offers an “Autofunnel” feature which allows you to build funnels very easily.

If you choose to use this feature, GetResponse will help you build your funnel, by organizing all the needed steps for your funnel. This will then allow you to build your funnel a lot easier. 

Below is an example of a lead funnel being created through the autofunnel feature.

Additionally, you can also use the landing page feature to create funnels, you just have to redirect to your different pages in the funnel settings.

Lastly, GetResponse autofunnel feature also comes with some ready to use lead magnets which you can also use if they are related to your target audience.

These are mostly in the internet marketing niche. 

Landing Pages

If you don’t want to use GetResponse auto funnel feature, in case you want to use a different funnel structure or you just want to create a basic landing page, then you can use the landing page feature. 

The landing page feature allows you to build landing pages, thank you pages and sale pages using the drag and drop editor.

Additionally, GetResponse comes with over 180 different templates that you can use to create your pages.  


Lastly, we also have the webinar feature.

GetResponse allows you to host interactive webinars with features such as polls and surveys.

Detailed reports on the attendance of the webinars are also available.

As we can see in terms of funnels, landing pages and webinars it’s a big win for GetResponse. 

GetResponse 30 Day Free Trial

ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: Pricing

In terms of pricing, both platforms are a little different as they offer different features. 

ActiveCampaign Pricing:

How Much does ActiveCampaign cost? ActiveCampaign pricing table

See Full ActiveCampaign Pricing

GetResponse Pricing:

How much does GetResponse cost? Getresponse pricing table


See Full GetResponse Pricing

Key Pricing Differences   

Both of these platforms start at very similar pricing points. If paid monthly, they both start at $15.

If paid yearly ActiveCampaign starts at $9 and there is also an 18% discount available for GetResponse.

There are two main differences in the starter plan for both of these platforms.

Firstly, in the GetResponse starter plan, you can build unlimited lead funnels and landing pages, as well as sell e-products and services.

So, that’s a benefit of the GetResponse starter plan.  

The other main difference in terms of pricing is that the GetResponse starter plan does NOT include email automation, whereas the ActiveCampaign plan does.

The Getresponse basic plan includes autoresponders, but not action-based automation sequences. 

So, if either of those differences would affect you, I recommend going with the software that has the features you need.

For more, information on the pricing, please visit the official pricing tables linked below. 

See ActiveCampaign Pricing

See GetResponse Pricing


Now that we have compared both of these platforms on pricing and features, let’s have a look at their support team.

ActiveCampaign SupportGetResponse Support
24/7 Live Chat✔

Free On-boarding ✔

Help Center ✔

Ticketing Support ✔

Email Support ✔

Live Chat✔

Free On-boarding ✔

Help Center ✔

Ticketing Support ✔

Email Support ✔

As you can see, both of these platforms offer great support. 

The main difference is that GetResponse live chat is available 24/7, whereas the ActiveCampaign live chat is only available in the following hours: 

  • Sunday from 4 pm – 11 pm, Central Standard Time
  • Monday – Thursday from 8 am – 11 pm, Central Standard Time
  • Friday from 8 am – 4 pm, Central Standard Time

Also, from my experience, GetResponse has less of a wait in their live chat. However, that could also have to do with the time when I was trying to reach the support team. 

With that being said, from my experience, the ActiveCampaign on-boarding was a little better than the GetResponse onboarding. 

In terms of support, I would say that it’s a draw, both platforms have great support. 

Ease Of Use

The next category in which we are going to compare these two platforms is the ease of use. 

In terms of ease of use, both of these platforms are incredibly similar. 

Both platforms come with a wide variety of customizable email templates that are easy to edit. 

The automation builders of both of these platforms are pretty similar too. Nobody should run into any trouble building automation workflows on either of these platforms as it’s incredibly easy. 

Both dashboards are also very organized and easy to use. You should not need any experience to use GetResponse or ActiveCampaign. 

So, in the ease of use category, it’s a draw too. 

ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: Key Differences

ActiveCampaign wins in: 

  • Deliverability 
  • SMS Marketing (Not available in GetResponse)
  • CRM (More Advanced Than GetResponse) 
  • Pricing On The Lowest Plan (Includes Automation)

ActiveCampaign 14 Day Free Trial

GetResponse wins in: 

  • Landing Pages (Not Available In ActiveCampaign)
  • Funnels (Not Available In ActiveCampaign)
  • Webinars (Not Available In ActiveCampaign)
  • Courses & Education (Not Available In ActiveCampaign)

GetResponse 30 Day Free Trial

Use ActiveCampaign If:

If you are already collecting emails somewhere else, for example on your blog or with another tool, then you should use ActiveCampaign. 


Because of the higher deliverability, the more advanced CRM and if you want to start off with the lowest plan, it also includes automation. 

Another reason why you might use ActiveCampaign is the SMS marketing feature, as this is not available in GetResponse unless you integrate with 3rd party software through Zapier. 

So, you will face additional charges if you try to set up an SMS marketing campaign through GetResponse. Other than that, ActiveCampaign may also beat the pricing of GetResponse depending on the features that you need.

ActiveCampaign 14 Day Free Trial

Use GetResponse If:

You should use GetResponse if you also need to build landing pages, funnels, and webinars. 

ActiveCampaign does not offer this option, so if you do need these features you should use GetResponse. With that being said, you can also use a 3rd party software to build these pages and use ActiveCampaign. 

However, by doing that you will face additional charges and GetResponse offers all of those features. 

The last reason why you may want to use GetResponse is their courses and education which you will get free access too. If you are finding it a little hard to get your business off the ground, GetResponse offers a 90 Day list building course, in which they teach how to build email lists. 

GetResponse 30 Day Free Trial


As you probably saw throughout this comparison, you can’t really pick a clear winner. 

They are both brilliant pieces of software that have their own pros & cons.

Personally, I like to actually use both of these pieces of software as I like them both a lot. 

If you can’t decide between the two, I would assume that you don’t need funnels, landing pages & webinars in which case I would recommend ActiveCampaign.

However, you should also remember that both of these platforms offer free trials, so you can test both of them out first. 

GetResponse offers a 30 Day Free Trial, whereas ActiveCampaign offers a 14 Day Free Trial.

Neither trial requires a credit card. 

I hope that this comparison has been helpful for your decision and if you did enjoy this post, I would really appreciate it if you share it!




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