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Affiliate Marketing Copywriting: Complete Guide

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Let’s be real here… When you first get into affiliate marketing, copywriting is something that hardly anyone talks about.

Out of Endless “How to make money with affiliate marketing videos,” practically none even mention copywriting. Yet it’s one of the essential components of getting your leads to buy from you.

But you’re not alone. I didn’t know this either when I started affiliate marketing years ago. The good news is that I, later on, became a freelance content and copywriter – and have written for several 7-figure companies… And some 6-figure affiliates.

So I’ve learned a thing or two about it 😉

Throughout this guide, I will guide you through some of the best tips I have learned.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing sales material to generate more conversions. The best way to describe its function is to increase the product’s perceived value and decrease the perceived cost.

Because if we perceive something as more valuable and the cost as lower – we are more likely to buy. And when you’re writing copy, that is your goal.

Now, as you can imagine, this is pretty damn important when you’re trying to sell anything… Including affiliate products.

The good news is that you can somewhat piggyback off the vendor since you send your users to their sales page. That being said, sending a better-suited target audience with excellent copy will always help you land more sales…

Because sometimes, the decision to buy something is made before they land on the sales page.

Affiliate Marketing Copywriting: 6 Highly Effective Tactics To Implement

Here are the most effective affiliate marketing copywriting tips to implement:

1. Offer Bonuses

Copywriting is about increasing the perceived value and decreasing the perceived cost.

Offering bonuses is one of the best ways to increase the perceived value of your product. For example, on Twitter, when I promote my friends’ affiliate site playbook, I say, “When you pick up his course, you get my SEO copywriting course for free.”

Here’s the link in case you want to snatch that offer (just shoot me a DM, after purchase)

Affiliate Marketing Copywriting: offer bonuses

My course typically costs $49 (97 soon), so that’s a great way to increase the perceived value… Because the user is getting more value.

So if you have a paid guide, you offer and promote an affiliate product that goes well with it. Consider adding it as a bonus.

Other bonus ideas:

  • A service or paid community
  • A coaching call
  • An e-book

2. Slash The Perceived Cost With a Comparison

Okay, so we know we need to decrease the perceived cost by now, but how?

One of the methods we can use is to compare the cost to something less valuable. For example, let’s say you are trying to sell a $12.99 membership over an email that helps entrepreneurs network.

You could say something along the lines of: “This huge opportunity that connects you with high-level CEOs, Influencers and Entrepreneurs is a steal. It cost less than a Netflix subscription.”

We are slashing the perceived cost by mentioning the value and comparing it to something less valuable, which has the exact cost.

You can also do this by breaking the cost down, so the amount doesn’t sound as much… So, for example, instead of saying $29 per month, you can say “less than $1 per day”.

Use this trick to get more clicks to your affiliate products and higher conversions.

3. Make It Personal With a Story

Affiliate Marketing story

It’s no secret that stories sell. And sometimes, a personal story turns a lead into a customer.

Did you know that studies show we are more likely to donate to a cause if it involves a personal story? For example, the Boron Letters book discusses a study that showed we are roughly 4x more likely to donate to a starving child in Africa, of which we know the story, than “starving kids in Africa.”

So, for example, the story would include a picture of the child, what they would do with the money, and their story. On average, the study found that people donated around $4 to the cause with the personal story compared to $1 for the general cause of a “starving child in Africa.”

This means you are more likely to sell your affiliate product with a personal story. Why?

Because it hits your customers’ emotions better while making it more enjoyable as well, therefore, they are more likely to purchase.

Also, because of the nature of this example – I left some links to charity organizations to similar causes below.

Sponsor a Child in Africa

4. Establish Authority

We are more likely to follow orders from an authority.

Some extreme examples include:

Nurses following doctors orders – even when they are breaking the rules

War Criminals are trying to justify themselves with “We were just following orders.”

Now, in affiliate marketing copywriting, I hope you won’t be using tactics this extreme… However, becoming an authority in your niche will still strengthen your opinion on a product and, therefore, your conversions.

You can become an authority in your niche by:

  1. Getting featured in major publications
  2. Building a reputation (through results, content, etc.)
  3. Partnering with other authorities (creating content together, or other partnerships)

5. Place CTAs… But Smartly

Everyone knows CTA placements are essential. But in affiliate marketing copywriting, that is especially the case.

For example, if you are writing blog content, the paragraph above your CTA is the most important. Why?

Because your users usually scroll until the button is and then read the paragraph above. This is why you should pack it with benefits that eliminate your users’ pain points, which will help you increase conversions.

With email marketing, your users are more likely to read every line – however, the concept still applies because some will scroll… And if they don’t, they will still read the bit above the CTA.

6. Sell The Result – Not the product

Finally, we have to sell the result – not the product. And this applies to almost anything you are selling.

Are you selling an email autoresponder? You’re selling more leads, sales, and business growth.

Are you selling Gucci sliders? You’re not selling them. You’re selling the status.

Are you selling family games? You’re selling family fun, happy family time, and family love.

You need to understand why your audience wants to buy your product. And if you can communicate that end-value in a better way, your conversions will skyrocket.

Here’s an exercise I like to do: Take a pen and paper, write down your product… Then draw lines of emotions, ego-boosting feelings, and the other end-results it provides… From there, you can use that in your copy to influence your leads before they even see the sales page.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this guide on Affiliate Marketing Copywriting…

If you did enjoy this guide, make sure to check out my paid SEO copywriting training program. Or if you’re not looking to invest in that right now, follow me on Twitter, where I share some great tips for free.

I’ll see you at the next one.

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