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10 Affiliate Marketing Hacks To Double Your Sales In 2022

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Affiliate Marketing Hacks Introduction

10 Affiliate Marketing Hacks To Double Your Sales!

This list is a list of affiliate marketing hacks that you can use to increase your affiliate sales.

By “hacks” I don’t mean some magic software that will generate thousands of commissions.

That doesn’t exist…

What I mean by “hacks” is real tips that can make a big impact on your affiliate sales, if followed correctly.

These tips will also help you realize what part of your affiliate marketing business you need to spend more time on.

Affiliate Marketing Hacks

Affiliate Marketing Hacks – About This List

This is list is made up of tips that have helped me as an affiliate.

They all have a lot of benefits and that’s why they are on this list.

However, it doesn’t mean that all successful affiliates follow these tips.

There are thousands of ways of earning commissions and there are thousands of people who are successful with each method.

This list is in no particular order because it depends on you which ones you find helpful.

If you enjoy this list feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

1. Treat Affiliate Marketing Like A Business

Treat Affiliate Marketing Like A Business

Affiliate Marketing is a real business model.

It is not a way to earn a quick buck.

That means you need to treat it like a business…

Now, what do I mean by that?

I mean that you have to invest time and money upfront before seeing a return, just like in any other business.

Well, I say that but you can also just invest time or money. However, you will need more of whichever one you have (If you only choose to use one).

You need to be prepared to invest time and/or money to gain real experience, knowledge & a positive ROI.

Think long term!

2. Offer Value

This one is also really important.

Your goal is to help people have the solution to their problem and that’s how to get conversions.

You don’t make a purchase from somebody who annoys you, you make a purchase from someone who has the solution to your problem.

Otherwise, it will get a bit too boring for my regular readers!

3. Build Affiliate Marketing Assets

Building Assets Is An Affiliate Marketing Hack

Your Assets are this tree. The tree produces traffic.

Learning to build assets is one of my favorite affiliate marketing hacks.

Here’s why…

Everyone always talks about affiliate marketing passive income but doesn’t go in-depth about how to create it.

Well, let me explain to you, you need to create traffic producing assets.

Assets that will produce traffic (and therefore money) to your affiliate links where purchases are made.

Don’t focus on messaging people trying to sell a product, that is worse than a job.

You are just trading your time for nothing because the chances they will make a purchase are extremely low and is not guaranteed at all.

If you are working a job, at least you are guaranteed some payment.

Now, you might say that you aren’t guaranteed of making sales anyway, but you are if:

  • You never give up
  • Focus on building traffic producing assets and keep building them
  • You are productive

Examples of Affiliate marketing assets include:

  • Your blog
  • Your email list
  • Your social media

4. Promote A Variety Of Products

This one is important so that you aren’t too reliant on one product/ payment.

It is also important so that you have different price tiers of products.

A variety of low ticket, medium ticket, and high ticket products is always beneficial.

This is because it is very likely that some people will only buy low or mid ticket items and some people will buy all.

It’s simply so that you generate as many affiliate commissions as possible.

5. Drive Different Types Of Traffic

Affiliate Marketing Hack: Drive Different Types Of Traffic

Driving different types of traffic can be great because you get the chance to tap into a way bigger market.

Personally, I like using a variety of paid and free methods to build up my email list which I then also use to drive more traffic.

You also have a higher chance of finding an insane ROI traffic method that works for you.  Driving different types of traffic will also lead to faster growth.

So, again if you are only driving one type of traffic, you should rethink that.

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6. 10x Your Goals

Now, this is more of a general business hack, but when you 10x your goals, your entire mindset changes in such a positive way.

You start putting more work in, you start cutting down on liabilities and investing it into your business.

In affiliate marketing, depending on what methods you use, you can always put in more of everything.

You can double the number of articles you write, double the amount of money you put into ads etc.

The quicker you do that, is the quicker you will succeed.

7. Promote Products With Recurring Commissions

Promote Products With Recurring Commissions

This hack is actually pretty basic.

If you are promoting products with recurring commissions, each sale will give you multiple commissions.

That means you will get more commissions…

While this one is pretty basic, it is works wonders.

Recurring commissions will help you build up a sustainable affiliate marketing income a lot easier.

If a product costs $40 per month and you get 50% commission, you only need to refer 100 people to earn an extra $2000 a month.

Now, imagine the commissions you would be getting when after 5 years, you have a blog with 50,000 visitors per month and an email list of 100,000 people.

That goes back to building assets as well, both of these are so important.

That is why I definitely wanted to put it on this list of affiliate marketing hacks despite it being basic and obvious.

One of my favourite recurring affiliate programs is the Kartra affiliate program. 

8.Promote Tripwire Products With Up Sales

If you don’t know what a tripwire product is, it is when you sell them something small and then offer Up Sales.

There are tons of affiliate programs that do this, but I really like Warrior Plus because of the amount of information they give on the funnel map.

They also have many products with 100% commission on the tripwire sale.

The reason tripwire sales are so beneficial though, is because of the psychology of sales.

If someone offers you a $200 product, you will probably say no.

However, if they offer you a $20 product and then offer you a $200 product with over 20x of the perceived value, then you will likely buy.

Overall, a great method to increase sales which is why it made this list of affiliate marketing hacks.

9. Know Your Products & Audience

Affiliate Marketing Hacks: Know Your Audience

This one is also pretty simple, but effective and important.

It’s about knowing your audience and knowing what products they want/need.

Once you have found out why they need/want, selling to them is a lot easier.

You should also know your products:

  • Reputation
  • Funnel map
  • Conversion rates

You can do this by researching your products.

Don’t offer meat to a vegetarian or sell a bottle of sparkling water as lemonade.

Otherwise, you will see no conversions or a lot of refunds.

Another simple, yet effective tip on this list of affiliate marketing hacks.

10. Keep Learning & Get Assistance

Affiliate Marketing Hacks: Keep Learning

This is also a tip on this list of affiliate marketing hacks that is effective.

You need to understand that no matter how much you know, you don’t know it all.

There will always be people that know more than you and you can learn from them.

The only thing stopping you from being a billionaire right now is your knowledge.

So, paying for more knowledge can be a great investment. If you’re unsure about finding the right course for you, I have a list of the best affiliate marketing courses. 

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