Affiliate Marketing In 2020: Changes, Trends & My Predictions

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Affiliate marketing is an amazing business. It opens the doors for so many new marketers because the entry barrier is pretty low.

You don’t need your own product, shipping, support or any other hassle that comes with having your own product.

Affiliates only have to focus on selling the products, which is why the business model is so easy.

However, the question is, it going to stay this way in 2020?

Will Affiliate Marketing still be the easiest business model?

Affiliate Marketing in 2020


Affiliate Marketing In 2020


Affiliate marketing in 2020 will be a little different from the previous years.

This is due to the industry growing and more people joining it every single day.

These people will affect multiple parts of the industry. Some parts will even be affected heavily which is why an affiliate should prepare for these changes.

Otherwise, you might have a hard time dealing with the changes that are about to hit this industry in this calendar year.

Throughout this article, I will be talking you through on how you can prepare for these changes in 2020.

Some of these changes might not affect you, but I guarantee at least one of them will.

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More Affiliates

The industry is growing and growing and there is no sign of the growth stopping.

Every day, there are new people coming into affiliate marketing. This means there will be more competition in just about anything to do with affiliate marketing.

Any niche, any traffic method, whatever it is there will be more competition.

Increased Cost Per Click

This isn’t just due to affiliate marketing, online business as a whole is driving the cost per click into the sky.

Another reason why the cost per click on most advertising networks is rising is due to bigger well-established companies moving from traditional advertising to digital advertising such as Google ads, Bing ads, and Facebook ads.

These companies have way bigger budgets than most affiliates who are still starting their business from home, which means they will often pay more per click.

Of course, this is not exactly lowering the cost per click on advertising networks.

More Products

This is a big positive I believe.

In 2020 there will be more products. Often, people who started off as affiliates in the previous years will make the next step and release their own product.

This will help fight against the saturation of the market because there will be more products that you can promote.

Also, it will often cause previous affiliates to slow down and focus more on their own product.

So, more products being released will be there to fight the saturation of the market.



Trends Of Affiliate Marketing In 2020

Next, we are going to be having a look at trends in the affiliate marketing market.

We will be having a look at general trends, as well as trends that might help you to decide what target audience you want to focus on.

Affiliate Marketing Catches Up With Email Marketing

Source: Business Insider/ Hosting Tribunal

Up until now, email marketing drove the biggest percentage of sales in the digital marketing world.

However, affiliate marketing has now caught up with email marketing.

I know that as affiliates, we use email marketing, however, in this statistic they are comparing email sales from the company who is selling the product or service.

As affiliate marketing is rising, it is scheduled to overtake email marketing in sales this year.

Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic is rising, while desktop traffic is slowly getting sinking.

Did you know that over 50% of search traffic through Google is now for mobile?

That’s why it’s so important to optimize your traffic so that it is mobile-friendly.

Otherwise, a good 50% of your customers will probably bounce!

It does not matter what niche you are in, you should optimize for mobile as well in order to get the highest possible conversions.

Industry Worth

Throughout this year, affiliate marketing is expected to hit $6.8 Billion per year in the US alone.

It’s already at $12 Billion per year if you include the entire globe.

This number is also rising steadily and seeing an increase of almost a billion per year.

There is also no sign of it stopping any time soon because people want to earn money and companies want sales.

It’s that simple.

My Predictions

Now let’s get into my personal predictions. These are just predictions that I think will take place in 2020.

However, as these are just predictions there is a chance of them not happening.

Niche Saturation

Firstly, let’s get into the niche saturation.

We both know them the “evergreen” niches that drive most of the sales.

  • E-Business & MMO
  • Health & Fitness
  • Relationship and Self Improvement.

These aren’t only evergreen niches, but also the most popular niches.

Content creators will keep recommending these niches which will lead to huge saturation.

Paid advertising costs & other factors will see bigger increases than other niches.

If you are already working as an affiliate in one of these niches, then don’t stop you have an advantage. You have early bird knowledge and you shouldn’t switch between niches a lot as this will just set you back.

However, you should be prepared for the increased saturation that is coming in 2020.

You can do this by looking at alternative traffic methods, and focus on being a lot different and better than the mass of affiliates in your niche.

Offer Saturation

Next on my list of predictions is offer saturation.

By offer saturation, I am simply talking about the number of times you see the same offer.

There has always been this lie that “saturation is good in affiliate marketing”.

This is a total lie unless you find a new audience on other platforms than everyone else.

Otherwise, you will be offering the same offer as thousands of others who have already offered this exact offer to the people you are offering it to.

The worst bit is that often these newer affiliates do it in a really spammy way.

Finding a trusted offer that converts well which is NOT too saturated is a big benefit.

Don’t get me wrong, you can do well with any offer or niche. However, an offer being overly saturated is not a good thing.

Lead Magnet Saturation

If you don’t know what a lead magnet is, it’s something that you give to your leads for free that you send to their email address, in order to get their email address.

With lead magnets gaining popularity with most affiliates as they are very effective so will the saturation.

There will be tons & tons of lead magnets that you will see in Facebook ads, which are the same as ones that you have already seen.

For example, a “Facebook Ad Guide” there’s probably thousands of these free pdf’s online.

If your lead has seen the same lead magnet thousand times, what makes you think you will get their email address?

Quality of New Affiliates Promotions

This one also is a natural result of new affiliates coming into the industry.

They will try to spam their links around forums, social media and wherever else they can find places to do so.

Another reason why it would be beneficial to NOT promote the same offers they are promoting.

Otherwise, this can make you look bad.

The key is to build up your authority in your niche then you can promote whatever you want.

How To Prepare As An Affiliate For 2020


Now that we have had a look at my predictions, changes, and trends that will affect the affiliate marketing industry in 2020, let’s have a look at how to prepare for all this as an affiliate.

It’s important to prepare for these changes otherwise you might fall into the category of lower affiliates that are not even earning $200 per month.

With the amount of work that is involved in affiliate marketing, that is not where you want to be unless you are just starting out.

The key is to pick yourself up and to do what the top affiliates are doing.

1. Be Different…

This is the biggest thing that you can do along with the next point.

99% Of “affiliates” fail or earn less than $200 a month.

What does that tell you?

That you need to be different, create different content, use different strategies. It’s the key to success in affiliate marketing.

Don’t advertise the same product in the same place as everybody else. Where will that lead?

Come up with your own ideas, your own strategies and you will be crushing the competition.

2. Do More…

As I said in the previous point, this is also one of the most important points.

The only way to guarantee long term success is by doing more than everyone else.

You shouldn’t be scared away from investing time or money.

Either it will go well, or you will learn for the future.

If your competitors are writing an article once per week, write one once per day.

As time goes on, if you stay consistent with what you are doing, you will easily crush the competition.

3. Don’t switch when things aren’t working..

Another big point of advice here.

Affiliate marketing and any other online business is all about staying consistent.

You don’t go to the gym and after one week stop because you don’t see results.

Don’t go around looking for the next shiny object, what you should do instead is stick to something until it works.

Otherwise, you will be jumping from method to method or business to business and leaving before you succeed.

4. Welcome any advice

Advice is always good, if somebody gives you some advice, you should be welcoming it with open arms.

It does not matter how much you know, someone else always knows something that you don’t.

By taking advice from others, you are just learning something that you might not have before.

Affiliate marketing has so many different aspects so there are many other affiliates that probably know something that you don’t.

5. Keep learning

This is similar to the last point, but it’s still very important.

Affiliate marketing will always be changing and evolving, so it’s important that we do.

It’s also quite beneficial to learn more than everybody else in every sense possible.

Here are some things that you could study in your free time.

  • Trends
  • Methods
  • Keywords
  • Products
  • Niches

The list goes on and on, but I think you get the point.

The game is changing, and you need to change too.

6. Alternative Traffic Generation

This is something that I also just wanted to bring up quickly.

As I mentioned earlier the cost of advertising networks is rising.

But you don’t necessarily have to use advertising networks.

You can look for alternative ways to drive traffic to your blog, landing page, funnel or whatever it is that you are promoting.

The way to do this is by contacting publishers and Influencers directly to publish something on their site.

This way you are cutting out the “middle man” which is the advertising network.

Often you can get posts on blogs with a good amount of traffic for $15-50!

Instagram pages with 500,000 followers often do promotions for $40. The potential is huge and there is so many opportunities out there.

Final Thoughts

The affiliate marketing game is always changing, and it will also change in 2020.

There will be more and more people joining the affiliate marketing industry every day.

It’s important that we prepare ourselves for this by taking the right actions.

I would say that as long as you are working harder than everyone else, promoting more than everyone else, and have better quality in the promotions that you do than everyone else, you have nothing to worry about.

I believe that affiliate marketing will still be the easiest business in 2020, but that’s also another reason why so many people will join the industry.

As I said earlier, you should also make sure that you aren’t falling into the category of these new affiliates by doing what they are doing.

Spamming social media and similar actions will get you absolutely nowhere. I have been in affiliate marketing long enough to be able to say that.

The only thing that, that will result in is maybe some aching in your fingers.

Work hard but work smart too.

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