How To Create The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

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How To Create The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

Creating an affiliate marketing sales funnel can be tricky for beginners, as of course, you can’t sell your affiliate products directly within the funnel. 

So, today I am going to show you how to create an affiliate marketing funnel, that converts and will earn you commissions. Despite, not being able to sell your affiliate products directly within the funnel, you can still create effective funnels for your affiliate products. 


Why Do You Need A Funnel For Affiliate Marketing? 

Good question, you might be thinking something along the lines of can’t I just use my social media account?

Well, it depends on whether you want to get sales or not. If not, then yes a social media account is completely fine. 

However, I would assume that you will want to get sales. Using only a social media account for affiliate marketing is not efficient. According to statistics that I outlined in using social media for affiliate marketing, you will need 5000 followers for every 2 sales that you want to make. 

So, we need to use a platform that has more value. This platform is email, as when collecting email leads, each lead is roughly worth $1 per month. 

How do you collect emails efficiently? 

With a funnel and using a funnel, you can even add upsells, after you collect email addresses. I will show you how to do so within this guide. 

Another reason, why we should use a traditional website in most cases, is because traditional websites aren’t pinpoint focused on getting conversions. Whereas funnels are made to get your visitor to take the action you want. 

What Makes A Good Funnel For Affiliate Marketing? 

Let’s have a look at what makes a good affiliate marketing funnel, as it would be good to know before we jump into creating a funnel, right? 

In short words, a good funnel is one that gets conversions. If it gets a good amount of opt-ins and sales, it’s good. 

But, I am sure you are probably wondering: “How do we make a funnel get conversions?”

Well, we need the following: 

1. An Attractive Lead Magnet – This will skyrocket email opt-ins, as our visitors will want it. 

2. A video that explains who we are on the thank you page – This will increase trust and trust increases sales conversions.

3. One or two Products so that we can get some sales.

4. An Email Follow Up Series For Remarketing  

Those are the basic components of a good funnel for affiliate marketing. 

With those basic components, we allow ourselves to maximize our conversions. I mean, conversions are the real reason, we are in business, right? 

Of course, you can also build a successful funnel with different components, but in my experience, those 4 components work the best and deliver results consistently. 

Software To Create Funnels For Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a software that allows you to build sales funnels, then feel free to skip this step. 

Just in case, you didn’t I just wanted to present you with some funnel builder software options, that will allow you to build the affiliate marketing funnel that I am talking about. 

All the pieces of software below have drag and drop builders, so that means anybody can create funnels using them, as you just drag and drop everything how you want it. 

1. GetResponse (Recommended)

Description: GetResponse, was originally just an email marketing service, however, they now also provide a brilliant funnel builder software.

Everything We Need? Yes✔

Starting Price: $15 per month

Free Trial? 30 Day Free Trial(No Credit Card)

Other Funnel Builder Software:

There are also some other options out there which are explained below. If you would prefer to go with one of these, then feel free to do so. 


Firstly, we have BuilderAll. Builderall is another type of funnel builder that also works completely fine. However, their email marketing software is not very good which means that you will have to get a separate piece of email marketing software. 

Price: $29.90 per month + email marketing software cost.

Free Trial? 14 Day Free Trial


Next, we have Kartra. Kartra is an “all-in-one” platform that provides funnels, email marketing, membership sites, etc. While they have a good platform, I wouldn’t recommend going with Kartra to create an affiliate marketing funnel as the cost is pretty high and there are way cheaper options out there

Price: $99 per month

Free Trial? $1 For 14 Days


Lastly, we also have ClickFunnels which you probably have heard of before. However, it also has low value for money, for affiliate marketing as the pricing starts at $99 per month, when there are options out there that are a lot cheaper. 

Price: $99 per month

Free Trial? 14 Day Free Trial

How To Create The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

Now that we know what a perfect affiliate marketing sales funnel is made of and what software we can use, let’s have a look at creating a funnel. 

Step 1: The Opt-In Page

First of all, we need to create the opt-in page. The page where people give us our email address in order for them to receive our lead magnet. On this page, you will want an attractive headline that explains what your lead magnet is. For example, “10 Conversion Tips That Increased My Conversions By 341% In A Month”

That’s just an example, by the way, just make a headline that describes your lead magnet in an irresistible way. 

Alongside, this you can have an image of your lead magnet, for example, an E-book cover. However, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, this is optional. 

You will also want a lead submit field, with an email address or maybe email address & first name so that you can personalize your emails. 

Lastly, you will also want a clear call to action that submits the page. You will also want your opt-in page to link to your email list and your thank you page. 

Step 2: Thank You Page

After you have created your opt-in page, you will need a thank you page. This is the page where I recommend that you use a video of yourself to increase trust. 

Or, you can also make a PowerPoint presentation and speak over it with a small picture of yourself somewhere. 

In this video, you can introduce yourself, tell your leads about who you are, what you do, etc. but towards of the end of the video, you can say that you really want to help them do… whatever it is your product does, so you wanted to give them a special opportunity to… and if they want to find out more they can click the button below. 

Beneath this, you will want a clear call to action button, that is your affiliate link to the product that you are selling. If you do want to add a down-sell, add another small button that says something like “no thanks” that links to your down-sell page. 

Also, make sure to tell your leads whatever they signed up for will be in their inbox shortly. 

Step 3: Downsell Page (Optional)

This step is optional, it’s your down-sell page. On your thank you page, there will be some people that don’t want to buy your offer. So, you can give them another different offer at a lower price. I used to add an Item here, that was free + shipping, where I could make money on the upsells. 

This step is optional, so if you don’t want to add something like this to your funnel, that is completely fine. Also, note that this offer should be lower priced than the first one. 

Then at the end, just say if you don’t want to take up this offer, that’s completely fine, I hope that you enjoy your course or e-book, it should have arrived in your emails by now. 

Step 4: The Follow Up

Lastly, we need to create an email follow up sequence, that will automatically send email follow-ups to our leads. 

In these products, we should try to offer value, but we can also sell products. 

Another thing that we can do is, use our email list to grow our internet assets such as our blog or YouTube channel.

Usually, I like to have my follow up series about 7 days long, where I also try to sell but I mainly offer value, so that they keep opening the emails. 

What I like to do, is create emails with tips and helpful content but then also talk about how I used a certain product (my affiliate product) to do whatever it does, and I know that they want to do so too because they opted in for a relevant lead magnet. 

If you truly have no idea of email marketing, then I recommend you head over to YouTube and watch some videos, so that you can learn the basics. 

How To Use Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Now that we know how to create our affiliate marketing funnel, I just wanted to show you some ways that you can use it to start generating leads and sales. 

So, the purpose of it is of course, that we get people to opt-in, as it then automatically does the selling for us. 

So, all we need to do is, get people to opt-in and monitor it, to see that it is working. 

To get people to opt-in, we need to promote it and advertise it. We can do this through either paid ads or free traffic. 

Below are some examples of paid traffic methods, there are tons of others too. Before jumping into paid ads, you should always RESEARCH the method. 

  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Directly advertising through Influencers & Publishers

Free Traffic

If you have a good lead magnet, it also won’t be that hard to just get free traffic. 

You can go on social media, find people who would be interested in the lead magnet and offer it to them. Another thing that you could do is posting in relevant groups, on your profile, etc. 

I would always recommend building conversations with people first so that you don’t seem like you are just spamming your link around. 

If you can get 20 people to opt-in per day, you will build an email list of around 600 people per month!

Final Words

Although I did try to add a lot of practical information into this guide, you will still have to do some research outside of this guide. 

That’s normal, I can’t teach you everything in one little guide, however, I still hope that you found this guide useful. You may have to do some research on building funnels, email marketing or both. It depends on how much you know. 

So, now that you have the pieces to the puzzle, go and research the pieces of the puzzle themselves. 

If you did enjoy this guide, I would really appreciate it, if you would share it. 


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