How To Start Affiliate Marketing With $100 [Step By Step]

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing With $100

Is it possible to start affiliate marketing with $100? 

Yes, it is indeed possible and today I will be showing you how you can do so. I will be showing you how you can an affiliate marketing business with $100 or less. Throughout this guide, I will be laying out a clear plan for starting a successful affiliate marketing business with $100. 

Before we start, I would like to say that affiliate marketing is a real business and in terms of business,  $100 is not a lot. 

That means, that we will be replacing the additional money with time and work. In business, there is always the equation of time and money. 

As we are not going to be investing a lot of money, we will have to invest more time. The more you have of one of these two factors, the less will be needed of the other one. It’s not always an equal equation like in this case, we will be using more time. However, they are always related to one another and impact each other. 

Affiliate Marketing With $100 Method

The method we will be using is blogging. 

We will be using this method because it’s a very low-risk strategy with a clear path to success. There is absolutely no point jumping into paid advertising at $100 or even anything under $1000 and even then there is a fair bit of risk involved, especially if you don’t have the needed skills. 

Blogging, however, allows us to build up a source of free high-quality traffic, leads, and commissions while the only thing that we rely on is our consistency and effort. 

Whereas, if we would be using paid ads, we are heavily reliant on the actions of the users that we are advertising too with the $100. Additionally, you will have practically 0 testing power and you are almost gambling your budget on one campaign. 

Don’t get me wrong, paid advertising can be great, but not when you have $100. It’s better to go with a clear plan to success which is what blogging provides as long as you put in the effort and stay consistent. 

Budgeting Of The Method

As I said in the previous section, we will be starting a blog. 

In order to start a blog with WordPress, which is the most popular blogging platform in the world, we will need hosting. I’m with Bluehost, they are extremely cheap, fast and reliable. 

You can’t start a free blog, as this will mean you can’t get the needed plugins that are so important for affiliate marketing. That means, you won’t be able to optimize your site for search engines and you will not be able to collect email leads. 

Without SEO and collecting email leads, you will not be able to succeed. 

Bluehost hosting costs $60 per year and they offer a one-click WordPress install as well as a free domain. So, I highly recommend that you go with Bluehost, but feel free to check out other hosting platforms too. 

That means you will have $40 left. Next, we need a theme. 

Themes are what you install in WordPress and they make the layout and design of your website. 

There are tons of free themes out there but when choosing a theme, you only really need to make sure that you like it and that it is fast. 

It being fast is probably the most important part as if your page is slow, it won’t rank in search engines, and it is a big part of SEO. 

The theme I use is called Schema from MyThemeShop and they offer two versions of their theme, the free version and the paid version that costs $35. It’s up to you which one you pick, but they are both completely fine as they are very fast. 

With the paid version, you will get a lot more customization and it still fits into our budget of $100, as there is nothing else that you will need. 

What Do We Need?Price
Hosting$60 Per Year With Bluehost
Theme Free or $35 for the premium version – MyThemeShop

Also, please feel free to go with another hosting provider or get another theme. Just make sure that they are both fast, as this is very important for SEO. Search engines take a good look at your site speed, because if it’s slow a lot of people will not even wait for it to be loaded, which will mean that you will lose customers. 

So, speed is everything!

Choosing A Niche For Your Blog

The next thing that we need to do, is choosing a niche for your blog. 

While this is something that is really up to you to decide, I still wanted to give you some guidance on making the right decision. As you will be writing articles, I would recommend that you pick a niche that you know a little. 

Otherwise, you will have a hard time writing a lot of articles which is the key to this business model. Also, if you go into quite a general niche such as “Make money online” or “Health”, you will have to put a lot more work in. 

It’s not impossible to succeed in these niches by any means, but it definitely requires more work and research than other niches. There are some niches out there that get high search volume, but there is a lot less competition. So, I recommend that you have a good think about what niche you go in. 

The video below should help you pick a niche for your blog. 

Plugins For Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

Next, I wanted to give you the recommended plugins that will help you grow your blog. These are plugins I use too, and they are all free. In order to get these, you just need to go into your WordPress dashboard then plugins, and then click add new & search for them. These plugins are all free. 

ImagifyThis plugin will help you compress images to make your site faster
Pretty LinksThis plugin will allow you to shorten & cloak affiliate links
Classic EditorThis plugin will allow you to use the classic editor which is a lot easier to use
Rank MathThis plugin will help you optimize each post for search engines, but you will have to download it from the Rank Math website and upload it in the “Add new” section of WordPress

Producing Your Content

Once you have all those plugins, you now have all the needed tools to start building out your website. 

Our strategy is to build out content that ranks in Google that contains relevant affiliate links. This will allow us to generate free traffic to these affiliate links and earn commissions. 

Once we start earning commissions, we can also invest in products such as Thrive Leads that allow us to collect email addresses. But, we don’t need to do so at the start, as in the beginning you just want to focus on building out content. 

When producing SEO friendly content, it’s important that we focus on one keyword per post, alongside with some related keywords for that post as well. I will explain how to find keywords in the next section. 

Your posts should be at least 1600 words long, but the longer they are, the better really. However, now and again, you can write shorter articles as well. But in terms of ranking, the more thorough your article is, the better. 

Rank Math (our SEO plugin), will give you SEO suggestions when you are writing articles. However, you don’t always need to follow these extremely strictly, for example, I found that it’s more important to have a variety of related keywords than stuffing the article with one keyword. This is especially effective if you build these keywords into the headings. 

The main point of writing articles is to help the user who reads your article, so the most important factor that you should focus on is the user experience. 

In your articles, you can build in relevant affiliate links to products in your niche, you can find these on affiliate marketplaces such as ClickBank, Amazon Associates or JvZoo. If you need help finding these offers that are related to your niche, then I recommend that you read through How To Find Affiliate Marketing Products. 

The content that you could produce could include reviews, how to do x (and then say that you need a certain affiliate product) or Top 10’s etc. It’s just important that you build in affiliate links so that you can earn commissions. 

Just try to create: 

  • Helpful Content that will benefit the reader.
  • Well-optimized content to help it rank.
  • Content that includes affiliate links so that you can earn commissions. Make sure to not sound like an annoying salesman though!

Keyword Research

Before we can jump into creating content on our blog, we will have to do some important keyword research. 

The Tool I use is Ubersuggest and it costs $10 per month. However, there is also a free version and a free trial. If you do want to find the best keywords then I would recommend that you get the paid version but it’s up to you. 

Another free tool you can use to get free keyword ideas is AnswerThePublic, where you can type in a keyword and it will spit loads of ideas out. 

You can also just use Google & Google trends to find keywords by typing in search phrases and looking for ones that have not been covered but get some search volume. That means that you will find it easy to rank for those keywords. 

It’s important to go for low competition keywords as you have a new site and you don’t have a lot of Domain Authority on your site, so you will have a hard time ranking. 

So, going for keywords that nobody else is going for is the right thing to do.  It’s also a good idea to have a look at what is ranking #1 for the keywords you want to rank for. 

As you are a new site, you need to do what they are doing, but better. More detail, more content, better content. Otherwise, it will be pretty hard for you to rank, as you are a new site. 

Promoting Your Content

Next, I wanted to show you some free ways that you can promote your content, this is important as it can help you gain some early traffic, as well as help Google find your site quicker. 

1. Quora

Firstly, we have Quora which is the biggest question & answer platform in the world. You can ask questions or answer questions on Quora and it’s very popular. 

The way we can use this is by linking to our blog as a Source or for more information. If you want to use Quora I recommend that you read my Quora affiliate marketing guide. 

2. Blog Comments

You can also use blog comments to promote your blog. However, again this is something that you need to do the right way, in order to not be spammy, otherwise, nobody will allow your comments which would just make your time investment useless. I also have a guide on blog comments, so feel free to check that out. 

3. Social Media

Lastly, you can also use social media to promote your content. What platform you use is up to you, but I recommend you use a platform that a lot of your target audience uses as well. You can then promote it by posting your content while following other users that are related to your niche. It’s also important that you engage in niche related content & conversations. 



Another thing that I wanted to quickly talk about is backlinks. 

A lot of bloggers overestimate the importance of backlinks. When you are going for low competition keywords, they really aren’t that important, but once you start building out your website and you have reached 50,000 to 100,000 words, you can start building backlinks using the methods below. But it’s important that you don’t start too early, otherwise, Google will penalize you for doing so. 

Web 2.0’s

Web 2.0’s are free blogs, such as Weebly,, and bloggr. You can start these for free on a subdomain and build them out to become mini-sites that link to your website. These will be “dofollow” niche related backlinks, so they will help your backlink profile a lot. Especially, if you have a relatively new site. 

Guest Posting

Another way that you can build backlinks is by guest posting and linking to your site. You can either reach out to other bloggers in your niche or type guest post related keywords into Google. For example, “guest post + niche” or “write for us + niche”


Lastly, we also have outreach. What I mean by outreach is reaching out to other bloggers in your niche and asking them if they want to do a link exchange. This will help both of you, so a lot of bloggers will say yes. 

Staying Consistent

When using a blog for affiliate marketing, it’s important that you do not stop. 

You need to figure out how many times per week, you want to post. The more you post, the better. Google likes to see pages with a lot of content, so you need to produce tons of content. If you can write one article per day. 

Let me put this into perspective… Let’s say you write one article per week, after one year, you have 52 posts. If you write one per day, you have 365. So, if you truly want to become successful at affiliate marketing with blogging, you will have to write as much as possible. 

The most important thing is to set a number of how many posts you want to post per week and doing it. Stick to the plan. 

Don’t get me wrong, these should still be high-quality posts, but if you can write one 2000 word article per day, you will be at a big advantage. 

The more content you put out, the more your rankings will improve and the more posts you will have that rank. Think about it, the best-performing websites that focus on written content in the world, all have tons of content. 

Forbes, Wikipedia, Entrepreneur… 

Google loves quantity and quality. 

Often people try to determine what’s more important between quality and quantity, the truth is, you need both.  

When You Start Receiving Traffic…

You want to keep building up your site until you start receiving traffic. That’s when you want to purchase a plugin named Thrive leads, you can do it at the start if you want, but it costs around $70 so it’s up to you.

Thrive leads will allow you to collect email leads, which is important and will make you a lot of money. On average, each email that you collect will be worth $1 per month because you will sell your affiliate products in the emails. 

The best way to collect email addresses is by using a lead magnet, something that you give away for free in order to collect someone’s email address. 

Collecting email addresses will help you maximize your profit by increasing the value of each visitor that lands on your blog. You will make sales to people that would have normally probably just left your blog and maybe never returned. 

You will also want to optimize your site more so that it looks nicer and is faster. 

The final change you need to make once you start receiving traffic is building in even more related keywords for the posts that are already ranking. This will then cause these posts to rank for even more keywords which will increase your traffic even more. 


Starting affiliate marketing with $100 is very possible. 

However, the key is to put in effort and time instead of additional money. Blogging is a clear plan to success if you stay consistent and do it right. 

It’s a lot better than paid advertising as there is no risk and you are only dependant on your own actions and your own research. 

Saying that, if you are not consistent then there is absolutely no point in you starting this business model, as consistency is the key to success. If you are consistent, then take action now and start your blog. 


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