Best Evergreen Amazon Associates Niche Idea [$100 Per Day Blueprint]

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Best Amazon Associates Niche Idea

Best Amazon Associates Niche Idea: Introduction

Welcome to this post on the best amazon associates niche idea that can easily make you $100 per day. To start this entire business, you will only need around $3.95 per month. So, yes it’s not free, but it is incredibly cheap.

And if you can’t invest $3.95 per month, I would probably recommend going into something like freelancing first, because this is really one of the cheapest methods you will find. 

We will be having a look at the different amazon associates niche payouts, then we will be going with one of the highest. Afterwards, I will give you my exact blueprint to getting this going with everything included from ranking, free plugins, etc. meaning you will have everything you need to get started. 

I will also explain why this niche that we are going to choose in particular is evergreen and why hundreds if not thousands of people could do this. So, it really doesn’t matter that I am explaining the entire idea here because the sad truth is that most people will not take action anyway. 

Amazon Associates Niche Payouts

Source: Empireflippers.

Above you can see the different amazon associate niche payouts. We are actually going to be going into the shoe niche, the reason for this being is the 7% payout and something else that I will also explain to you.

I actually went into my Amazon associates account and it said the payout was 11%. So, it’s somewhere between 7%-11%. It doesn’t sound a lot, however, I will give you the blueprint to make a lot of sales per day.

The Amazon Associates Niche Idea

So, why is the niche idea based on shoes? Well, everyone has a lot of shoes. And recently, when I was buying some shoes, I went to check for reviews and there was none. Meaning, basically anyone can rank for it pretty easily.

I then went ahead and checked the commission rates on amazon and I found that they were pretty high considering shoes are physical products. What I then realized was that there were so many shoes in the world that there must be a lot of shoes that don’t have reviews on them. 

There are also so many sub-niches of shoes, like sneakers, running shoes, etc. you could easily find quite a lot that don’t have written reviews or very little reviews. 

So, let’s say you were to go pretty hard into this whole idea. Per day, you find one pair of shoes that have no reviews on them and write a review of around 1,200 words. 

Is this possible?

Hell yeah! Especially now, where you have a lot of time at home self-isolating. Apart from setting your website up and doing some technical stuff that I will show you how to do, there really isn’t anything else to it.

Why This Niche Is Good

This niche is amazing. Pretty high amazon associates commissions, easy to rank and it’s somewhat evergreen.

Yes, the shoe pairs themselves might go “out of style”, but you can always write new reviews. I don’t believe the “shoe niche” will ever disappear, but who knows. 

So, it’s profitable, has a low entry barrier and it’s not going anywhere. What else do you want?

I mean, it even applies to a big chunk of the general public, meaning it won’t be that hard to get lots of traffic. There really aren’t much better niches than this, yes you could say wealth, health, etc. are probably more profitable, but they are also a lot more competitive and harder to get into. 

Getting Started

Ready to get started?

First things first, you need a website. Seen that Fiverr advert before?

Well, I wouldn’t recommend going to Fiverr. You will either get over-charged or get a bad website. Instead, you will make the website yourself, don’t worry I will walk you through it!

I will show you how to get your whole website set up, where to get a nice free theme and what the best free plugins are. So, you will literally just need the hosting fees that are like $3.95 per month. 

So, first of all, you will need the hosting as I mentioned above. You can’t do this with a web 2.0/free blog or whatever you want to call it, as you won’t be able to get the needed plugins and stuff like that to rank in Google. 

The hosting I use is Bluehost and it costs around $3.95 per month at the moment, instead of the usual $7.95 per month. So, I suggest that you go and sign up for Bluehost or you can also go and find another hosting company, but Bluehost is great and has this deal at the moment. 

Keep in mind that this is your only expense in the whole business. You also get to use their CDN, as well as an SSL Certificate and your domain name for free. 

Picking A Domain Name

First of all, you need to pick a domain name. 

Make sure to choose something that’s brandable and sounds nice. I wouldn’t recommend something like that just looks like some random person has created that page. A domain like that will have a hard time branding.

I’ll give you some examples of good names (that are probably taken):


Something along those lines, put some thought into it and find a nice name. You may have to play around with this for 10-20 minutes to find a nice name. 

Installing WordPress CMS

Now that you have got your hosting, you will want to install WordPress. 

Bluehost makes this really easy and offers a free one-click WordPress install. With other hosting companies, you will have to download WordPress from and then install it on your hosting.

I don’t actually know how you do that, as I have always used Bluehost, but just go and search that up, in case you went with a different hosting company. 

After you have done this, you can click “edit site” and you will be brought into the WordPress dashboard. Now, we need to set up your website.

Downloading A Free Theme

So, next, we need to install a free theme. You shouldn’t use the ones in WordPress, as these are usually pretty bad and not very responsive once you start building out your website.

The theme is the theme of your website like the name suggests. So, I found a really good free and responsive theme that you can use.

It’s clean, responsive and fast. The theme is called Hestia and you can download it for free here.

In case, you don’t like it, you can also check the video below for four other free themes. 

Uploading Your Theme

Now, we need to do upload your theme. 

So, in your WordPress dashboard, head to “appearance” on the left navigation menu and then click “themes”. Once, you are here you just want to click “add new”. Now, just click “upload theme” and upload the file. 

That’s it, now you just need to customize it. But before we do that we will be downloading some free plugins that will help you build your website and rank it on google. 

Downloading Free Plugins

So, as I just mentioned, we will need a few plugins (that are free).

I have listed them below, if it just says “add new”, you can access them by going to plugins, then clicking “add new” and searching for it. 

  • Rank Math – Go to, download it and then upload it in the plugins section
  • FMTC Affiliate Disclosure (Add new)
  • Pretty Links (Add new)
  • Wordfence Security (Add new)
  • Imagify (Add new)
  • Classic Editor (Add new) – The normal editor sucks.

These are really the only plugins you need and if you have too many plugins it will slow down your site. Rank math will guide you for your on page SEO and tell you where to add keywords and stuff like that.

The affiliate disclosure plugin will allow you to add an affiliate disclosure to all your posts without having added load time. You need this for legal purposes. 

Pretty links will allow you to cloak affiliate links which you may want to do. 

Wordfence security, the name says it all so I suggest setting that up.

Imagify will compress your images to smaller file sizes.

The classic editor is about 10x better than the new editor due to ease of use, however, feel free to leave this one out. 

Once, you have all these installed, set up Wordfence security and then move onto the next step. You can also edit the standard affiliate disclosure. 

Legal Pages & About Us

So, next you will need to create some legal pages such as:

  • Privacy Policy.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Full Affiliate Disclosures.

Keep this tab open and search that up on Google. You can usually find templates for most of these things or look at what other shoe review sites have done and do something similar. Make basic ones for these now, but come back to it once your site is up and running to give this a more researched approach.

I am not a law-adviser, so you will have to do your own research on this. For now, just do a rough page until you are all set up and ready to write articles. I am not responsible, for you not researching this fully. 

You will also want an “about us (or me)” page. Where you just describe what you do. Also, you want a “contact” page because Google recently stated all sites should have this. Here you just want your email, a contact field and maybe your social media accounts. 

Customizing Your Site

So, now you need to customize your site a little.

First of all, you will need to head over posts and then hit “categories”. Here you just want to add 2 or three categories. For example, “sneaker reviews”, “running shoes reviews”, something along those lines. You get the point. Just add two or three categories. 

Head over to “Themes” and then “customize”. 

Add some images, you can get these for free from sites like Pixabay. Or you can even create them with Canva. You will also want to customize the menus. So, I always like to have one main one and another one with legal pages.

The main one can have your main categories and your other one can have your legal pages & about us pages. Feel free to just play around with the different customizations that are available and make it look like you want it to. 

Finding Shoes With No Reviews

So, once you have your site set up, it’s time to get to business. 

Don’t get me wrong, finding the shoes with no reviews (or very little) can take about an hour per shoe, but I will give you some tips on how to do it. 

Let’s say you are focusing on sports shoes or something like that. You don’t want to go after the most generic Nike shoes in the world, there will be hundreds of reviews.

What you want to do is dig a little deeper and find:

  • Shoes with longer names
  • Shoes that aren’t sold everywhere
  • Little bit unusual or exotic shoes. 

But make sure that they are still from pretty big brands. Otherwise, they will get little search volume. You also need to make sure that the shoe is actually on Amazon. Or, if not usually the actual brand has an affiliate program that you can apply too. 

For one hour a day, look for some of these shoes that have little to no reviews. If there is only 2 or 3, you can probably rank too. Maybe not #1, but you can still rank. Don’t worry about keyword research, this is your keyword research.

Don’t even bother using any keyword tools, their search volume counts are usually quite off anyway. As long as you are reviewing shoes from some big brands, they will get search volume. 

Keywords that you can also look for: 

  • Is x [shoe name] good
  • Best [shoe type]
  • Are [shoe name] good?

Writing Reviews

So, every time you found a shoe with no reviews, you will want to write an article on it.

Make sure that these articles fit the following criteria:

  • 1200 words
  • Keyword optimized (keyword in URL, keywords in heading 1 & as well as beginning in content)
  • Have images or videos inside 

The free rank math plugin can help you with optimizing your reviews for SEO. Also, you don’t need to lie in the review and say stuff that isn’t true, like saying that you have the shoes and stuff like that.

When you link out to the shoe, make sure to write something along the lines of “see shoe name on amazon”. I always like to say where it’s going as it makes it feel safer to the user if they know they that are going to amazon. Then just hyperlink it with your cloaked affiliate link.

NOTE: Make sure to add “no follow” or “sponsored” to any affiliate links!

Just add some basic information about the shoes. Look at other shoe review sites for inspiration. 

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Creating Social Accounts

You will also want to create some social accounts for your page. This can help your SEO too because Google sees that you are a real page. 

So, what you want to do is create maybe a Twitter account and an Instagram page which you can also use to generate traffic, as well as some social signals that will boost your rankings a little while indexing your pages faster. Although, we will be talking about this in detail in the next section.

On these pages, you will want to just be active, follow some relevant accounts and post questions, as well as your blog post to gain a bit of a following. This can help you gain some additional traffic and potential sales. 

Off-Page SEO (After 90 Days)

After around 90 days, when you have around 90 reviews, you will need to do some off-page SEO. 

Although you can (and somewhat should) try and find relevant backlinks (other sites linking to yours), you don’t actually have to, if there are truly no or very little reviews. You can just buy social signals.

Yes, your social accounts will create some, but they won’t create big volumes of social signals. You can buy social signals from Legiit and they are extremely cheap. They usually cost around $10 for 5,000 social signals.

They will help you rank a lot. But before you do this, you will want to set up your Google search console and index all your pages.

Search up how to set up your search console, then once you have it set up, just copy each post’s URL and paste it into the search console search bar. Then just hit request indexing or request crawling. 

Once you have done this, I would recommend buying some social signals to your home page and some of the posts where there are really no reviews. Then, most of them should rank. 


You probably should build some backlinks too. However, I would recommend staying away from any sort of black-hat links such as PBN’s. 

What you should do instead is build white-hat links through outreach. However, if you find a service that allows you to guest post for a payment, you can also do that. Just make sure to build relevant backlinks and not some random ones with no value.

With all of this being said, you don’t actually need backlinks that badly. As long as you have quite a lot of social signals and you have written in-depth, high-quality and well-formatted content, you will do completely fine without them. 

Also, make sure to get some social signals before building any sorts of backlinks too. 

Final Words

The key to this whole business model is finding shoes with little to no reviews, alongside staying consistent. 

If you find a new shoe every day that doesn’t have a review, you will easily be able to rank a big chunk of your reviews, but it’s important that you have followed this guide closely. I hope that you have enjoyed this guide and if you did, make sure to leave a comment and/or share the article.

I can also answer any questions that you may have in the comments. After 90 days, you can also slow down a little on the reviews, but don’t completely stop. You should have at least 70 reviews ranking and with the commission level being between 7-11%, you will need 10-14 sales per day to make $100 a day.

With over 70 reviews ranking, this is not a lot. It may sound a lot, but that’s like 0.15-0.22 sales per review per day. So, the key here is volume. The more reviews you have, the more money you are going to make.

If you do this for a year, you could make a real nice passive income just from this one site. 

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