Best Blogging Platform to Make Money

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Blogging is lucrative and profitable, at least now everyone can agree after the many successful blogs witnessed. However, blogging isn’t meant for everyone, you need to know or at least have an interest in researching, writing, and a lot of marketing. Knowing the best platform to blog on shall save you the hassle of writing books of articles with little to no pay. Today, we are going to give the best blogging platform to make money for beginners, intermediate and expert bloggers.

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money 

What Should a Good Blogging Platform Have? 

A good blogging platform needs to be easy to set up with the least coding tasks possible. It should be search engine friendly, and also flexible hence can allow for expansion or change in the future. Most times, the target is making money from your blog, choose a platform that shall allow for this. 

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money

Now that we are equipped with what we need, let us explore some of the top logging platforms, you can then choose one that suits you the best.  

As an open-source platform, is a great platform for bloggers to make money from. WordPress offers affordable hosting services, under $3 per month, with amazing features for bloggers to make money from. You can set up your professional blog website with little to no coding skills. You get a lot of templates to choose from and SEO tools to help you get your blog ranking.  

After creating your blog on, you shall have the option to monetize it in all the available ways. You can sell products, do affiliate links, display Adsense Ads, promotional articles, and more. They have the best features for bloggers and above all a responsive customer support all the time. If you are planning on expanding your blog and including more features in the future, stick to WordPress. 

Best  Blogging Platform to Make Money – Best Paid Platforms 


Wix is an expensive paid option though good for a blogger without any coding skills. At a cost of $10+ might be too expensive for a blog website given the time needed to establish, however, they offer you a drag and drop option that lets you easily set up your blog without any coding skills.  

The results t websites from Wix look stunning, however, Wix limits you a lot when it comes to possibilities for expansion. They have few plugins and themes, something that makes you stuck at some point. Therefore, if you are interested in a flexible blog website that allows for expansion, this might not be it. However, any time you need to set up a website within a few hours with absolutely no coding skills, then Wix is among your options.  

Much like Wix, square space offers an expensive paid option for blogging websites. The deal is a good website without coding. However, the lack of plugins and themes might restrain your need for expansion, which shall naturally come if your blog website starts making hits.  

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money – Best Free Platforms 

Blogger is a loved blogging platform by Google. This is among the free best blogging platform to make money from since it is affiliated to Google, the owner of Adsense. Blogger offers its publishers the opportunity of warning from Adsense Ads, therefore you have a sure but limited way of getting money from your blog. Limited in the sense that they only allow running of Adsense Ads only and you might find it hard to monetize through other methods. 

You are also limited to a subdomain, however, you can upgrade to your own bought domain. With all these limitations, remains a good platform for bloggers to start with minimal capital and make money. 

For those who love writing and need a blogging platform to express publish their content and air their ideas and views, is the destination. This is because doesn’t offer much value at revenue to you as a blogger. With their strict limitation on customizing, you have no control over the force of your traffic, you cannot customize or word still runs ads.

However, it is a great SEO tool to get your stories ranking, you can also include affiliate links as a way of warning from your content. At some point, if your content gets lots of engagements, offers a little revenue to the publisher that you should not look into. 

WordPress is the free version of It offers most of the features in but has limitations. For one, you cannot run your own add and earn unless you upgrade to the .org subscription. 

You have to work with a subdomain which limits you a lot. However, for those beginning their journey in blogging, comfortably take baby steps using this free version until you grasp the idea, then upgrade to the .orgoption and enjoy all the customization features you get. 

Do I go for a Paid or Free Version?

Go for a free version when you’re on a budget and aren’t interested in earning from your blog soon. Choose a paid platform if you’ve made up your mind and have a complex vision for your blog. The customizations offer by a platform like makes you achieve virtually any blogging idea you might think of. Choose your plan wisely. 

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Best Blogging Platform to Make Money – Conclusion 

Making money blogging needs the correct platform. First, gauge your experience and budget, in case you are new and still learning, we advise that you go for a free option, however, some free options like have little space for upgrading and expansion. Once you are good with the art, now go for a paid option and get working on your blog. 

Remember blogging might be rough and discouraging in the early stages, those who start and do it the right way to survive all this to make the success stories we are witnessing. Choose a platform, and start and you improve and adjust, with time, you shall achieve perfection and make money. 


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