Top 14 Best ClickBank Products By Gravity

Top 14 ClickBank Products By Gravity – Best Converting ClickBank Products In 2022!

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Top 14 Best ClickBank Products By Gravity

Promoting a high converting offer is a key factor for any affiliate.

So, today I will be presenting a list of the best ClickBank Products based on gravity. Now, the gravity score changes every week, but as of February 2020, this list is accurate and I went by the gravity scores from the 13th of February. 

The gravity score is a score of how many affiliates are selling products successfully, so that will allow you to see which products are converting well. 

Top 14 Best ClickBank Products By Gravity

I have broken down this list into the most popular niches which are weight loss/health, e-business & e-marketing, self-help & spirituality. 

This is just so that you find it easier to break down these different products so that you can find products that you can promote to your audience. 

But, no matter how good a product converts it will not help if you don’t know how to promote ClickBank products. 

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Weight Loss/Health Niche

Below are the top converting products in the weight loss/health niche. However, the top converting products are all weight-loss focused, as that has the strongest pain point which means that the conversions will be a lot higher. 

Most people who are overweight usually feel a strong sense of pain, which means that the products offer a solution to that pain. The strong pain point leads to higher conversions. 

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1. Leptitox

Leptitox is the undisputed king when it comes to conversions. It is not only the highest converting product in the weight loss niche but also in the entire ClickBank marketplace.

It has a gravity score of 569 which is insanely high. There aren’t even any products that get close to the gravity score of Leptitox, so it is definitely the best converting offer that ClickBank has to offer.

Leptitox is one of the only physical products on the ClickBank affiliate marketplace but it still offers a high commission of 50%. So, it’s not very surprising that many affiliates are promoting it as it is a physical product that actually helps it’s customers lose weight while offering good commissions to affiliates.

Gravity: 569 

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material: 

  • Email Swipes
  • Banners
  • Product/Author Images
  • Keywords
  • Ad Headlines
  • Ad Images
  • Pre-Done Articles

2. Cinderella Solution

The second best converting offer on ClickBank in the weight loss niche is the Cinderella Solution. 

This is another weight loss offer that converts like crazy and do you know what the best part about it is? 

75% Commission on front end sales as well as a 30% recurring commission. That means it’s a great offer to promote as you will be able to bag two types of commissions which will help you build up a consistent affiliate marketing income. It is the 3rd best converting offer on the ClickBank marketplace, so it is definitely a product that converts well. 

It also has a lot of affiliates due to the nice commission structure for affiliates. Also, if you drive a lot of sales there is a 90% commission tier available, so that makes this affiliate offer even better!

Gravity: 288

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material: 

  • Facebook-friendly sales page
  • Banners & Images
  • Done-For-You landing page to import into ClickFunnels
  • Email swipes

3. Halki Diabetes Remedy

The last product that we have included from the weight loss niche is the Halki Diabetes remedy. 

This is the 3rd best-converting affiliate offer (by gravity) in the weight loss niche. It’s a product that doesn’t only help cure type 2 diabetes but it also helps it’s customers lose weight. So, it doesn’t come at a surprise that this offer converts extremely well. It also comes with recipes, video series & some other stuff so that is also one of the reasons why it converts so well. 

Also, just by having a look at the sales pages, you will notice that if you try to leave the page, you will be offered a discount, so that will heavily increase the conversions that this product has. Another reason why it converts well is the value of the product to someone who has diabetes. 

One of my favourite affiliate programs: Kartra Affiliate Program Review

Gravity: 258

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material: 

  • Email Swipes
  • Banners
  • Product/Author Images
  • Keywords
  • Ad headlines

E-Business/ E-Marketing / MMO

Now, let’s get into the e-business/e-marketing niche which is mainly about making money online. 

This niche offers a variety of products and a lot of them convert pretty well as well. The pain point in this niche is usually not having enough money, so products in this niche will help their customers to make more. However, this isn’t always the pain point, sometimes it’s wasting money or time. 

1. 12 Minute Affiliate

The highest converting offer in the e-marketing niche is the 12-minute affiliate. 12 Minute Affiliate is a “Done-For-You” affiliate marketing system that gives its customers ready to use landing pages, along with ready to use emails that are proven to convert. 

So, it ensures that the users of the system are successful because they have everything done for them, in ways that have already proven to convert. As the 12-minute affiliate allows anyone to become successful in affiliate marketing pretty easily, it converts really well.  It also offers a $10 trial which is always good as that increases conversions by a lot as well.

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Gravity: 185 

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Page Content: 

  • Banners 
  • Email Swipes

2. Gold Opinions

Gold opinions is an online job offer. 

It offers its users to find real survey jobs from hundreds of companies. The reason why it converts so well is that it offers a $1 trial, which is a big benefit for everyone involved. You get higher conversions and the customer gets to try the service first. Once the customer sees that the product works, they will keep it.

Now, let’s talk about why so many affiliates promote this product…

Recurring 70% Commissions!

So, every time a member that you refer pays their monthly bill, you will receive 70% of the payment. That means it’s a great product to build passive income. 

Gravity: 121

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material: 

  • Banners 
  • Bonuses

3. Sqribble

Lastly, for the e-marketing niche, we have Sqribble which is the #1 e-book creator on the Internet. I actually still use Sqribble to this day and what it allows you to do is to create beautiful looking e-books really quickly. It’s a software that comes at a one-time fee, however, the commission levels are 75% and there are upsells too. 

I mean, you can see why a lot of affiliates find this product attractive because of the high commission levels, upsells and as a user myself I can say the quality of the product is amazing.

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Gravity: 96

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material:

  • Banners & Graphics
  • Email Swipes
  • Prewritten social media posts
  • Prewritten Articles
  • Sqribble Demo & Review Videos (that you can use)

Self Help & Improvement

The next niche that we are going to be covering is the self-help niche which is also really popular. This niche offers a variety of products that are designed to help its customers in some sort of way. 

1. Overnight Millionaire

This affiliate offer is a product by “Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin”. 

The product itself is based around “mind hacks” used by the rich that can be applied overnight.  It converts like crazy, his sales page is full of social proof in forms of testimonials and even features on platforms such as NBC, CBS & Yahoo. 

Alongside this, the sales page also contains some storytelling which also is a factor in the crazy conversions that this product gets. The product has a gravity score of 291 which is extremely high, so that shows that it converts like crazy. 

Gravity: 291

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material: 

  • Email Swipes
  • Facebook ad videos

2. His Secret Obsession

This is the second-best converting offer in the self-help niche. 

It targets women with crushes, as it supposedly offers a “secret” that every man is obsessed with. Personally, I don’t believe in this sort of stuff and I do not know anything about the product, apart from that it has a huge gravity score which means that it converts. 

The affiliate page also offers tons & tons of material for affiliates which is very helpful. 

Gravity: 219 

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material:

  • Angles
  • Email Swipes
  • Banners
  • Articles & Reports
  • Paid Traffic Guide

Spirituality & Alternative Beliefs

Last of the very popular niches is the Spirituality & Alternative beliefs niche. 

As the name suggests this niche is all about spiritual & unusual beliefs such as for example, the law of attraction. 

1. Numerologist

The best converting affiliate offer in this niche on the ClickBank marketplace is called Numerologist. So, I just checked it out and I can see why it is the best converting offer in this niche. I think it has made me believe in this numerology chart.

The way the funnel works is that it offers a free reading based on some information that you type in. I’m not sure how it all works, but what I can say is that it is extremely accurate. I mean you can try it for yourself. In the end, you will be offered a report for $14 that will reveal even more about you. It also has some upsells including a recurring payment. 

Due to the insane accuracy, I can see why this product gets crazy conversions. It also offers a 60-day refund guarantee, so it makes the users feel safe when purchasing it. 

However, in order to promote this offer, you must be an established affiliate & must provide links to any websites that you will promote it on. 

Gravity: 223

Affiliate Page + Apply

Affiliate Material: 

  • Sign Up Form
  • Unkown as I am not an affiliate meaning I can’t access the material. 

2. Manifestation Magic

This offer is all about the law of attraction. 

It promises to help you manifest all the money you want. In fact, it promises you that you will start seeing results in 24 hours. On the sales page, there will be a long video that is around half an hour long explaining how it all works alongside some storytelling. 

Again, this is something that I don’t really know too much about, all I know is that there are positive reviews & that it has a high gravity score of 184. It definitely seems like an interesting product though. 

Gravity: 184

Affiliate Page 

Affiliate Material: 

  • Email Swipes
  • Banners
  • Blog Reviews
  • Product Images 
  • Video Swipes
  • Article Landers
  • Affiliate Training
  • Facebook/SEO
  • ClickFunnels Template

Other High Converting Offers

Now that we have covered all the best converting products in the most popular niches, I just wanted to share the other best converting offers available on ClickBank. 

These are products that also convert extremely well, despite not being in the most popular niches.

Brain Training For Dogs 

This affiliate offer is in the Dogs niche and it helps its customers to train their dog. It’s a digital product that will explain how to train the behavior of dogs. 

The sales page is pretty long, but it also contains a “demo” of one of the methods that are explained in the course, so people see that it works. This leads to higher conversions. 

It is the most popular dog-related product on the ClickBank affiliate marketplace. 

Gravity: 163

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material: 

  • Email Swipes 
  • Banners 
  • Lead Magnets
  • Promotional Videos
  • Keywords


This is a woodworking affiliate offer, as you can tell by the name, but it’s not just any woodworking offer. 

It’s the highest converting woodworking site on the internet. It has a great market that is also evergreen, so the target audience won’t suddenly disappear. If you are interested in woodworking, then I definitely recommend promoting this product as it has tons of upsells too which means that you can earn even more commission. 

Gravity: 159 

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material: 

  • Custom Landers
  • Banners
  • Keywords
  • Facebook & Demographics
  • Review Videos
  • Tips For Free Traffic

Keto Resources

Next on our list is Keto Resources which is an affiliate offer part of the cooking niche. Now, all the top 3 products in this niche are keto-based products, so you got a little bit of a choice here. 

The product itself has a pretty nice & professional-looking sales page, that offers tons of value to people who are interested in the Keto diet. It also offers them the “28 Day Challenge” for a discounted price at $37 at 50% off. 

The commission on the front end product is actually 100% so that is why there are so many affiliates promoting it, but you can also check out the other Keto based products in this niche, as they convert well too. 

Gravity: 150

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material: 

  • Links to different landers

Baby Sleep Miracle

Lastly, we have the baby sleep miracle which is part of the parenting niche. 

It targets parents who have trouble getting their children to sleep. The sales page contains tons of social proof and offers the visitors some value before offering them the product at the end. 

Baby sleep miracle is also available in five languages which are English, German, French, Portuguese & Spanish so that is pretty useful. 

Gravity: 94

Affiliate Page

Affiliate Material: 

  • Demographics 
  • Infographic
  • Articles
  • Banners
  • Email Swipes
  • Facebook Tools
  • Images & Videos
  • PPC
  • Reviews
  • Lead magnets & Landing Pages
  • Press releases

They have all this for Spanish, Portuguese, French & german affiliates too. 

Best ClickBank Products By Gravity: Final Words

Make sure to always test different products with your audience to see which ones work best. It’s always worth trying to build an email list, if you don’t have a big budget, you can try this free autoresponder for affiliate marketing. 

With email marketing it will be much easier to promote Clickbank products. 

And, sometimes products with a smaller gravity can work really well too, so don’t dismiss them by any means. 

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed this list of best Clickbank products by gravity and I wish you the best of luck with your affiliate promotions!

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  1. If you’re an affiliate, you want to promote products with good sales pages. It just makes sense- the better the sales page converts, the more money you’ll make. But a product with high gravity may not convert well. The product owner may have taken it for granted that tons of affiliates hopped on board. When that happens, they may not bother testing new things to help the sales page convert better. Instead they just sit back and watch the money roll in.

    • Fair point, but generally speaking products with high gravity convert well. Most affiliates would not keep promoting a product if it doesn’t convert, they’ll move onto the next one. Because of this, high gravity and high conversions are correlated, meaning it’s a good indication, the best one we have.

      Of course, you might find that with your traffic, something else converts best, but you always have to test.


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