List of best drop servicing niches

List Of Best Drop Servicing Niches [Most Profitable]

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Welcome to this article in which you will learn what the best drop servicing niches are.

Or, the best services for drop servicing if you prefer to say that. I

will also be teaching you how to tell if a drop servicing niche is good because l0ts of other people that teach drop servicing don’t tell you about this.

I’m not sure if they are clueless, or they just don’t want to tell you. 

Luckily, you will find out in this article and then you will be ready to start drop servicing.

Best Niches For Drop Servicing 

Before we jump into our list, I just wanted to teach you how to tell if a drop servicing niche is good. 

A good drop servicing niche is a niche that helps the business owner grow or profit directly. 

So, graphic design is NOT a good drop servicing niche.

If you create one logo for a business owner, they’re not going to keep coming back more. 

I used to have a graphic design drop servicing business (before it was even called drop servicing), but it wasn’t very sustainable. 

When I made one sale, the customer was pretty much gone forever. I had to constantly pay to keep the same amount of customers. 

Once drop servicing became popular, the competition was too high anyway. 

Just pick services where the business owner will come back, or even make it a recurring deal. 

1. Social Media Management

First of all, we have social media management. A service that is tied to the business’ growth.  

It also usually becomes a recurring service if the business owner likes the service. 

Why Is It so good?

First of all, the average social media manager’s salary is around £25,000 ($31,000) per year. On freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr, people charge $100-$200 per month (with content creation).

You could charge $500-$1000 per month and still be a lot cheaper (less than half the price) than an employee.

This service also has great recurring potential. Let’s say, your profit is $400 on each client.

5 Clients are $2,000 in profit per month. 

As I have also shown in my main drop servicing guide, this is also my #1 niche which I am using myself.

2. SEO Backlinks & More

SEO niche For drop servicing

SEO is another service that is tied to growth and helps the business owner profit.

If they rank higher for their specific terms, they’re going to make more money.

This means this niche is great. There are also so many different services you could offer.

  • Technical SEO (Optimization, Audits, etc.)
  • Backlinks (Guest posts, Niche Edits, Tier 2/3)
  • Social Signals

I would only recommend this niche if you know enough about it to sell it. 

Although you aren’t doing the service yourself, you still want to make sure you know about it.

Otherwise, it will be a lot harder to sell. 

3. Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads can work great for local businesses such as real estate agents. 

This makes them insanely profitable for drop servicing too. Why?

Because you can buy Facebook ad management for around $500 per month, but sell for $1000+ (Up to $5K once you get testimonials, good reviews, etc.)

Take a look at this guy over on Legiit.

Best drop servicing niche - facebook advertising

He offers a full 30-day ad creation and management for 30 days. I assume (haven’t used) that he is good due to the very positive reviews. 

There is also some sort of lead guarantee or refund. 

So, if you’re in a pretty high-ticket niche (like real estate) this guy could be your guy. 

4. Blog Post Writing

Writing anything like legal pages will not get you too far.

After writing them once and the customer is gone forever. 

However, content marketing is super important. 

And a business owner does not always have time to write the content themselves. 

Hiring somebody? That get’s expensive too. It’s also a lot more hassle than just buying each article.

Take a look at this guy. (Link to service

Normally, you want to avoid really low-cost services, but due to their low costs, you can give them a go, to see whether they are the right quality. 

There is a sample over on his service. Again, this isn’t the niche I am working in, so I haven’t tried him.

But, if you could get a $50 margin on each client, you could definitely be profitable.

On average, each client will order once every week (I imagine). Some more, some less.

10 Clients = $500 per week.

NOTE: You may want to try a few different services for your own website first to see how good they are. 

5. Copywriting

Copywriting is something that you can really charge a lot for. 

It also is directly tied to the profit of the business owner. However, there are tons of different types of copywriting.

Most are more of a one-time transaction.

 However, if you are selling email copywriting, this would be more frequent. 

With this service, you have to calculate things well. 

Charge high prices, so that your margins are high. Also, try to find a type of copywriting where the business owner will come back frequently. 

6. PPC Ads

Again, PPC Ads are directly tied to growth, leads, and profit.

That means, if you find a good freelancer who can get results for your client, then you will do well. Why?

Because your client will keep coming back or make a recurring deal with you. 

If you can help a real estate agent generate 3-30 more leads per month with PPC ads that would be absolutely huge.  

Don’t believe me?

The average lead value or a prospect in real estate is $2,000 (sharp launch)

Of course, it’s not the same for all.

But, if you can get 5+ (good leads) per month with $2,000 ad spend, you could charge ATLEAST $1,500. 

And, again, you could probably buy for $500. 

7. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads

Pinterest ads are pretty cheap.

That means you can do a lot with a smaller budget. 

Maybe not as much for local businesses, but if you’re in a high-ticket online niche, then they could work great.

I haven’t actually tried Pinterest ads for local businesses, so I wouldn’t know, but I don’t imagine them to work that great for local businesses.

Then again, I might be wrong. 

It probably depends on the area and niche too. 

If you’re in an area in the US where Pinterest is heavily used and your client is a hair salon or spa, then Pinterest ads could work extremely well. 

8. YouTube Ads

Lastly, we have YouTube ads.

YouTube ads are also pretty cheap compared to most other types of ads, but the quality is extremely high. 

If you could learn what makes a good YouTube ad and could help your client create one, you could then drop service a YouTube advertising management service. 

The target audience for this would probably rather be online businesses.

Maybe, people who sell info products, freelance marketplaces, or even (online) coaches. 

Basically, businesses that are entirely based online and could handle customers from a variety of locations. 

These kinds of businesses are likely to have the most success with YouTube ads. 

9. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can work well too. 

Although, you always have to make new connections with influencers in your client’s industry, but you could also pay somebody to do that.

When your client is looking for influencers, they are usually looking for multiple on a consistent basis. 

One shoutout or sponsored post will not get them very far and they know that. 

If you can get these influencer’s for a much cheaper price than what they pay on a consistent basis, then this could also be a great niche.

The business owner wants to keep growing so they will keep coming back. 

10. Video Content Editing/Creation 

Video Editing niche for drop servicing

When it comes to video creation or editing, you want to niche down to content creation.

For example, on a YouTube channel or something similar. 

The reason for this is that if you don’t do this, you won’t really have repeat business. 

Repeat business is extremely important as I mentioned earlier. 

This is kind of the video form version of the blog post writing niche.

The best target audience for this kind of service is again online businesses, maybe freelance marketplaces themselves, SaaS companies, or E-commerce stores. 

11. Press Releases

Lastly, we have press releases.

If you don’t know what press releases are, they are the news covering your client. 

On Legiit, there are many of these services including features in:

  • Yahoo News & Finance
  • Associated Press
  • USA Today
  • Bloomberg
  • And more

These are usually priced between $70 and $500. 

As you could imagine, you could sell these for prices between $500 and $3,000. 

If you get a couple of clients that come back on a consistent basis, this niche has some great potential. 

Which Drop Servicing Niches Are Best For Beginners?

So, what are the best drop servicing niches for beginners?

If you’re a beginner then the best niche for you is a niche you understand.  

It could be social media management, SEO-optimized article writing, etc. it really depends on you. 

If you understand a service, selling it becomes 10x easier.

You don’t have to know it in and out, but you should have a basic understanding of it so that you can sell it. 

Niching Down – Be Really Specific

Many would disagree with this, but I don’t think you should have a really general marketing agency (for example). 

That’s what everyone is trying to do. 

If you have a really specific marketing agency tailored to a specific type of business, then you can establish yourself as the #1 choice for that business. 

You also don’t want to have hundreds of different services, otherwise, you don’t look like an authority for any of them.

This will also make it a lot easier to get in front of the target audience.

Examples Of Good Niche Drop Servicing Agencies

  • Influencer Marketing Agency For E-commerce stores
  • Blog Post Writing Agency For B2B SaaS Companies
  • SEO Agency For Fine Dining Restaurants

By being super-specific you increase your chances of getting those specific clients.

I currently have three different drop servicing websites, all of which are doing pretty well. Why?

Because they are so specific.

If you just offer all sorts of marketing, graphic design, etc. it just looks like you’re outsourcing everything.

And, if you’re a company would you go to an agency-specific tailored to your type of company, or to a general agency that handles all types of companies?

Of course, you would want to work with the specific one. 

Chances are, they have more contacts, more experience, and more knowledge in that specific niche. 

Best Niches For Drop Servicing: Conclusion

There are many different niches you could go for when you start drop servicing.

However, the main criteria for a good niche are:

  • Good margins
  • Repeat business factors
  • You know enough about it to sell it

If you learned something in this article on the best drop servicing niches, I would really appreciate if you left a comment and/or shared it!


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