Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

13 Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs To Promote

Affiliate Disclosure: Look, I'm working my ass off delivering value to you. So, yes this blog is monetized through affiliate products. They are true recommendations and if you purchase them, I probably earn a commission (at no additional cost to you).

Welcome to the best internet marketing affiliate programs to promote. 

In this guide, I will be showing you the best internet marketing affiliate programs. I have categorized them (hosting, email, freelance, etc.) so that there is an affiliate program for every category. This means that you will be able to promote every single product on this list if you wanted to. 

You can also use this list to get content ideas by building content around these affiliate programs. If you enjoy this guide, then make sure to leave a comment!

Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs To Promote

So, below are all the best internet marketing affiliate programs. Almost all of these can be used in any Internet marketing sub-niche, so that’s why they are included. I didn’t want to niche down too much that only a couple of people can use them. 

If you are a content creator, you could just take a note of each and whenever you link out to one of them, just use your affiliate link.

1. Bluehost (Hosting)

So, first on our list is Bluehost

Bluehost is a hosting company that pays $60-$100 depending on your affiliate tier. If you are with another hosting company, they will probably have an affiliate program too. Whenever you mention hosting, blogging, etc. you can link out to your hosting company such as Bluehost. If somebody makes a purchase, you will earn a commission. 

Most hosting companies have a similar program to Bluehost that pays 100% of the first-year fees. Usually, these are around $60 to $100. So, just linking out to your hosting company can earn you some nice extra commissions. 

If you like the hosting company that you are with, there really is no reason not to do this. You could do this in your guides on starting a blog or even starting a specific type of blog. This is also something that I did in my affiliate marketing with $100.

As most hosting companies pay pretty high commissions, it’s a pretty good product to promote. Especially, as in order to start a website, you need hosting.

2. GetResponse (Email)

Next on our list is GetResponse which is an email autoresponder. 

Again, you can promote any other email autoresponder instead of GetResponse.

The reasons why I like to promote GetResponse are: 

  • They also offer funnels so there are more ways to promote it.
  • They have two different affiliate payouts that you can choose from (30% monthly OR $100 CPA on paying referrals)
  • Great support, great features, etc. overall very good autoresponder

I really like the $100 CPA commission, as it’s pretty easy to earn $100 per day from it. You build up an asset that brings in targeted visitors, then you only need one signup per day. In my opinion, this is probably the easiest way to earn $100 per day from affiliate marketing. 

Of course, feel free to promote a different autoresponder, they all do very similar things. 

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3. Fiverr & Legiit (Freelance)

Almost every Internet marketing content creator has probably mentioned buying something from freelance marketplaces.

Fiverr & Legiit, both have affiliate programs that you can easily join. 

They don’t necessarily pay the highest commissions, as of course, the freelancer does the work. However, you can still make some nice little additional commissions from them, so if you are linking out to them anyway, you might as well use your affiliate link. 

Legiit pays 30% of a sale. 

Fiverr pays a percentage of the fees and/or a CPA commission. Yes, they are not as high-paying as other programs on this list, however, it doesn’t hurt to just add your affiliate links. 

Join The Fiverr Affiliate Program here

Join Legiit here (then go to settings > affiliate settings)

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4. Pixpa Affiliate Program

In the fourth spot, we have the affiliate program of Pixpa.

Pixpa is an all-in-one platform for photographers, designers, and creatives to build their portfolio website, online store, client galleries, and blog – all in one place. Photography is something that is becoming increasingly popular and using the Pixpa affiliate program you can profit from it. 

It pays whopping 50% commissions of revenue for the first year. In the photography portfolio/website industry, the commission rate is one of the highest across all industries.

If you’re looking for a growing niche with lots of potential, I definitely recommend checking out the Pixpa affiliate program. Plus, despite the popularity of photography itself, I think selling software for portfolio websites and online stores is not that competitive.

Pixpa is an affiliate program you will want to check out and you can check it out using the link below.

Check out the Pixpa affiliate program!

5. Sqribble

Next on our list of best internet marketing affiliate programs is Sqribble. 

Sqribble is a product hosted on the ClickBank marketplace and it is a piece of software that allows it’s users to create beautiful E-books in minutes.

You don’t need any sort of experience to do it, I use the software myself and it is great. It’s also incredibly cheap, offers 75% commission on the entire funnel (all upsells) and you can sometimes even make up to $450 off one sale. 

E-books can be mentioned for so many reasons in so many different types of businesses in terms of lead magnets, or even as a side hustle. So, I thought I would include Sqribble into this list as a lot of people could probably make some nice cash promoting it. 

Sqribble Affiliate program

Sqribble is one of the highest converting ClickBank products. If you need help promoting ClickBank products, I have a guide that teaches how to promote ClickBank products. 

6. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the affiliate program of Amazon.

The reason why I put it on this list is that a lot of internet marketing niches often mention books. Books that are very likely on Amazon.

Meaning, you can link out to them and make a few sales. Additionally, you could include the tech from amazon that you use in one of your pieces of content and potentially make some nice commissions that way too.

This is just another way that you could build up a variety of commissions.

7.  Digistore24, WarriorPlus, ClickBank & JvZoo

In our seventh spot, we have Digistore, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, JvZoo, etc. basically just the usual digital affiliate marketplaces.

These marketplaces offer a lot of high-paying affiliate products. As most of the products are digital the commissions are often between 50-75%, so they are definitely worth promoting!

On these marketplaces, there are products in so many different sub-niches of the internet marketing nice. 

Due to the nice commissions, it’s definitely worth checking them to see if there are any products that you can promote. Often, you can earn a pretty decent extra income from these marketplaces alone. So, in case you haven’t checked them out yet, go and do so!

8. Udimi

Next on our list is Udimi. 

Udimi is a solo ad marketplace that connects businesses with solo ad sellers. The quality of the solo ads are a lot higher than most other solo ad marketplaces and they have a trusted and safe marketplace that protects against scams. 

Additionally, their affiliate program is great. When you refer somebody to Udimi, you earn 15% of every order they make. This is a lifetime commission. Every time they make an order you receive 15% of the order.

The traffic offered on Udimi can be used for a range of businesses in different niches, ranging from Bizopp to health & fitness. If you mention Udimi or solo ads, you may as well link out to them, so that you can earn some additional commissions. 

When you refer somebody, if they end up scaling their solo ad campaigns, you will earn big commissions. Often, repeated 15% commissions on orders with a value of over $300. If you were to refer a couple of these kinds of customers, you could a nice extra side-income. 

Join Udimi For Free! 

9. A Funnel Builder (Kartra)

So, in number nine we have any funnel builder software. 

Whatever funnel builder software you like to use, whether it’s ClickFunnels, Kartra or builderall, they all have affiliate programs. Personally, I like to promote Kartra , as when I’m building funnels I like to use it. 

It’s also great because it offers amazing email marketing tools too. So, whatever funnel builder you use, you can make some nice recurring commissions promoting it!

It doesn’t really matter which one you use/promote as long as you like it and it’s actually good!

You can join the Kartra affiliate program here. 

10. Thrive Themes

In number #10 we have Thrive themes. 

Thrive themes offers themes and plugins that you can promote. What I like about thrive themes is how many different plugins & themes they actually have. You can choose to promote a specific plugin that usually costs around $67 for one license or you can promote their membership that costs $240 per year. 

On all sales, Thrive Themes affiliate program offers 35% commissions. This is a decent-sized commission and can add a nice little sum to your affiliate income. 

Especially on the membership for $240 per year, as this would be a yearly commission. So, if you’re in an internet marketing sub-niche, then I would definitely consider promoting at least some Thrive Themes plugins and themes, if not the membership. 

11. Social Media Automation Tool

Next, we have social media automation tools. 

These can be extremely useful and save a lot of time for businesses and (aspiring) entrepreneurs. So, of course, they can be extremely helpful for your audience if you are in the internet marketing niche. 

Most of these will have some sort of affiliate program. Personally, I like to use Zlappo for my Twitter account as it has helped me get better results, it’s cheap and has some amazing features. 

Zlappo also has an affiliate program available to Zlappo members that pays 50% recurring commissions!

Not only is the affiliate program great, but the actual tool is amazing too. Zlappo also offers a 14-day trial in which you already have access to the affiliate program, so you can actually get it for free by referring two people while you are in the trial. However, it’s only $10 per month anyway. 

If you’re using Twitter for affiliate marketing anyway, you can also promote this tool as many people on Twitter will need it. 

12. Keyword Research Tool/Seo Tools

In our twelfth spot we have any keyword research tools and seo tools. 

There are tools for YouTube SEO and normal SEO, most will have affiliate programs. Personally, I use Ubersuggest which doesn’t actually have an affiliate program, so that’s why I never really promote any SEO tools. 

However, most other tools such as Mangools, SEMRush will all have affiliate programs. Often, these tools offer some pretty high recurring commissions, so if you would promote them, it can be pretty profitable. 

Here are some SEO/keyword research tools that have affiliate programs: 

  • SEMRush
  • Mangools
  • Ahrefs
  • SpyFu

If you talk a lot about SEO, you should definitely consider promoting these. My favorite one is SEMrush, you can join their affiliate program for free here.

13. MessengerBot

Lastly, we have Facebook messenger bots. 

Messenger bots are getting more and more popular and most of them have affiliate programs too. As most of them charge recurring membership fees, promoting them can often help your recurring affiliate income. 

As they are getting more and more popular, due to the high open rates & CTR, you could definitely consider promoting them. Especially, if messenger bots are something that you mention a lot. 

Here are some common messenger bots: 

  • Manychat
  • Chatfuel
  • Activechat

See more messenger bots here

14. Any Good Courses

It’s any good courses. The reason why I am just saying to promote any good courses is that if I were to niche down it really wouldn’t suit everyone in the Internet marketing niche. 

What I am saying is, you can just add any good courses that you have taken and add them to your affiliate strategy. Nine out of ten courses have affiliate programs, so chances are there are a couple of good ones in your sub-niche too. 

Final Words

I hope that you have enjoyed this guide on the best internet marketing affiliate programs. 

If you did, make sure to leave a comment and/or share the post. Remember, promoting a variety of products can often increase your conversions and it really doesn’t hurt to just link out to your recommendation with an affiliate link.

When you do this, you will often get some nice & random sales. Once your traffic grows, those sales then become more and more consistent. Eventually, you will start earning a lot of commissions from all these different affiliate programs!

So, whenever you can use an affiliate link, just do it!

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