What’s The Best Way To Get Into Affiliate Marketing? | Complete Guide

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What’s The Best Way To Get Into Affiliate Marketing?

Best Way To Get Into Affiliate Marketing: Introduction

Affiliate marketing is a great skill, but it’s also very broad. 

Today we will be taking a look at the best way to get into affiliate marketing. 

We will be:

  • Comparing this method to others’
  • Having a look at the skills you learn
  • How these skills combine (for other businesses too)
  • How To Get Started

So, let’s get started! 

3 Main Ways Of Doing Affiliate Marketing

There are 3 main ways of doing affiliate marketing. 

By the way, they aren’t in any order below.

1. Paid Ads

The first way is running paid ads.

You pay Facebook, Google, or wherever you buy the ads to advertise your funnel which leads to affiliate products. 

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  • Quick
  • You don’t have to constantly create content


  • Can be risky if you don’t have the right skills (sometimes with the right skills)
  • Unless you develop a certain system, if you stop paying, you stop growing
  • It does require a lot of skills for it to work.

2. Content Creation

The second way is creating content. It can be fun, but it takes a long time to succeed. You create content with affiliate links, generate traffic and people buy.

That’s the whole strategy behind it. By “Content Creation” I am talking about longer-form content like blogging or YouTube.

I know that YouTube is also social media, but the content format & length is a lot more similar to blogging. 


  • Practically free
  • You can learn along the way
  • Low-entry barrier
  • You are building a great asset


  • It can take a very long time
  • You have to constantly create content
  • Often people give up in the beginning

3. Social Media & Similar

Lastly, we have social media and similar. I would argue that this is one of the quickest free ways to get started. And, by similar, I am talking about Forums and stuff like that.


  •  It’s fairly quick
  • Practically free, you may need 1-2 tools.
  • Pretty Easy

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube


  • You are pretty reliant on a  social media platform
  • The potential isn’t as huge unless you manage a ton of accounts
  • A lot of social media accounts die eventually
  • You have to manage multiple accounts

Before we go into the best way to get into affiliate marketing, it really depends on what you want to do.

However, I am going to assume at some point, you will want to go into all of these or even expand into another business.

That’s what I have based this decision on, as I assume it applies to most people.

The Best Way To Get Into Affiliate Marketing

So, what’s the best way to get into affiliate marketing? I’m going to say Affiliate SEO. It’s not how I started, but I had to come back to it and learn it. 

Mostly, because of the skills you learn. 

The skills you can learn from being in content creation for a couple of years can often grow any business. I will also show you some successful entrepreneurs who got started this way. 

The Skills You Will Learn

There are 4 key skills that a couple of years in content creation will teach you. 

  • SEO & Other Traffic
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Consistency & Persistence

If you think about it, with these skills alone you could grow multiple successful businesses.

Content creation will teach you all of these, as long as you aim to expand as much as possible.


You have (almost) mastered all of those skills after 4-5 years of consistent improvement.

You could sell an educational course in every single one of them AND do so successfully. Why?

Because you have the skills to market them. 

Or, let’s say you have created a great software… With those skills, you can market it effectively.

Once, you learn those skills, you have them forever. 

SEO & Other Traffic

Firstly, when you blog, you will learn other traffic too. Not only SEO. 

You will sometimes run paid ads and use social media too, so you learn a bit of everything. But, make sure you read this post before going into a competitive niche. 

Once you have mastered SEO, you can then move onto mastering paid ads or social media. 


Copyrighting, something needed in every business. 

If you master it, you can sell anything to anybody. 

Maybe not anything to anybody, but you get the point. In content creation, you will have to learn it eventually through paid ads, emails, and even in your blog posts.

Email Marketing

The average ROI of an email marketing campaign is 42:1 (litmus

That statistic is a statistic that I mention a lot. It’s for a good reason. 

Email marketing is something that should be used in any business. I don’t care if you’re a real estate agent, some sort of personal brand, or an affiliate. You need email marketing. 

With content creation, you will collect emails. You will learn email marketing. 

Consistency & Persistence

Consistency and persistence are some of the most important skills in business. 

And, the best place to learn them? Of course, content creation. 

You might not make any money in the first 6 months, but you have to keep going. If you don’t, you fail. When you work for free for 6 months or longer, but then eventually succeed, it will teach you an insane amount of persistence.

If you don’t stay consistent in content creation, you won’t go anywhere. It will teach you that too. 

Other Skills:

  • Building websites/funnels
  • Outreach for collaborations
  • Audience interacting
  • Building an audience
  • Creating content (Duh?!)

How These Skills Combine

Traffic > Copywriting > Email.

These 3 skills alone, alongside building a website/funnel will allow you to grow almost any business. Content creation, is the perfect place to learn them. Why?

Because you can learn as you go along. With paid ads, you have to know them all to be successful. Or, at least know them all a little. Savage affiliates one of Franklin Hatchett courses teaches all these skills. 

Just focusing on social media, you will probably never learn to generate bigger volumes of traffic. Like 10,000+ visitors to a website. Or, 100,000+ visitors.

You may have 100,000 followers, but usually speaking, a lot of those won’t be going to your websites. 

How To Get Started

Want to get started with blogging?

I recommend reading my new how to start a blog E-book, which you can download for free using that link.

That will teach you:

  • How to pick a niche (and research it)
  • Blog setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Writing a good blog post
  • Some additional next steps

It’s all you need to get you started. 

Examples Of Entrepreneurs Who Started This Way

Lastly, I just wanted to show you some bigger entrepreneurs who have started with a blogging/SEO background. 

Some of them have expanded into other businesses, as you can imagine. But where did they learn the skills and how did they get started? Exactly. 

Franklin Hatchett

First of all, we have Franklin Hatchett. His blog onlinedimes.com started in 2015 and it’s still active today. He has used it, alongside to grow his YouTube channel to grow multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses in just 5 years.

Why does he scream that beginners should start blogging? Exactly, because that’s where he started. 

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Alex Becker

Alex Becker

Next, we have Alex Becker. He started off creating affiliate SEO sites. I’m sure you know of Alex Becker by now. In case you haven’t, he’s the guy popping up on YouTube ads every day. 

“Hey it’s your business”

“Your ads. I’ll show you how to get them 52% cheaper…”

Anyway, he has also grown multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, after branching out with different traffic methods. 

Jim & Ricky From Income School


Jim and Ricky Income school

Jim and Ricky have created tons of niche sites. And, they still do the same today. I’m not sure about the exact numbers they do, but they do a lot. They are the two most down-to-earth guys, so they don’t really share too much about numbers.

However, I did find this import report from Jim which explains how he made $500K from one blog in a year.

Keep in mind, he also has some other smaller sites. 

Chris M. Walker

Chris started with affiliate SEO. 

However, over the years he has branched out into other related businesses. He owns a 7 Figure SEO Agency and is also the founder of the popular freelance marketplace Legiit.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel Founder Of Ubersuggest

Neil Patel. He does not need an introduction. Ubersuggest, Neil Patel digital, Kissmetrics, CrazyEgg, HelloBar are all companies that he has founded/co-founded.

He started doing content marketing through blogs for other companies. So, he also has an SEO related background and it is still his focus now. 

Brian Dean/ Backlinko

Brian Dean failed at a couple of businesses, before finding success with a personal finance site in 2012. After that, he created Backlinko to showcase how he did it and everything he has learned. Since then, he has become an internationally recognized SEO-expert. 


As you saw throughout this post, SEO is a great way to get into affiliate marketing & online business.

You learn skills that can be applied and used to grow almost any other online business. Mass traffic generation, copywriting and email marketing, are the main ones. 

Do you think that SEO is the best way to get into affiliate marketing? Let me know in the comments!

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