Blogging vs YouTube

Blogging Vs YouTube – Which One Is For You?

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Blogging vs YouTube

Blogging vs YouTube: Introduction

Welcome to this blogging vs YouTube comparison in which you will learn which of these platforms is for you. 

Both of these platforms have tremendous value and you can build a business around either, so there really isn’t a wrong or right choice. It really comes down to your preference.

This guide is there to help you find your preference so that you can get started with the platform that you prefer. 

Although, I may be a little biased myself, as I only blog, this comparison shouldn’t be biased as I believe that both platforms have their own benefits. 

What Is Blogging?

What is blogging?

Let’s get started with blogging. 

As you probably know, blogging is when you have a blog and post articles to it. Your blog can be on any topic that you wish and there are tons of different ways you can monetize your blog. 

Here are some common ways to monetize your blog:

  • Advertising revenue
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Your Own Product/Services
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Subscriptions

With all of these monetization opportunities, blogging is pretty profitable. Despite all of these monetization opportunities, a lot of bloggers give up or report that they make practically no money from their blog. This is usually down to their mindset or strategy. 

In an old post on the smart passive income blog, it’s really well explained why bloggers should use more monetization methods than just ad revenue.  

If you don’t have a bad strategy, blogging is extremely profitable. 

What Is YouTube? 

YouTube is pretty similar to blogging. 

You upload your own unique content (just like with a blog) and in terms of monetization, it’s similar too. I would say that YouTube channels are on average more monetized with ads, but most YouTubers combine this with other monetization methods listed in the blogging section. 

In a nutshell, you upload videos to YouTube and earn money through ad revenue and other monetization strategies. Of course, this does mean that you need views to make money. Usually speaking, you will need them to be targeted if you want to use other monetization strategies than advertising revenue.

Blogging Vs YouTube – How Are They Similar?

Blogging and YouTube do have some similarities. The four main similarities between these platforms are explained down below. Yes, there are probably some more, but these are the four main ones. 

Unique Content

On both platforms, you upload your own unique content. On YouTube, it’s videos, whereas on a blog it’s usually written content. If you are planning to steal/spin other people’s content, you probably won’t go very far on either of these platforms. 

The content also often has a similar format. For example, “how-to” guides, “reviews”, etc. these are pieces of content that you will find on blogs, as well as on YouTube. 

Both Are Super-Profitable Assets

Both platforms are super-profitable assets. Why?

Because they produce traffic, not just any traffic, usually large volumes of traffic. This makes it easier to make sales and generate higher ad revenue. Both platforms have this big advantage. 

Both Are Evergreen

There is absolutely no doubt that blogging is evergreen. Google is not going anywhere any time soon, so blogs aren’t either. As far as I know, the same goes for YouTube. I can’t imagine a new video platform to take over the internet. 

So, they are both evergreen platforms. Or, if they aren’t evergreen, they are very close to it. If you want some ideas on evergreen content, I recommend checking out why evergreen content is the key to success on YouTube.

In a nutshell, if you keep producing more evergreen content, there will be more of a snowball effect. 

Both Require A Lot Of Consistency

It does not matter whether you start a blog or a YouTube channel, they both require a lot of consistency. 

You need to be consistent for a long time, even when nobody is viewing your content. Otherwise, you will just never get off the ground. 

And by the way, both of these platforms take a long time to get off the ground. If you are looking for some sort of quick way to make money, neither of these are for you. 

Blogging vs YouTube – How Are They Different?

Now that we have had a look at the similarities, let’s have a look at the differences which is probably the main reason why you are here. I have broken down the differences into 6 main differences. Three of them speak for YouTube and three of them speak for blogging. 

You will probably grow quicker on YouTube

Every organic platform takes time. It will probably take you at least 6 months to get off the ground, probably even longer. However, usually speaking, this period is a little shorter on YouTube. 

The reasons for this are: 

  • YouTube’s suggestion feature
  • YouTube is less SEO heavy (we will speak about this)
  • YouTube’s subscribe feature

I know that you can have people subscribe through email, but it’s not the same. It’s easier to get somebody to click a subscribe button than give you their email address. I don’t have any data to support this point, but it just makes sense. Just keep in mind, it’s an assumption by me.  

YouTube Has a More Personal Feel

I think this could also help the growth point. If your viewers on YouTube like your personality, they are a lot more likely to stick around for future videos. With blogging, there is some personality there, but it’s just not quite the same as YouTube. 

I’d also like to squeeze in that if you are doing tech-related tutorial videos, conversions would probably be higher on YouTube, as people can look you over the shoulder. So, YouTube clearly wins in terms of a personal feel. 

YouTube is less SEO heavy

There is less SEO involved in YouTube than blogging. Yes, there is some, but it’s really not the same. For both, you will have to do keyword research, but for blogging, it’s more important. Not only that, but you also have the added factors of on-page SEO, site speed, interlinking structure and more.

Oh, and did I forget to mention backlinks? The most annoying part of blogging. I’d also like to squeeze in that in terms of website creation and all that sort of stuff, YouTube is a lot easier, as it’s simply not part of it. 

Also blogging in a competitive niche is harder than making YouTube videos in the same niche. 

You Own Your Blog

Imagine this… YouTube vanishes and you lose all your subscribers.

Well, that will probably never happen. However, YouTube can delete accounts, demonetize videos and do all kinds of actions on your channel. YouTube somewhat owns your channel. 

If you have a blog, you own that blog. Nobody else. On the flip side of things, I guess you could say, there is less work involved in setting up a YouTube channel. By the way, I am just talking about setting it up, content creation is hard work for both of these platforms. 

Blogging Will Probably Make More Revenue In The Long Term

Again, this is just an assumption. There are plenty of anomalies. However, I assume that the average blog that is 10 years old, makes more than the average 10-year-old YouTube channel. Why?

Because you can integrate stores, paid tools, and all kinds of additional monetization with it. Also, often, in the long run, active websites get more traffic, due to Google being the biggest search engine. 

Keep in mind, this is just an assumption and that there sure will be a lot of YouTubers who earn more than bloggers. This is more of a general assumption. 

You Don’t Need To Show Your Face As A Blogger

Yes, you don’t have to show your face on YouTube either. 

But as a blogger, you don’t need to talk or show your face. It’s always better if you do, no matter whether you are blogging or creating YouTube videos. However, a lot of people don’t like to do this. For those people, blogging will probably be a better option. 

Other Differences:

  • YouTube has more of a viral factor (due to it being videos + the suggestion feature)
  • You make videos on YouTube & write on a blog (Duh?!)
  • Comedy, Memes, Trendy stuff, etc. usually works better on YouTube.

The Cost Of Blogging Vs YouTube

Both are practically free i.e very low cost. For blogging, you will need hosting, whereas for YouTube you may need some equipment or video editing software. Additionally, you may need keyword research tools for both of these platforms. 

Generally speaking, they are one of the cheapest effective ways to grow an online business. 

Both platforms have the following expenses:

  • Email marketing tool
  • Keyword research tool

Potential added expenses for YouTube:

  • Video editing software
  • Equipment

Potential added expenses for blogging:

  • Lots of plugins
  • Potentially some additional SEO tools

These are the common expenses. However, keep in mind that some people have a lot more expenses, while some people have less. This was just to give you a general idea. 

I have created a whole blog post that explains how much money you need to start affiliate marketing. 

Blogging vs YouTube: How much money can you make?

Okay cool, but how much money can you actually make with these platforms?

Unlimited, there is no cap. If you keep pulling in more viewers, you earn a larger amount of ad revenue. When these viewers turn into sales, you earn more money. There just simply is no cap on it. 

So, they both have unlimited potential.

Can You Do Both?

Do you have to pick between them? Can you do both?

Yes, in fact, if you can I would even recommend doing both. If you have a YouTube channel and a blog, you will grow a lot quicker. So, yes, you can have both and it will be beneficial to have both platforms too.

By using both platforms, you will:

  • Have the maximum amount of chances of bringing in new visitors customers
  • increase your brand visibility
  • not depend on one platform. 

Should You Do Both?

So, we know that using both platforms is better, but should you do both?

Well, this question really comes down to you. Here I am telling you that doing both is better, but I only have a blog. What I am saying is, if you really don’t like writing or creating videos, one of these platforms is completely fine too.

Usually, speaking, your growth will just be a little slower. However, just using one platform still works completely fine too. Basically, what I am saying is if you don’t mind doing both, then use both. 

Want To Get Started?



If you want to start a blog, the first thing that you will need is hosting. I recommend WPX hosting, as it’s very fast and easy to set up with WordPress. But if you would like a full guide on getting started, check out this guide on starting a blog. 


Want to get started with YouTube? Well, I have a guide for you that will show you how to grow, what content to create and more. 

It won’t cover setting up your channel and stuff like that, because you probably already know that. And, if you don’t then YouTube is the best place to learn that. 

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the right platform for you.

If it has made sure to leave a comment and/or share the article. If you are going to start a YouTube channel or blog, just remember that consistency is everything!

One, two or even five pieces of content won’t get you far, unless you are extremely lucky.

But it’s never good to rely on luck. Always make sure to stay consistent and as time goes on you will grow. Make sure to research keywords and keep learning as well.

I also recommend collecting emails, if you need help picking an autoresponder for affiliate marketing, check out: 6 Best autoresponders for affiliate marketing. 

Good luck! 

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