Buyer Journey Funnel

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Do you know anything to do with the buyer journey funnel? If not, don’t fret, we are just about to explore that in full! There are so many things that different buyers consider before they finally make up their minds to settle on your product and finally make that purchase. 

All that matters in this section is how much your customers have to go through before they finally get to the last step. It is therefore very important to mind the kind of process you make your customers go through and how easy is your buyer journey. 

In short, we are trying to elaborate on the active research process that a buyer goes through before actually making a purchase. That is exactly what we mean when we talk about the buyer journey guide. 

Now let’s get down to the main active process and see how important it is to make the buyer journey easy and maximize the output of the process. What you need to mind is actually the buyer’s ease to make up their minds given how nice you made the process for them. 

Buyer Journey Funnel

Where Does The Seller Come In? 

Actually, you might have found out that a greater percentage of your buyers might have made their minds long enough before they reach out to you. This is how it happens with many many buyers, but do we give up? Certainly not! Here is what we need to do. 

In this case, the simplest thing you can do is meet your customers where they source their information before they get to your products. What this simply means by this is that you ought to provide your buyers with information that would move them closer and sorry to buying your products. 

That said, I think we are starting to get why the buyer journey funnel is really important. The information your buyer gets that leaves to their decision are a great reason to make you worry if they really going to buy your products. That is where you come in as a seller. 

Does it Really Matter? 

Yes, it does. Here is how simple! In making your buyers get to the decision of considering your product, you ought to have created the trust. Creating trust is all about how you place your leads and how good they are to be converted. In that case, then, you might see the need to consider making your information a piece that can gain your trust rather than make it look forced. 

The Buyer Journey Funnel 

The buyer journey funnel when being studied forms a structural funnel that explains better the sequence of what transpires before a buyer gets to consider your product. Now let’s go through each process and the real importance attached. 

1.Awareness stage 

This is the part that often starts it off. The process is initiated at this stage by the customer getting to know what you are offering. In other terms, we are talking about the topmost part of the funnel that usually gives us the starting point. 

Now in this stage, you need not bother yourself with pushy ads for your new visitors rather than informing them. You need to inform them about what you are providing for them. They say that at this stage, the customer is getting to find out but at least they are prone to buying your products. 

Good enough for you, you will need to step in and inform them about what they need to know. If possible, anything to do with buying matters should be minimized or even away from your content. In simpler terms, you need to give all the suitable information about what you present in a nutshell at the start of the buyer’s journey. 

As a seller, you will need to troubleshoot user problems, answer some customer questions, and optimize your brand to nature your visitors as they hopefully get to the next stage. 

2.Consideration stage 

This is the second stage of the buyer journey funnel. For a customer, after being informed about the product of their interest, they would likely follow up to find which among the available products would suit them best. The buyers would have developed an interest in what they sought to know. Now, what determines if they are to consider your option is if you have shown them the worth. 

In this stage, to show them your worth, you will need to first culture your relationship with them in such a way that they would love to follow up even more on your products. Now, how do you do this? You will need to come up with more technical articles in terms of content and improve how often you get back to your customers through capture emails. 

To culture your leads, you will need to come up with effective social media channels that will bring your visitors even closer. 

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3. Decision and post-purchase stage 

After several visits to what you offer on your platforms, the buyer is now ready to decide if they are going to go with your product or not. In former stages, you might have shown your possible client how strong and better your products are, to outsmart other brands. 

This is basically how you develop your brand and make the customer feel they are better placed with your product. You might lose your client even at this stage but it all depends on how you treat your customers.  

In this stage, you will need to maximize your funnel conversion rates and convert more leads to customers. Make this process the easiest for the customers and help them see the importance. In later stages, you will mainly need to focus on how long your customers will last with you. Have your eye on long term relationships by keeping them close to your provisions to make them appreciate their experience with you even after the purchase. 

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Buyer Journey Funnel – Conclusion

All these processes mainly focus on bringing a lead from zero to the climax which is the purchase. Your customers need to enjoy their journey and appreciate the fact that you are able to bring them close to your products. 

For better experiences, you will need to have your clients with you even long after they have made a single purchase. The buyer journey funnel has made us study the full prospects of this process, stage by stage, and how important it is to understand each and every part. 

Manage every part of this journey would therefore determine if you are to have more since some would love to share the better experience with others as much as you fetch more on your own. 

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