What are Order Bumps, Upsells and Downsells? | Comprehensive Sales Funnels Tools Explained


Conversions are probably one of the most important factors in online business.

Yeah sure, you will need the traffic to get conversions, but if your traffic is not converting, it’s practically useless.

Today, we’re going to take a look at three key features that most of the funnel builders online have to offer.

These features are Order bumps, Upsells, and downsells. 

What these features do is they allow you to get more conversions out of one customer. 

Order Bumps, Upsells & Downsells Explained

Order bumps, upsells and downsells

Order bumps, upsells and downsells are tools used by online marketers and online businesses to increase conversions. 

Here is an explanation for each individual feature:

Order bumps: Order bumps are a little tick box or a switch offering a special deal at the bottom of the cart when a customer is checking out. 

Upsells: Upsells are an offer made, usually on a page where the customer is being redirected to after they have made a purchase.

Basically, a special offer once the customer has already made a purchase. 

Downsells: Lastly, we have the downsells. These are offers made when the customer has rejected a previous offer.

Again, usually on another page. 

This is often a discount or a smaller version of the previous offer. 

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Order Bumps: What Are They & How Can You Use Them? 

Order bumps can be great if you want to get your customer to spend more money with you.

Common products I see in order bumps are training, coaching, and consultations after the user has bought something less personal. 

The reason for this that people want personal help, so if they see that they can get it at a discounted price, they often will tick it.

However, you don’t have to offer those sorts of products.

Here take this example of GoDaddy offering domain privacy & protection. This is an order bump. 

Upsells: What Are They & How Can You Use Them? 

Our second feature is an upsell. 

If you go and purchase a product and afterward, you are taken to another page being offered something else, this is an upsell.

When your customer has already committed to you and has pulled out their credit card, it can be easier to get them to purchase your upsell, that’s why they exist.

Offering something that combines well with whatever they just bought usually works great. 

What are One-Click Upsells? 

One click upsells are pages as explained above, but the only difference is, the customer doesn’t even have to pull out their credit card again, they just click the purchase button, as they have already given you their credit card details. 

This just adds a couple of more conversions and makes the customer experience even easier. 

We will talk about a software later on in this article that lets you do this. 

Downsells: What Are They & How Can You Use Them? 

Lastly, we have downsells.

These can be used when your customer has rejected your previous offer.

What you want on these is usually a discount or a smaller offer of what you previously offered. Why?

As the risk or disadvantage (the money spent) outweighs the benefits of your product. 

So, you reduce the risk or disadvantage and give them another offer.

This is basically the last try (for today) to convert them. 

Offers like this are often used on rejected upsells or sometimes even in exit pop-ups. 

Why You Need These Tools If You Sell Products

They are just going to make you more money, it’s that simple.

If you add these features to your sales funnel, you can make more money by spending the same amount of money on getting people into that sales funnel.

You’re making more sales without increasing your ad spend or whatever your marketing budget is.

The point is, you’re making more sales from the same amount of people being thrown into that funnel. 

Which Tools Offer These Features? 

Kartra png

There are a couple of tools that offer these features, but my favorite is hands-down Kartra.

It offers a nice & easy-to-use drag & drop builder which you can use to build funnels as described in this article.

Plus, if you’re selling courses, you can host them with Kartra’s membership sites.

It also has a powerful autoresponder with automation workflows, lead tagging, and split-testing. 

And, that’s not all here are some of the other features:

  • Lead & Sales page builder
  • Video hosting
  • Helpdesks
  • Calendar

All of this starts at just $99 per month which is insane if you ask me.

You can try Kartra for yourself by using the link below. Or, if you would like to learn more about it, check out my review where you’ll find everything you need to make a decision. 

Try Kartra For $1 (14 Day Trial) 

Order Bumps, Upsells & Downsells: Final Words

As you have seen throughout this article, order bumps, upsells and downsells have huge benefits.

They allow you to convert one customer multiple times in a short space of time.

Using these features, you are ultimately making more money, while spending the same amount.

So, I definitely recommend that you use this feature, as it will help your product sales tremendously. 

ClickFunnels vs ActiveCampaign: Which One Is Best For You?


Welcome to my comparison of ClickFunnels vs ActiveCampaign.

In this comparison, I will take you through both ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign, so that you can make an informed decision before signing up for either of these two pieces of software.

I will also be showing you some other alternatives that you may prefer as well, so keep an eye out for that too.

ClickFunnels vs ActiveCampaign

ClickFunnels vs ActiveCampaign

Clickfunnels is a funnel and page builder tool, while ActiveCampaign is an autoresponder. This means they are not designed for the same purpose. Both of these pieces of software can be integrated with each other, meaning you can use both of them if you wish to do so.

What Is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder founded by Russel Brunson in 2014.

Since then it has become one of the most popular sales funnel builders on the market and has over 119,000 members. (ClickFunnels)

ClickFunnels aims to be an “all-in-one” platform that helps its customers convert their visitors to a sale through a sales funnel process.

What Is a Sales Funnel? 

A sales funnel is the process in which a visitor is turned into a sale.

This process is demonstrated in a funnel-type shape, which is why it’s called the sales funnel. (See Image Below)

Usually, the stages of a sales funnel are something along these lines: 

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Evaluation 
  • Decision
  • Purchase

Different Uni’s and colleges and businesses have different names for the stages, but they are all pretty much the same concept. 

ClickFunnels aims to help its customers build these sales funnels that are laser-focused on turning a visitor into a sale. 

ClickFunnels Features

ClickFunnels main features are:

  • Funnel templates
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • ClickFunnels Membership Sites (These are not very good)
  • Email Marketing (Only in $297 plan and it’s limited)
  • Affiliate Program

Funnel Templates

Firstly, we have the funnel or landing page templates that you get within ClickFunnels.

In ClickFunnels, you will find 100+ templates which will make it easier to build your funnels.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of these at all.

They all look extremely similar to each other and often even look quite scammy. 

Instead of separate templates, they look more like versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 of the first template. 

Drag & Drop Editor

Luckily, for ClickFunnels users, it’s possible to edit these with the drag & drop editor.

The drag & drop editor is pretty easy to use, you really don’t need any tech experience to use.

You can easily add any checkouts, opt-in forms, or any other elements that you would like to add.

ClickFunnels Membership Sites

Next, we have ClickFunnels’ membership sites.

They are really basic and not very good.

If you are somebody who sells a lot of courses, you probably want to avoid using ClickFunnels to host your membership site.

You probably want to use something like Kajabi instead.

ClickFunnels membership sites have a bad user experience, don’t track user progress, and have many other issues with them too.

With that being said, if you’re just looking to create a small course to give away for free, you will probably be fine using ClickFunnels.

Email Marketing

The email marketing tools that are available within ClickFunnels, only are available in the $297 per month.

This means, they probably value their autoresponder at least $90 per month, which is really funny. Why?

It does NOT include action-based automation sequences, which you literally need for any online business.

Luckily, you can integrate another autoresponder such as ActiveCampaign, even with the $97 per month plan. Another autoresponder that you can use is Aweber. If you want a full comparison between ActiveCampaign and Aweber, you can read ActiveCampaign vs Aweber.


ClickFunnels’ support team is pretty much non-existent.

Their “live-chat” feature is just a little robot that bombards you with irrelevant articles.

And, once it finally is connecting you to an expert, you have no idea how long it will take.

Given, that it’s a “live chat” feature, you would expect this to be a couple of minutes. However, in some cases, it can be days.

In the $297 plan, you do get priority support, but in the $97 plan, you don’t.

So, if you’re looking to go on the $97 per month plan, be aware that often the support can take over 48 hours to respond.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

You do also get access to the ClickFunnels affiliate program if you get approved.

The ClickFunnels affiliate program has 3 commission levels, 20%, 30%, and 40%.

In order to reach the 40% level, you have to have referred 40 active members. 

There also are additional incentives such as for example the dream car, which you can get by referring 100 active members.

You can also promote other products by ClickFunnels, such as for example the OFA challenge or Russel Brunson’s books.

Easy Integrations

Luckily, you can also integrate ClickFunnels with many other pieces of software such as ActiveCampaign, Zapier, etc. meaning that you can get email marketing and other tools when using ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels Pricing

Let’s take a look at the ClickFunnels pricing. 

Other than the # of pages, funnels, visitors, and domains, there really isn’t anything special separating the two plans. 

So, if you only need a smaller amount of resources, you should have no problem with going with the smaller plan, if you want to use ClickFunnels. 

What Is ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign was founded by Jason VandeBoom in 2004. 

Since, then it has also become one of the most popular autoresponders on the market, with over 90,000 customers in 161 different countries. 

It helps businesses all over stay connected to their customers. 

ActiveCampaign Features

ActiveCampaign has many features including:

  • Email Templates
  • Automation Sequences
  • Broadcast Emails
  • Split-testing
  • Lead-tagging and scoring
  • Form-builder
  • CRM

They have also recently added a “conversation” feature which allows you to manage your email inbox in the ActiveCampaign dashboard.

However, this feature does come at a small additional cost and I have personally not used it, so I can’t really tell you too much about it.

If you would like to learn more about this feature, you can head over to activecampaign.com

Email Templates

ActiveCampaign comes with tons of different Email Templates, allowing you to send beautiful-looking emails very quickly.

They are extremely easy-to-edit and nice-looking.

Personally, I don’t like to use email templates, as I just send basic emails. However, this is heavily dependant on your industry, so these templates can definitely be extremely useful.

Automation Sequences

Automation sequences, the feature that ClickFunnels is missing.

Using this feature, you can send emails based on the actions of your subscribers.

For example, if the contact has opened the email, send Email A, but if they haven’t then send Email B.

As the name says, this process is automated.

Try ActiveCampaign For Free!

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Broadcast/Newsletter Emails

You can also send broadcast and newsletter emails, which is pretty standard.


Here’s something I really like about ActiveCampaign.

Split-testing, but not just in broadcast emails, you can also split-test inside of the automation sequences.

This can help you get additional data, so that’s definitely a great feature.

Lead Tagging & Scoring

ActiveCampaign also comes with Lead tagging & scoring.

If you don’t know what these are, here is a quick explanation:

Lead tagging: Tags can be attached to your leads to segment them down the line. So, for example, you can say everyone who joined your email list through your blog, gets a “blog” tag.

Then, down the line, you can send an email to only those leads with a specific tag if you wanted to.

This can be combined with the automation sequences too.

Lead scoring: ActiveCampaign helps you determine which of your leads are active or inactive by giving them scores. You can then act on this info by sending custom sequences to maybe stop them from being inactive.


With ActiveCampaign, you also get a form builder.

The forms that you build can then be integrated with other apps and software such as Shopify, ClickFunnels, WordPress, and many more.

Sadly, these forms do not replace landing pages, despite being able to create them into somewhat of a page themself.

If you want to see a live example of one, here you go.

Keep in mind, I never put a lot of effort into making them look nice and adding colours. 


ActiveCampaign also has a very good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) feature.

This feature is also great, as a lot of the heavy-lifting can also be automated, as you can see in the demo below.  


Unlike ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign has a great support team.

Their live chat feature has an actual person behind it and their team is super-friendly.

Once, you join ActiveCampaign, they will also call you 1-2 times to see if you have any questions, or if they can help you in any way.

ActiveCampaign’s support is much better than the support of many other Software companies.

Easy Integrations

ActiveCampaign is also a well-recognized and globally known Autoresponder.

This, of course, means that they have easy integrations with other apps and software such as ClickFunnels, WordPress, Shopify, Zapier and more.

So, as I mentioned earlier, if you want to use ActiveCampaign and ClickFunnels, you can easily do so as they are really easy to integrate with each other.

ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

You can also join the ActiveCampaign affiliate program when you join ActiveCampaign.

They also have three commission levels that pay 20%, 25% and 30%. 

The amount you are paid is dependant on the number of referrals you make. 

ActiveCampaign Pricing

The ActiveCampaign pricing depends heavily on how many leads you need and which plan you pick, meaning it updates dynamically.

Below, is the ActiveCampaign annual pricing for under 500 contacts.

To see the full pricing table, please head over to ActiveCampaign. 

What’s great about the ActiveCampaign pricing is that in the lite plan, you get automation sequences.

So, you can get the lite plan and integrate with for example ClickFunnels and get automation sequences for a small price. 

Which One Should You Choose? 

You’re probably going to need an autoresponder with automation sequences.

So, either way, you’re probably going to have to use ActiveCampaign and integrate it with whatever you’re using, unless you use option 3.

This means, it’s pretty much just the page builder that you are unsure of, so let’s take a look at all the alternatives you could use.

Option 1: ClickFunnels (+ ActiveCampaign?)

So, your first option is just to use ClickFunnels.

If you do go down this route, then you probably want to use ActiveCampaign as well, as I mentioned earlier. 

Due to you using ActiveCampaign for email marketing, there would be no need to use the $297 per month ClickFunnels plan, unless you go over the visitor or page limit of the lower plan. 

This means, your total cost would be $97 + ActiveCampaign cost (Depending on the plan you choose).

I’m not a big fan of ClickFunnels, but if you are, then this option could work well for you.

Option 2: Other Page Builder + ActiveCampaign

Your second option is to use another page builder and integrate it with ActiveCampaign.

Here are some other options that you can consider:

  • BuilderAll
  • LeadPages
  • Elementor
  • Thrive Architect

Keep in mind that in order to use Elementor or Thrive Architect, you will need hosting which is extremely cheap and starts at like $2-$3 per month.

Basically, you would be hosting your own site and using the WordPress CMS where you could then install the following plugins:

  • Thrive Architect Or Elementor
  • Hosting
  • WooCommerce

Your total cost would probably only be around $10-$20 per month + ActiveCampaign.

However, keep in mind that there is a huge learning curve when it comes to WordPress, which might make it much harder for you to build your pages.

Plus, depending on what you want to do, you may need another dozen of plugins in which case, your site could be really slow, meaning that you will need more expensive hosting, meaning your cost will stack up pretty quickly.

Option 3: Kartra 


Another great alternative is Kartra.

Kartra is similar to ClickFunnels but has much nicer templates and you can build mini-websites if you wanted to.

Plus, you get powerful email marketing tools including automation sequences, so you won’t need to integrate with ActiveCampaign.

And, you also get membership sites, affiliate management, video-hosting and more, so you could definitely give it a go.

Usually, they only offer a 14-day trial, but I found a way to get a 30-day trial.

Use the instructions below to get your 30-day trial:

  1. Use this link
  2. Click “start your Trial”
  3. Once the page is fully-loaded navigate off the page
  4. Accept the Exit pop-up that offers a 30-day trial.

It’s definitely an option that you could consider, as you shouldn’t have to integrate with any other software.

ClickFunnels vs ActiveCampaign: Conclusion

In this comparison, we compared an autoresponder to a page builder.

While ClickFunnels does provide email marketing tools in their $297 plan, they are by no means anywhere near the standard of the email marketing tools that ActiveCampaign provides. 

On the flip side, you couldn’t use the form-builder that you integrate with other pieces of software, as a page-builder.

Hopefully, this comparison has helped you make a decision on which software you want to use. 

If you are stuck between different software then, you could also just give all the trials a shot and see which software suits you best. 

GetResponse vs ClickFunnels – An Unbiased Comparison

GetResponse vs CLickFunnels

Email marketing and funnels are crucial parts of online business. 

So, today I am bringing you a GetResponse vs ClickFunnels comparison of two pieces of software that offer both email marketing & funnels. 

I will be helping you find the best software for your business so that you can get started with them today. 

We will be having an in-depth look at what these platforms have to offer and what their pros & cons are so that you can decide which one is the best software for you.

GetResponse vs ClickFunnels: Key Differences

The main difference between GetResponse and Clickfunnels is that GetResponse has much better email marketing tools. Plus, it also starts at a much lower price than ClickFunnels. GetResponse and ClickFunnels offer similar funnel building tools, but GetResponse also offers great email marketing features. 

GetResponse Vs ClickFunnels: What Were They Designed To Do?

Let’s start with ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels was founded in 2014 by Russel Brunson and has since then it has become one of the most popular pieces of funnel builder software on the market. 

The main purpose of ClickFunnels is to help businesses turn visitors into leads and then sales. 

It promises to be the “all-in-one” solution for all businesses so that they do not have to go through the hassle of integrating tons of different applications to create one sales funnel.

Here are some key features that ClickFunnels has to offer: 

  • Sales Funnels 
  • Lead Funnels
  • Membership Sites (Not good)
  • Webinar Funnels (Not good either)
  • Email Marketing (Limited)

Those are the main features that ClickFunnels provides to its customers. 

Now, let’s get onto GetResponse. 

GetResponse was founded by Simon Grabowski in 1999 while he was still in college with nothing more than $200.   (werockyourweb)

Now, it is one of the biggest email marketing companies in the world. 

Originally, GetResponse was only an email marketing platform, however, in the last two years, they also added funnels to their service.

That means you can also use GetResponse to create funnels, which is why we are comparing GetResponse vs ClickFunnels. 

Comparing The Features Of Both Platforms

Both platforms offer a variety of features to their customers. 

Let’s compare what features both of these platforms have to offer.

GetResponse Features ClickFunnels Features 
  • Comprehensive Email Marketing Tools including automation
  • Webinars 
  • CRM
  • Lead Funnel Builder
  • Sales Funnel Builder 
  • Mobile App Workplace
  • Survey Creation
  • Forms
  • List Builder Apps
  • Advanced Analytics 
  • Templates For Landing Pages & Funnels
  • 30 Day Free Trial (No credit card required)
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Sales Funnel Builder 
  • Lead Funnel Builder
  • Custom order pages
  • Up/Down Sell Pages
  • Membership Sites (Not good)
  • Sharable Funnels 
  • Limited Email Marketing Tools
  • Integration with tons of tools
  • Quiz Funnels
  • Webinars (Although this feature is pretty buggy)
  • 14 Day Free Trial

GetResponse vs ClickFunnels: What Are The Key Differences?

Now that we have had a look at the features, let’s have a look at the key differences between these two platforms. 

Of course, the pricing is a little bit different too, however, there will be a separate section on pricing below. 

1. Membership Sites

ClickFunnels offers membership sites, while GetResponse does not.

However, the membership sites that ClickFunnels offers are very low-quality.

If you want to go for membership sites, then I don’t suggest either of these options. 

Opt for something like Kajabi instead. 

2. Email Marketing

In terms of email marketing, GetResponse has greater email marketing tools. 

GetResponse offers its customers email marketing automation, which ClickFunnels doesn’t. 

That means you can use GetResponse to create behavior-based automation sequences. 

For example, if a user opens “email A” send “email B”, however, if they don’t open “email A” send “email C”. 

Although this is a really important tool for online business, ClickFunnels allows you to integrate their software with other pieces of software that offer this tool very easily. 

However, it is still an aspect in which GetResponse wins, especially if you are looking for an all-in-one platform. 

3. Differences in Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels offers it’s customers more comprehensive sales funnel features such as: 

  • Order bumps
  • Up & Down Sell Pages 

These Features are NOT available within GetResponse, so it is an aspect in which ClickFunnels wins.

This is due to clickfunnels being more focused on sales funnels, while GetResponse is more focused on email marketing.

4. Webinars

Although ClickFunnels offers this feature too, it is pretty buggy within ClickFunnels, so I have included it in the key differences. 

While ClickFunnels allows you to create Webinars, it’s pretty hard to use, has many errors and is simply not effective. 

GetResponse webinars are a lot better and work perfectly, so that is an aspect in which GetResponse wins. 

5. Integrations

Next on our list of key differences are the Integrations. 

ClickFunnels allows you to integrate their software with other pieces of software very easily. 

This is great if you are looking to use another email marketing software with ClickFunnels. 

In order to integrate GetResponse with other applications, you will have to use Zapier, so that’s an additional monthly fee. 

The only real reason why you would need this in GetResponse is if you would like to use another email autoresponder. 

Saying this, I personally ran into tons of trouble trying to integrate ClickFunnels with other software such as: 

  • errors
  • lost data 
  • it’s not very smooth. 

6. CRM

Lastly on our list of key differences is Customer Relationship Management. 

You will only really need this if you are more experienced, but ClickFunnels does not offer CRM which is why I have included it. 

CRM software will pull important data about your customers, but personally I have never used it. 

If you are looking for a solution that offers CRM, then GetResponse wins in this aspect as ClickFunnels does not offer CRM.

Other Differences

GetResponse wins in: 

  • Analytics – GetResponse offers better and more in-depth analytics
  • Free Trial Period – GetResponse Offers a 30 Day Trial vs. ClickFunnels 14 Day Trial
  • Mobile App Workplace – GetResponse offers a mobile app workplace. You can access ClickFunnels.com through your mobile browser, but it is very buggy & slow. 
  • Support – ClickFunnels has terrible support where it takes days to get a response. GetResponse has a live chat feature and any problems are sorted within minutes.

ClickFunnels Wins in: 

  • Sharable Funnels – You can share your funnels with other users through a simple link. However, GetResponse also offers “work together”. 
  • Funnel Builder Types – There are tons of different ways to find the best funnel for your product. ClickFunnels does a great job of helping you find the right funnel. 

Which One Is Better For You?

Unless one of the key differences that I mentioned in the previous section is something that can help you decide, this is a pretty hard question…

If you are unsure, I recommend trying both as they both offer free trials. 

Also, you should have a close look at the features that these pieces of software have to offer as well as your business needs. 

Usually, you will then be able to pick a winner. 

Another thing that you should consider is the pricing, which we will get into next. 

GetResponse vs. ClickFunnels: Pricing

Below are two images for the pricing of both of these platforms. 

Take a close look at which software has the right features in the right pricing plan for you. 




getresponse pricing




Clickfunnels pricing


As you can see in the images above, ClickFunnels starts at a way higher price than GetResponse. 

So, if you are a beginner then I would definitely recommend starting with GetResponse because they have lower plans available that do the same thing as ClickFunnels. 

If you are more experienced and like the look of both of these pieces of software and you could work with both platform’s features, then I recommend that you try both of the platforms through the free trial so that you can find the best option for your business. 

Free Trials

Both of these platforms offer free trials that you can use to test out these pieces of software.

GetResponse Free Trial ClickFunnels Free Trial
  • 30 Days Free Trial 
  • No Credit Card Required
  • After you have upgraded there is NO money-back guarantee

Try GetResponse For Free

  • 14 Day Free Trial 
  • Credit Card Required 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try ClickFunnels For Free

Use ClickFunnels If:

  • You are looking for a comprehensive sales funnel builder with order bumps, down sells, upsells and one-click order pages. 
  • The templates suit your business
  • You prefer the drag and drop editor of clickfunnels

Use GetResponse If:

  • You are looking for an all-in-one solution that doesn’t need the comprehensive sales funnel features
  • You need powerful email marketing tools such as automation
  • You need the CRM software
  • You want to use Webinars


Both of these platforms are great pieces of software and it really depends on your business to see which one is best for you. 

They both have different pros & cons so it depends on your business which means that they are suited for different businesses. 

I can’t stress it enough that a good option would be to try both platforms for free and then having a look at which one you prefer. 

This is because if you switch later down the line, it often is a little harder. 

Unless of course, one of the key differences is one that affects your business, as you should then go with the one that wins in that aspect. 

Other Funnel Builders

There are also tons of other funnel builders, that you can also consider. 

Other funnel builders include: 

  • Thrive Architect 
  • WordPress ProfitBuilder
  • LeadPages
  • Kartra
  • BuilderAll
  • Unbounce

If you want to learn more about these, I recommend having a look at my article that compares the 13 best sales funnel builder software.

13 Best Funnel Builder Software: Which One Is The Best?

Building sales funnels is essential for almost any online business.

While traditional stores can still work, more and more businesses are finding that they need a sales funnel, as they usually convert higher. 

So, today I am going to talk you through the 13 Best Funnel Builder Software & Tools to help you make an informed decision on which one you want to pick. 

Keep in mind, that they also mostly have trials, you can use to see whether you like each software before purchasing. 

13 Best Funnel Builder Software

Best Sales Funnel Builder Software Top 13

Here are the best funnel builder software & tools:

  • Kartra
  • GetResponse
  • WP ProfitBuilder
  • Thrive Architect
  • InstaPage
  • Unbounce
  • LeadPages
  • OptimizePress
  • BuilderAll
  • WishPond
  • ClickFunnels
  • Keap
  • Kajabi

1. Kartra

Firstly, we have Kartra.

Kartra is a clear winner when it comes to value for money. Why?

Pricing starts at $99 per month and just take a look at the gigantic number of features that Kartra has to offer.

Kartra is the best Funnel builder software


Not only that, but each feature is also extremely powerful too.

For example, Kartra Mail includes automation workflows, lead tagging, and everything a normal autoresponder would include. 

There is also no need to use Vimeo or Wistia with your membership sites, as Kartra comes with video hosting too.

And, of course, membership sites, affiliate management, forms, Calendars, funnels, campaigns, pages & checkouts. 

Many funnel builders promise to be an all-in-one solution when they aren’t. 

However, after taking a look at all the features that Kartra has to offer, you will find that they are that all-in-one solution.

The only aspect that they are missing is blogging.

Although they do have a blogging feature, it simply does not beat WordPress, as WordPress is specialized in blogging.

But, you can run your WordPress blog on a subdomain, for example, blog.yoursite.com to get the best of both worlds. 

All these features are extremely high quality as well which is crazy when you consider that their pricing plans start from $99 per month.

Kartra Pricing

Take a look at the Kartra pricing table.

With plans starting at just $99 per month, Kartra beats many of its competitors despite offering more and better tools. 

Kartra pRicing

Kartra also offers Add-Ons in case you need more of one specific resource, but don’t want to upgrade which is great. 

Plus, the templates are beautiful too.

You can go for pin-point focused sales funnels, or even mini-websites to get the best out of both worlds.  If you would like to learn the details of Kartra, I recommend checking out my Kartra review

Usually, Kartra only offers a 14-day trial, however, for a limited time you can get a 30-day trial  by using the instructions below:

  1. Use this link
  2. Click “Start your trial”
  3. Pretend to navigate off the page 
  4. Accept the 30-day trial exit pop up

Due to the features, pricing, templates, and quality… I think we have a clear winner in Kartra when it comes to the best funnel builder. 

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2. GetResponse

Just behind Kartra, we have GetResponse. 

GetResponse was originally just an autoresponder, but as time went on they also added many more features including sales funnels and lead funnels.

What’s great about GetResponse is the:

  • Auto-funnel feature
  • Templates
  • Pricing

Oh, and of course, the email marketing tools, given that was the initial purpose of GetResponse. 

In terms of email marketing, it probably has the most powerful tools on this list, alongside Kartra. 

Split-testing, email analytics, workflows, you name it, GetResponse has it. 

Let’s take a look at the other features that GetResponse has to offer too. 

GetResponse AutoFunnel 

The auto funnel feature is a cool feature that helps you build your marketing funnels.

This combined with their easy-to-edit templates makes it easy to build high-quality funnels.

It also comes with Done-For-You lead magnets which can be helpful in B2B industries. 

GetResponse Templates

GetResponse also comes with tons of beautiful landing page templates that are easy-to-edit and convert well. 

You can edit these templates separately and make landing pages out of them, or you can add them to the auto funnel feature which is also really cool.

Despite, GetResponse originally just being an autoresponder, it does do sales funnels pretty well, to say the least. 

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse Pricing starts at just $15 per month! 

However, that plan does have it’s limitations as you would expect, for example, it only has an autoresponder (not workflows) and only lets you create one sales funnel.

With that being said, that might be enough for someone in which case it could be a fantastic affordable option. 

As you can see, GetResponse Pricing is pretty good & affordable. 

But, keep in mind, that the price grows with your list, so to get a better idea of the GetResponse pricing, I recommend heading over to the official GetResponse Pricing table. 

Try GetResponse For Free For 30 Days

GetResponse Limitations

With the pricing and it originally being an autoresponder, there are some significant limitations too. 

There are no:

  • Membership sites
  • video hosting
  • affiliate management

This means you will probably have to use other software too.

Once, you hit the higher number of leads, other options such as Kartra can offer much more value, for practically the same price.

For example, once you go over 10,000 leads on the professional plan with GetResponse, you’re plan costs $259 per month, while with Kartra you can be on the gold plan with many more features & funnels for $299 per month.

Meaning, you would get membership sites, video hosting, affiliate management, better sales funnels for an added $41 per month. 

So, that is something to keep in mind when going for an option. 

Don’t just plan for now, plan for the years to come. 

Switching between platforms once you have properly started, can be a real pain. 

3. WP ProfitBuilder

In the third spot, we have a WordPress plugin that comes at a low one-time fee!

It’s a comprehensive funnel builder, meaning it has order bumps and up/down sales, so you can make the most sales possible. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive funnel builder, but without all the other stuff that is versatile and comes at a low-price, then WP Profitbuilder is for you. 

And, it has tons of features such as:

  • Split-Testing + Auto-Optimize
  • Funnel Builder +Advanced Analytics
  • Speed Optimization
  • Easy integrations

It doesn’t have anything else like Membership sites or Email marketing.

However, it does only come at a one-time fee of $147.

Despite it saying “coming soon” for SmartCart, I can confirm that they already have it and just haven’t updated the sales page. 

The reason, why I said, that you will need the $147 version is due to SmartCart, split-testing, and funnel building, as these are not included in the other two pricing options.

You probably would also need an autoresponder and hosting, but other than that, you would be good to go. 

In terms of sales funnels, WP Profit builder is super-easy to use (drag & drop) & versatile.

Plus you get a ton of templates too!

As it is a WordPress plugin, you can easily add more plugins such as a membership site plugin, if you ever needed too. 

Overall, it’s a nice funnel builder with comprehensive conversion tools for an affordable one-time fee. 

See more at WPprofitbuilder.com

4. Thrive Architect

Don’t like monthly fees?

Then, you will also like Thrive Architect too, another WordPress plugin.

It comes at a one-time fee of $67 and also works well for creating nice-looking pages within WordPress.

It’s also super-easy to use, but the reason it’s behind WP Profit builder is because you don’t get order bumps, upsells, and payment processors. 

This means, if you want these features, you will have to go for something like SamCart which comes at an additional $50 per month. 

Combined with your hosting and autoresponder costs, this can pretty quickly add up. 

But, let’s not forget that it’s a one-time fee and you won’t be limited on things like Contacts, at least not from the funnel-builder side of things. 

And, as it’s also a WordPress plugin, if you need any other feature, you can usually just get another plugin, so you aren’t limited by any features. 

It also easily integrates with Zapier and most autoresponders, so you shouldn’t run into any issues trying to get your pieces of software to connect. 

Thrive Architect Templates

Let’s take a look at the templates that Thrive Architect has to offer.

Keep in mind, these templates come with Thrive Architect and can be used with any WordPress theme, assuming you have a theme that doesn’t need some sort of specific page builder. 

The templates do look nice and you can link one page to another meaning that you can build multi-step funnels with ease. 

As I mentioned earlier, the only reason why it’s behind Profit builder is that there isn’t a built-in feature for sales funnels including one-click upsells, order bumps, and payment processors. 

For more information, head over to Thrive Architect.

5. InstaPage

In the 5th spot, we have InstaPage which lets you build really nice-looking pages, probably the nicest on this list. 

InstaPage is a great option for bigger businesses that want super in-depth landing page tools. 

Here is an example of a page created by InstaPage. 

As you can see, it looks super-professional & clean. 

InstaPage Pricing & Features

As I already mentioned, InstaPage has some advanced landing page tools, not offered by many other landing page platforms.

Take a look at some of the features. 

Their analytics are much more advanced than you will get from any other landing page builder and you also get advanced heatmaps, meaning you can see exactly what’s engaging your visitor. 

InstaPage also boasts to have the fastest landing page software, whether or not that is true, I don’t know.

It would be an interesting test though.

As you have seen in the pricing above, InstaPage’s pricing does start at $199 per month ($149 if paid annually). 

In terms of pure quality in what they do, they are probably right at the top.

But, if you are going for InstaPage, keep in mind you will still need an autoresponder as well, plus you can’t of course use it as a blogging platform either. 

Nor, does it have membership sites, or anything else in that direction. 

Advantages of Instapage:

  • Nicest-looking pages
  • Most Advanced landing page tools
  • Highest-Quality in what they do

Disadvantages of InstaPage:

  • Not as many features as you may wish from a $199 per month software

6. Unbounce

Unbounce is another funnel builder that lets you build really nice-looking funnels and gives you everything you need to build pages that will convert your visitors into leads & sales. 

It’s quite similar to InstaPage in the sense that it’s strong & robust enough to be an Enterprise solution, therefore it is also extremely fast. 

Unbounce has some different features to InstaPage but also has a ton of them specifically tailored to creating high-quality funnels and landing pages.

Due to the amount of them, I will just name a few that I like, but you can see the full list on Unbounce.com/features/

Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce starts at $99 per month with the “essential” plan. 

It really depends on how many landing pages you need, if you’re a fairly small business, you should be totally fine with the essential plan. 

Also, your Pop-Up’s and sticky bars’ can be applied to all your landing pages.

For example, you can have 1 pop up that you use on every single landing page. 

So, in case you were worrying about that, don’t. 

Also, all plans can easily be integrated with Zapier and a couple of other autoresponders, but premium integrations such as Salesforce & Marketo are only available in the premium plan and above. 

All plans have a monthly visitor limit of 500,000, meaning they pretty much don’t have a visitor limit.

Keep in mind, this is just for your landing pages and not for your blog, so 500,000 is plenty, even if you’re at Enterprise level. 

Just like a couple of other options on this list, Unbounce is really good at what they do, but they don’t have the added options of membership sites or webinars if you would want to run one of those. 

If you’re looking for a robust solution with no contact or visitor limit and are only looking to sell products or collect emails, Unbounce could be the perfect solution for you. 

Try Unbounce For Free (14 Day Trial)

7. LeadPages

LeadPages is also another funnel builder software that has nice & clean templates. 

In a lot of aspects, I could have put them much higher, but it’s hard because most funnel builders do really specific things well. 

LeadPages Templates 

In the image below, you can see the LeadPages templates.

They look very clean and professional, which is something that I like about LeadPages. 

LeadPages has a huge gallery and even a marketplace for Templates, so most businesses will be able to find a template that suits their business. 

LeadPages Pricing

They also have 3 pricing plans which you can see in the image below. 

As you can see, they have pricing plans starting from just $37 which is great.

They offer great features for landing pages, but not as many as InstaPage and Unbounce. 

LeadPages has very basic, yet effective tools. 

So, if you’re not necessarily looking for things like heat maps, Dynamic Text updates, and all those really specific tools, LeadPages might be for you.

Especially, if you’re just looking to create LeadPages and not sales pages (See what I did there?), but don’t want to use WordPress.

In that case, LeadPages could work well for you. 

With that being said, I don’t like that they limit you to 3 sites on the $79 per month plan when the next plan up from there is $321 per month. 

8. OptimizePress

Optimize Press is another great WordPress plugin that you can use to create very nice sales funnels. 

Again, I feel like it could be higher up this list, as it’s affordable and lets you create membership sites too. 

Due to it being a WordPress plugin, you will have a great amount of flexibility to add more plugins if you need to. 

OptimizePress Pricing

As you can see in the image below, OptimizePress starts at just $99 per year. 

You probably would want to go with the “suite” plan though, just to get the added features.

And, you may want to also use it on clients’ sites or your other sites, so it’s best going for that plan, as it’s still very affordable.

Plus, it also makes it much easier to have checkouts, as you won’t need another integration.

Assuming you go for the suite plan, here’s what you will get for just $199 per year:

  • Sales & Marketing Funnels
  • OptimizeLeads (Forms)
  • OptimizeCheckouts
  • Membership Sites

Keep in mind, you will still need hosting and an autoresponder, but other than that, you should be good to go.

OptimizePress Templates

OptimizePress also comes with a ton of templates.

I think their templates look quite similar to Thrive Architect’s templates, which isn’t a bad thing. 

If you’re looking for a WordPress-based all-in-one (minus email) solution, then OptimizePress could be a great option for you.

With Membership sites and low-pricing, they are a good option to consider when looking for your funnel builder. 

9. BuilderAll

Next, we have BuilderAll which has a ton of features for a small price.

The reason it’s not higher on this list is that the quality of the features is not the best. 

Many users have reported that the support is terrible and that they have little understanding of the software itself, so that’s a pretty big red flag for a platform on which you want to run your business. 

I have also used the dashboard & builder and was surprised by slowly the whole thing loaded, it felt like it was taking me 10 minutes to select a template.

The whole platform has a fair few bugs and feels slow.

Most of the users are just affiliates who refer users who usually also become affiliates and then that cycle goes on and on. 

Some people love it (usually affiliates), but I didn’t even bother due to me finding the general feel of the dashboard.

With that being said, I am probably a little too harsh on it, as it does have tons and tons of features for a super small price. 

And as I mentioned earlier it does bring all these features at a small price, beating all of its competitors. 

I believe the affiliate commission is somewhere from 30-50%, depending on whether the affiliate has been referred by another affiliate, meaning that BuilderAll is earning even less per user.

This combined with their low prices probably explains the feel of low-quality throughout their entire platform.

But, as I mentioned earlier some people love it and it does offer a ton of features for a pretty small price. 

If you’re on a budget and looking for a lot of features including membership sites, blogging, and more, then BuilderAll might be for you. 

BuilderAll 14 Day Trial

10. WishPond

In the tenth spot, we have Wishpond, which is also a funnel builder that could have been higher up this list. 

Wishpond is a funnel builder that also includes email marketing tools such as automation sequences and has everything you need to build an online business.

Here is an overview of WishPond’s features:

  • Marketing automation
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Website popups
  • Lead management
  • CRM integrations
  • API access
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom CSS
  • A/B testing
  • Promotions and Contests
  • Forms

As you can see they do have some pretty nice features and pretty much everything you need to get going online. 

They also have some nice templates, as you can see in the image below.

I find that the templates look quite similar to LeadPages, which again isn’t a bad thing. 

WishPond Pricing

The pricing starts at just $49 per month, for your first 1,000 leads which is great. 

However, from there, it goes up pretty quickly and once you start reaching 10,000 contacts or more, you can quickly be over-paying for what the software does. 

And, even as soon as you go past the 1,000 lead limit of the “starting out” plan, you can get many more features and the same amount of resources out from Kartra starter plan, as you would from “everything you need” (for the same price). 

With that being said, WishPond does have strong email marketing tools and nice-looking pages, so it will be “everything you need” for some people. 

For a lot of businesses, you just want to have a couple of products selling on some nice pages and some email marketing workflows, that’s what WishPond does. 

Wishpond 14-Day Free Trial

11. ClickFunnels

In 11th place we have ClickFunnels and I know there will be some people screaming because they want it to be in a higher position.

ClickFunnels is one of the most popular funnel builders, or probably even the most popular one.  

It has over 119,000 members. 

But, it really isn’t that great.

In fact, the templates look quite scammy, the pages are very basic and there are also many other problems with other features such as:

  • Membership Sites 
  • Webinars

Both of these features have a significant amount of bugs. 

Here take a look at the templates:

Plus, to get the “Actionetics” features such as the affiliate management or the autoresponder, you have to be on the $297 plan.

In addition to that, the autoresponder does not even include automation workflows, which we have seen with many other tools such as Kartra, Wishpond and GetResponse come in many lower-priced plans.

Nonetheless, many people love it and have found success with it. 

And, despite, it being marketed to new marketers and online businesses, in the hands of an existing online business with tons of leads and customers, the ClickFunnels pricing is fairly cost-effective. 

Plus, ClickFunnels does have the nice & comprehensive sales funnel tools like order bumps, upsells and downsells meaning you can make the most out each sale. 

You never know, you might like it and they do offer a trial, in case you want to give it a go. 

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12. Keap

In our 12th spot, we have Keap Grow. 

Keap Grow has multiple features including CRM, Email marketing, landing pages, lead scoring, text messages, and more. 

In case, you have heard of InfusionSoft, this is the same tool, just the smaller version.

The biggest plan is InfusionSoft.

Keap Pricing

Keap has 3 pricing plans.

  • Keap Grow $79 per month
  • Keap Pro $149 per month
  • InfusionSoft $199 per month

If you’re wondering why there is a discount applied below, it’s because the first 2 months are usually 50% off. 

If you do go for Keap Grow, you will have to go for the Keap Pro plan, to get landing pages which starts at $149 per month.

And, in case, you are unsure what you are paying more for, it’s for the CRM as it is known to be quite powerful. 

You also get business phone line & text messaging, as well as appointments.  

Tip: ActiveCampaign offers all of these features, just no landing pages, and can be integrated with the one-time-fee options mentioned throughout this article! 

Keap Landing Page Templates

The landing page templates are also pretty nice-looking, but also pretty standard.

They are nice, simple & easy to edit. 

Using Keap, you get: 

  • Great Email marketing tools
  • Landing Page builder & payment processor
  • A Great CRM

If those are the features you are looking for, Keap could be a great option. 

13. Kajabi

Lastly, we have Kajabi.

I know, Kajabi is not necessarily a sales-funnel builder, but if you’re mainly selling courses, you should 100% go for Kajabi.

Kajabi is by far the best membership site builder on this list, has great email marketing tools and nice landing page tools too. 

Why is it in the last place?

Because it’s main focus is for people selling courses/membership sites, that’s not everyone. 

And, the fact, that you are also limited to one website in the smaller and medium plan is also something that I dislike. 

If you’re into selling courses and membership sites, you should definitely go for Kajabi. 

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi has 3 pricing plans. 

The pricing plans are pretty fair, they also have a lot of capability in terms of leads for each plan’s price.

As I mentioned earlier, the only thing I don’t really like is that you’re limited to 1 website in the basic and growth plan.

Kajabi Templates

Kajabi also comes with templates, just like the other solutions on this list.

Again, they look pretty nice and could fit well for most businesses. 

Kajabi Membership Sites

Kajabi has the best membership sites from all these solutions.

Whenever you buy a course from somebody really big in whatever industry they’re in, you will usually see that it’s hosted inside of Kajabi. 

Here’s why: 

  • Kajabi University
  • 0% Transaction Fee
  • Webinars & Events
  • Ready to Use Templates
  • Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)
  • Drip-feed Content
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Advanced Automations
  • Ability to Remove Kajabi Branding
  • Affiliate Program

In terms of membership sites for selling courses, it’s unbeatable. 

If you’re looking to create a course and sell it at scale, you should probably try Kajabi, especially if it’s a high-ticket one. 

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Recap of The Best Funnel Builder Software

  1. Kartra
  2. GetResponse
  3. WP ProfitBuilder
  4. Thrive Architect
  5. InstaPage
  6. Unbounce
  7. LeadPages
  8. OptimizePress
  9. BuilderAll
  10. WishPond
  11. ClickFunnels
  12. Keap
  13. Kajabi

It’s pretty hard to rank all of these sales funnel builders in order, as they all have different features and use-cases. 

Best Sales Funnel Builder Software Conclusion: Why Kartra Wins The Battle

Despite it being pretty hard to rank the best funnel builder software, I think Kartra is a clear winner.

  • All-In-One Solution
  • Beautiful & Unique Templates

Kartra offers every feature you need for your online business at a very high quality.

No other Sales funnel builder software on this list can match what Kartra does.

Kartra’s starter plan starting at just $99 per month already offers an effective all-in-one solution, as the only feature you don’t get access to is Kartra Agency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap. 

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the process in which the customer is converted from a visitor to a customer.

This process is then mapped out in a funnel-type map as you can see in the image below. 

What is a Sales Funnel Builder?

A funnel builder is a type of software that allows you to build pages that together make your sales funnel.

Often, this software also comes with an autoresponder for the later stages of the sales funnel. 

The goal is to build a website that converts as many visitors as possible while having a great user experience. 

How Do Sales Funnels Work? 

Sales funnels work by introducing the user to a product and then later on selling it. 

Today, this process can be automated with many tools shown in this blog post. 

What Makes a Great Sales Funnel? 

There are 2 main components that determine how good a sales funnel is.

  • User Experience
  • Conversions

And, once you have these two things on point, you should look to automate it, as this will save you time. 

Often, people try to overcomplicate their sales funnels, but what it really comes down to is just the user experience and the conversions. 

Which Sales Funnel Builder Is The Best? 

Out of the 13 on this list, Kartra is the best funnel builder.

It offers the most features, alongside powerful automation, strong analytics and also comes at a very low price. 

However, it always depends on the purpose.

For example, if you are looking to mainly sell courses, you should go for Kajabi. 

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Best FREE Affiliate Marketing Tools – 16 Tools For Affiliates That Are Actually FREE


Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools


Today we are going to be covering the best free affiliate marketing tools that are available to us. 

The best thing about these tools is that they are actually free. 

In this list, I tried to include a variety of free tools so that there is at least a couple for all affiliates, whether you use paid ads or organic traffic. 

This list includes: 

  • Keyword research tools
  • Graphic design tools
  • Landing page builder tools
  • Email marketing software
  • link shorteners

And more, so enjoy and let’s get into the list! 

P.S This list is in no particular order! 

1. Quora


First on our list is Quora

Quora is the biggest question and answer platform on the Internet, and there are questions regarding just about any topic you can think of! 

On Quora, you are not allowed to post any affiliate links. However, you can use Quora to drive free traffic to your webpages that contain affiliate links or email opt-in forms. 

This makes it a great free tool for affiliate marketers as we can use Quora to get free traffic as well as free leads. 

If you do decide to use Quora, then you should make sure that you follow the rules of quora, and read this full Quora guide.

2. YouTube


Next on our list is YouTube, which is another way to get high-quality free traffic. 

There are tons of different ways that you can do this, but they all involve creating videos or at least paying someone to create them for you.

If you would like to use YouTube for affiliate marketing, then I recommend that you read through this YouTube affiliate marketing guide. 

Other than that YouTube is also a great place to learn, as there is tons of great information there, which you can access for free! 

3. Ubersuggest


Update: After a recent Ubersuggest update, the free version is a little limited on keyword suggestions. The premium plan costs $10 per month. 

2nd Update: THey changed it again, it now costs $37 per month and is not worth it anymore due to the amount of errors it gives, read more at Ubersuggest review. 

Our next free tool for affiliate marketers is Ubersuggest

This is a tool by Neil Patel and it is a completely free keyword research tool which you can use to: 

  • Find the best SEO keywords
  • Find the best PPC keywords
  • Analyze your website’s organic traffic
  • Analyze your competitor’s organic traffic. 

Ubersuggest is an amazing tool if you have a blog, or you simply want to use PPC campaigns for your affiliate promotions! 

Personally, I use Ubersuggest daily because I write daily blog posts. Overall, it’s a great free tool for affiliate marketing. 


Next, we have AnswerThePublic.

AnswerThePublic is another keyword research tool, although I would describe it as a “Keyword idea tool”.

The way it works is that you type in a word or topic related to your niche and it will spit out tons of topic ideas that you can write about.

It’s extremely useful if you ever run out of ideas for your blog or YouTube channel, as it will share tons of great ideas that you can create content around.

Below is a screenshot example of it in action.


Next on our list is Canva, which you can use to create free graphics for your affiliate marketing business. 

It can be thumbnails, logos, banners or whatever sort of graphics you might need for your affiliate marketing business. 

Custom graphics are key in today’s marketing world and they will increase your conversions, help your ranks and help your branding. 

You can create these graphics for completely free using Canva, but there is a premium version available which is also fairly cheap. 

However, you can also just choose to stick with the free version if you want to.

6. Linktrack

Next, we have linktrack which is a free alternative to Clickmagick. 

It’s completely free, however, it is quite limited compared to Clickmagick. 

You can use linktrack to cloak your affiliate links, to make them look nicer and to bypass spam & promotion filters in emails. 

If you are sending emails with uncloaked affiliate links, you should stop right now, because they will often cause your emails to go the spam folder or the promotions tab. 

Other than that, most affiliate links look pretty ugly and spammy, so I would recommend using some sort of URL shortener to make them look nicer. 

NOTE: The reason I didn’t choose to go with bit.ly is that they are blacklisted by most email providers, which will cause your emails to go to spam! Source: Rebrandly

If you use WordPress and you want to shorten your affiliate links with links that contain your domain, you can also use the FREE Pretty Links plugin.

7. Affiliate Pages

This one depends on the affiliate program that you are promoting. However, most affiliate offers have specific affiliate pages where they have tons of free content that you can use! 

This content often includes: 

  • Done-For-You Email Swipes
  • Videos that you can use in your promotions & advertising campaigns
  • Banners to put on your website

These things can be pretty useful for us affiliates, and I often see that newer affiliates overlook these!

So, whatever offer you are promoting, go and see if they have an “affiliate page” because there can be TONS of useful promotional content there!


8. Social Media

Social Media

Next, we have social media, which you can use in so many different ways. 

However, I wouldn’t recommend using social media to share your affiliate links because that will never get you sales. 

So, what should you do instead? 

The first way you can use social media for affiliate marketing is by using it to drive traffic to your landing page, where you give away a free lead magnet. 

Next, you can use your social media to share your webpages which contain affiliate links, email opt-in forms, etc. because you are just sharing your content. 

This can also help you grow & earn commissions, without annoying your following with affiliate links. 

You can also use social media to connect with other affiliates to share ideas or even work together which will benefit both of you. 

When social media is used correctly, it can be a very powerful affiliate marketing tool to help you grow your business.

9. Scheduling Tools For Social Media

Now that we know that social media can be an amazing free tool for affiliate marketers, let’s have a look at some tools that can help your social media even more. 

Scheduling Tools for social media will allow you to schedule your posts so that you can create posts for the future. 

This will help you organize your social media content in advance so that you do not need to worry about forgetting to post.

I will leave some links below which are guides or free tools for different social media platforms.

Facebook Scheduling Guide

Tweetdeck For Twitter

Free Instagram Scheduling Tool 

10. Google Analytics

Source of Image: Google Marketing Platform

Google Analytics is a free website tool that you can use to gain valuable insights on your website visitors. 

These insights include: 

  • Demographics
  • Behavior on different pages
  • Referrers & Source of traffic (where your traffic came from)

Insights such as these will be helpful for us affiliates to see where we should make changes to our website, to improve user metrics on our page. 

You can install the google analytics tool for free on any website that you wish so that you can start to analyze your visitors’ insights.

11. Forums

Let’s continue with forums.

Forums are a great way to drive traffic and awareness to one of your webpages, it works in a similar way to using Quora for affiliate marketing.

In most forums, you can’t post affiliate links, but you can post your content to answer other users’ questions.

Some forums will also allow you to post your landing page where you give away a free lead magnet.

Again, forums are also a great way to drive free traffic to your web pages that contain affiliate links or opt-in forms.

12. MunchEye

Next on our list is MunchEye, which is a launch calendar.

MunchEye is a free tool that you can use to see upcoming launches on ClickBank, JvZoo and Warrior Plus.

You can use MunchEye to do launch jacking which is an affiliate marketing strategy that involves creating reviews for products that have only just been released.

This way, you can rank for them pretty easily which will allow you to get some easy commissions.

However, you can also use MunchEye if you are just looking to find some upcoming launches when you are looking for new products that you can promote.

Again, another great free tool for affiliate marketers.

13. Google Trends

Let’s move onto Google Trends, which is a type of keyword/niche research tool.

You can use Google Trends to research products, niches, keywords and see their search volume.

Google Trends will help you to see if a product or niche is gaining popularity, which might help you decide whether you want to promote it.

It can also be useful in your keyword or niche research as you can see the search volume of any keyword you like.

14. QuickPages

Now, let’s move on to our free landing page builder.

QuickPages is a free landing page builder that you can use instead of ClickFunnels.

Because it’s free, it’s very limited, however, the templates are alright and they do the job.

If you can’t afford ClickFunnels or another landing page/funnel builder, then you can give QuickPages a try!

In order to integrate QuickPages with a piece of email marketing software, you will have to use the #16 of this list!

15. MailerLite

Next on our list is MailerLite which is a free email autoresponder.

However, there are some things you need to be aware of before using MailerLite.

Update; There is now a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing that is completely fine with you sending affiliate links!

The first one is that it is only free until you have 1000 subscribers, afterwards it cost $15 a month.

This is completely fine, as when we have 1000 subscribers we should at least be making $500 if not more.

However, now let’s get onto the more important part…

MailerLite does not allow the traditional affiliate marketing model which consists of sending your contacts irrelevant products with affiliate links.

However, they allow ethical affiliates who build a relationship with their contacts, and help them with their needs. 

There is a full guide on MailerLite for affiliate marketing here. 

16. Zapier

Lastly, we have Zapier which is a tool that you can use to integrate any application with applications, that normally can’t be integrated. 

The problem is that in the free version you only get five “zaps”, which are when you connect two applications together. 

Each “zap” also only allows 100 tasks, unless you upgrade to a paid plan. 

It’s a pretty decent free tool as it can easily help you with some tools that normally can’t be integrated. 

You can also use Zapier to integrate QuickPages with your email marketing software. 

Free Alternative To ClickFunnels 2020 – $0 Alternative And 4 Paid Alternatives

ClickFunnels Free Alternative

Free Alternative To ClickFunnels

Finding a free alternative to ClickFunnels would be great right?

Well, you no longer have to look any further!

Today I will be showing you an alternative that includes a landing page builder and very good email marketing.

I am not joking…

You even get automation sequences!

But before we jump into the alternative, let’s talk about ClickFunnels…

ClickFunnels is probably the most popular funnel builder software on the market.

It can provide you with funnels, email marketing, membership sites, and a pretty good affiliate program.

However, the problem for many people is the cost.

ClickFunnels has two pricing plans which are below.

Clickfunnels pricing


While it does have a lot of valuable tools, it is not exactly the cheapest software on the market.

It certainly isn’t for everyone.

Especially, if you are just starting out and exploring a new business.

If you don’t have a clear plan then ClickFunnels can burn you through their high monthly fees.

That is when I recommend that you don’t get ClickFunnels but instead try this completely free alternative.

However, it really depends on what you need for your business.

Do you need a sales funnel?

Or, do you just need a simple opt-in form?

It depends on your business needs, but that is definitely something you should look at.

The Free Alternative To ClickFunnels…


MailerLite is the free alternative to ClickFunnels

The free alternative to clickfunnels is…MailerLite!

Now, you might have heard of MailerLite before and you might be thinking; “But isn’t this just an email autoresponder?”

Yes, but MailerLite also has a landing page builder.

MailerLite is a real alternative and is completely free until you have 1000 Subscribers!

Some MailerLite features are even better than ClickFunnels, believe it or not.

When I found out about this, I was pretty surprised so I tested it and it actually proved to be a real alternative that is free!

However, there are also some downsides as you would expect, so let’s get into the Pros & Cons.

Pros Of MailerLite

The first pro is that they are completely free until you have 1000 subscribers.

Pretty obvious, but that is a very big pro that speaks for MailerLite.

Now, the next advantage of using MailerLite is that MailerLite actually has better email marketing tools than ClickFunnels.

MailerLite is mainly an email autoresponder so while you might have expected this, I didn’t expect them to have these in the completely free plan.

The next advantage is based on my opinion, but I believe the templates that are available in MailerLite actually look more professional than the ClickFunnels templates.

However, there are also some cons of using MailerLite which we will get into.

Cons Of Mailer Lite

The first con is that there are NO sales funnels.

This honestly isn’t too bad, because I don’t think there is any place online that will allow you to host a sales funnel for free.

You can still use MailerLite to collect email addresses and build your list.

And, depending on your business, you can always send them to another online marketplace where you are selling a product or service.

The other next con is that it is only free until you have 1,000 subscribers after that it costs $15 a month.

Again, this is not really a con at 1000 subscribers, you should usually be making around $1000 or at least $500, so $15 from there is extremely cheap.

Especially, since it is free until you have 1000 subscribers.

The last con only applies to unethical affiliates. Affiliate marketing is not allowed, however, affiliate links are.

If your affiliate marketing business, evolves around helping people in your niche with free content and you are building relationships with your email list, then you are allowed to use MailerLite.

However, if your affiliate marketing business is just emailing your list random offers all the time, then you CAN’T use MailerLite.

You can read more in their terms and conditions. 

Paid Alternatives

Paid Alternatives To ClickFunnels


LeadPages is the first paid alternative to ClickFunnels.

They have a few different pricing plans, the cheapest one has pretty huge limitations such as only 1 domain and no sales funnels.

In that case, you are better off going with the free alternative to ClickFunnels, MailerLite.

Their “Pro” plan only costs $48 per month if billed annually and contains almost identical features to ClickFunnels.

However, it costs $79 per month if billed monthly and it is also missing some key integrations.


Next on our list is Builderall.

Builderall is probably the cheapest option apart from our free alternative, MailerLite.

With BuilderAll, you can probably get the most features for your money.

I think for most people the $30 a month plan would be suited, which includes:

  • Checkouts – This is probably your cheapest option for a sales funnel!
  • CRM – Again I believe one of the cheapest prices for CRM on the market
  • SMS Messaging
  • Landing Pages
  • And More

Now, although builderall offers us a lot of features for a cheap price, it also has some cons.

The first one is the editor, it doesn’t feel as good as most other pieces of software.

And the other one is the quality of the templates, they also do not feel that good.

However, they aren’t too bad.


The big advantage ProfitBuilder has is that it is a one-time fee that is similar to the fees that most other funnel builders charge monthly!

It is a WordPress based funnel builder, so you will have to install it in WordPress.

The packages range from $50 to $150.

However, to create a proper funnel, you will have to purchase the $150 package.

Overall, it is a great funnel builder.

There are demos & more information on the sales page.


GetResponse is also another paid alternative that is available.

The advantage of GetResponse is that they offer their “Auto-Funnel” which allows you to generate sales funnels that you can easily customize.

You can then go onto connecting your “auto-funnel” with their powerful email marketing tools which include automation sequences, etc.

However, as with any software, there are also cons of using GetResponse.

As your list grows, the price of the software grows as well.

This can be a pro but not when you have to be on higher pricing plans because you need the auto-funnels too.

So, the cost will increase quite quickly.

The second con is that there are limitations on how many funnels you can create.

For example, on the lowest price plan, the limit is one funnel, and on the second-lowest price plan, the limit is five funnels.

As somebody who used to use GetResponse, I also remember running into some deliverability issues.

Final Advice

Deciding which software to use, really depends on your business.

However, you should carefully review your options because it is better to stick to one platform because switching around can be frustrating.

For some of you, ClickFunnels might even be your best option if that is what suits your business best.

If you are looking for a truly free alternative to ClickFunnels then you really should try MailerLite!

They have powerful email marketing tools alongside landing pages & hosting.

So, it could easily be the best free option available to you.

However, most pieces of funnel builder software offer a free trial.

That means you can go and find the one you like the feel of, and then go onto use that one.

If you want ClickFunnels, but you are holding back because of the price, I recommend reading through How To Get ClickFunnels For Free In 2020.

Why Is My Clickfunnels API Key Not Working? 2020 Fix!

Why is my Clickfunnels API key not working?

Clickfunnels API Key Not working - The Fix

So, Why Is my Clickfunnels API Key not working?  There are a number of reasons why your Clickfunnels API Key might not be working. However, the most common problem is not mentioned anywhere. Which is why I am writing this article. If you cannot find an answer online, and you are simply copying and pasting the API key correctly, then there is a huge chance that the problem that I mention is the problem with your API key.

What Is An API Key?

Clickfunnels Api key not working

An API Key is a key that is used to integrate two pieces of software with each other. It is simply a key that is used to provide access from one software to another.

Why You May Need An API Key

There are many different reasons, why you may need an API key, as an API key is used to integrate any piece of software with another. Another reason why you might need an API key is to provide access to a piece of software. So, it is used as an access code for some pieces of software or some applications. These are the basic reasons why you may need an API key.

The Problem with your API Key

The problem itself is quite a technical problem so I am going to explain the problem as simple as possible. Just like any technology API Keys develop and update over time. And if the API key of your application or Integration provider is not on the same update as Clickfunnels they will not work, and you will not be able to integrate whatever you are trying to integrate.

Clickfunnels uses an older version of API keys, which is why it will not work with your newer API key. I have no Idea why they still use the older version, and I am not technical enough to know the advantages or disadvantages of it. However, I do know that that is the problem, because I spoke to the Getresponse live chat, and that fixed the problem.

How To Fix The API Key That Isn’t Working?

In order to fix the problem, we need to get the API keys to the same updates or versions. Now, I doubt that you will get Clickfunnels to update their whole API key system, and that would probably take a long time. So what do we do Instead?

Well, the only other way to fix it is to contact your Integration provider in order to request an old version of the API key. The Integration that I had the problem with was Getresponse, and luckily they have an amazing live chat support team and I could quickly contact them to request an old API Key. If your Integration provider does not have a live chat function, then you will have to contact their support team with whatever options are available i.e email/phone.

If You Are Still in Trial With Your Email Marketing Software & There Is No Livechat

API Key not working for Getresponse users?

If you are still in your trial with your Email Marketing Software provider and they do not have a live chat, then I recommend that you switch to GetResponse as they offer a 30 Day Free Trial, and they are very low cost for beginners as the price only increases with your list. They also have an excellent support team, and any Issue can be resolved in less than 10 minutes. They also have every single Email Marketing feature that is available on the market, so it is definitely the email marketing software that you want to use!

Also, they offer a lot of features that clickfunnels does. If you are just wanting to build lead funnels, you can do that with GetResponse too for less than half the price of ClickFunnels! I explain it all here.

Get Your 30 Day GetResponse Free Trial here