Actionate Review: Don’t Join Actionate – I was wrong! [Updated]

What Is Actionate?

Before we go into my Actionate Review, I would just like to explain what Actionate is.

Actionate is an affiliate program that doesn’t only offer commissions when sales are made, but also “engagement” commissions.

In the advertising of Actionate, it is displayed as an easy way to hit $1000 a day. Let’s have a look if it is even possible to hit those numbers. 

Actionate Review Update: Don’t buy Actionate… Here’s Why!

In my previous review, I was very positive about Actionate. I had just joined and I saw all the training, the different affiliate programs and was pretty impressed by the dashboard in general. 

However, I noticed a bug in one of the affiliate programs and contacted support. The non-existing support, it has now been 2 weeks without a response. 

I did get a response from a “member” in the forums but what he said wasn’t true. The form is still broken for me, which means if I would drive traffic, I couldn’t even get paid because there is no form for leads. 

The forum has about 3 active members. What a community! 

Also, because I like to drive traffic using alternative paid methods, I wanted to upgrade to the unadvertised elite membership. However, there is no information on how you actually get paid. 

The customer support doesn’t exist, The forum is beyond dead, and some of the affiliate programs don’t even work i.e the form doesn’t pop up (when you are meant to be paid per lead). There is also lacking information on the commission levels.

I mean, I am not going to pay for the $50 a month program, pay for a bunch of traffic to get sales for them without even knowing what I am getting from it. 

Note: If Actionate updates its affiliate program and fixes all the issues that I have mentioned in this review, then they can contact me & I will be happy to change this review accordingly!

Actionate Features

1. Affiliate Programs

Actionate is the affiliate program of Aversity.

That means that you can use actionate to promote Aversity products, which are mainly high-ticket affiliate items. 

However, some of these affiliate programs do not even work. 

2. Training

Actionate comes with tons of training on how to use free traffic to promote the products.

It comes with training on:

  • Q&A Websites such as Quora
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Blogging

Which a lot of people will find very helpful. For other purposes because Actionate is lacking in so many ways. 

I like that it comes with training on blogging as blogging is extremely profitable. 

3. Done-For-You Promotional Material (ELITE Package Only)

The elite package of Actionate also comes with tons of “done-for-you” promotional material ranging from emails to videos, as well as articles.

This can be very helpful for many members, but most free affiliate programs do this. 


Actionate Niches

Actionate Review: What Niches Does Actionate Offer?

Actionate only offers products in 4 niches.

These niches are:

  • E-Business & Marketing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Dating & Romance
  • Self-Help

While these seem a little limited, they are the most popular niches with strong pain points.

Actionate Pricing


Despite only one pricing plan being advertised, Actionate has two pricing plans. 

The first one is the standard pricing plan for only $5 per month.

In this plan, you get access to all the basic training, the affiliate programs, and forums.

Personally, I don’t like the way they only advertise the lower plan, but if you want all the features you have to upgrade to the next plan.

The second pricing plan is the “elite” pricing plan this pricing plan costs $50 per month.

It supposedly comes with the following benefits:

  • 5x Higher Commissions – Every Commission received in basic for engagement or leads is 5 times higher in elite
  • Done-For-You Promotional Material
  • More Exclusive Training
  • Weekly Training Sessions
  • Commission Bonuses – For every 200 engagement commissions you receive an extra $5. 
  • Exclusive Member Support


Actionate Commissions


Actionate Commission ranges depend on the product. Most of them are similar to the ones below:

  • 12 Cent Per Engagement + potentially 50% of all sales – I say potentially because in settings it says the “commission level” is 50% but there is no information on the affiliate programs about this. 
  • $2 per lead but the lead forms aren’t working

They are all around these numbers. 

Also, $2 per lead is okay considering the free traffic methods out there. 

However, the lead forms aren’t working!

Actionate Pros

Actionate Review: Pros

1. Training

Actionate comes with training on tons of different free traffic methods, as I mentioned earlier.

These are methods that anyone can do, so I think that it is really good for beginners to have the training there explaining to them how it all works.

2. The Idea of the Affiliate Programs

The idea of the affiliate programs is pretty good.

I like the idea of an extra commission per lead or engagement, but the missing features, missing information and errors within the platform just erase the entire benefit of this.

3. Unique Cost per engagement model

I also liked their unique cost per engagement model, because it can often motivate affiliates when they see some little commissions.

However, this is kind of erased by the fact that some programs aren’t working & unclear commission structures

4. Ease of use

Actionate has a very easy to use dashboard.

It’s very easy to find the training, the affiliate links, the settings, etc.

However, it is missing clear information on the commission structure, the support doesn’t exist and some of the affiliate programs don’t work.

Actionate Cons

Actionate Review: Cons

Best Features Behind Upsell Plan

The best features are behind the unadvertised upsell plan, which is ten times the price of the standard plan

Alongside higher commission rates which play a big role in being profitable using paid advertising. 

The standard program is pretty bad, so I wouldn’t recommend just blindly upgrading considering you don’t even know whether you will be paid

Limited Niches & Products

The niches are very limited as well as the products. There are four niches and for each niche, there is between two to four products. 

Some of these products have very bad commission tiers, which limit the choices even more.

Missing Support

As I mentioned earlier the support is non-existing. I contacted them twice and did not get a response, even after 2 weeks.

This is terrible for an affiliate program, especially considering how many features are missing or not working.

Broken Features

Lead forms within the CPA offers are broken. This makes them absolutely useless, as you can’t get paid per lead because the leads can’t fill out the form. 

No Community

Next, we have the so-called community in their forum. This “Community” consists of three people, I’ll leave that to you to decide on whether or not that is a community.

Is The Elite Package Worth It?

Originally when I first joined Actionate, I thought it was. 

However, then I noticed a few bugs & issues with the standard affiliate program, so I decided to contact support & ask in the forum. 

The features of the elite plan sound like they have huge potential, but I would not invest $50 a month plus work and/or money into something where you are not even sure if you will get paid.  

That’s just gambling.

Can You Make 4 Figures A Day Using Actionate?


It’s hard to say, as the commission structure is unclear.

In the settings tabs, it says that the standard commission level is 50%, but in the actual program, it does not say anything about sales commission. 

Also, even if you do get the 50% commission level, it doesn’t change the fact that some of the affiliate programs are not even working alongside with the other issues that I mentioned above. 

If everything would be as advertised & the affiliate program would be working correctly and you would be getting sales commissions, as well as the engagement commissions, then yes it would be possible. 

However, it isn’t. 

Should You Join Actionate?

No, you shouldn’t. The whole affiliate program is absolutely useless, unclear and broken. 

Actionate itself is a pretty good idea, but all these broken features & unclear structures within the program make it seem like a pyramid scheme. 

I would not recommend joining it, however, I will leave it up to you on whether or not you want to join the program. 

Below this section are some trusted & free alternatives which you can also consider. 

Actionate Alternatives

The best alternatives for actionate are just the traditional affiliate marketplaces, ClickBank, warrior plus, JvZoo, and the Kartra affiliate program. 

Yes, there isn’t the engagement commission but at least they have clear commission structures, payment systems, working support and besides that, you can use them for free. 

They also have more niches and more products. 

I recommend that you just sign up for all of them if you haven’t yet as they are free anyway. 

If Actionate was as good as it promises, then most of the top affiliates would be using it which they are not.

In terms of Education alternatives, I would recommend having a look at Invi$ible as it is very low cost and teaches one real strategy that simply works. With a pricing of $13, it’s unbeatable. 

Actionate Conclusion


Actionate has a lot of potential.

However, I believe the Actionate team isn’t even taking their product seriously anymore which is why there is no support. 

Missing Features, Features that aren’t working & a “community” of 3 people is a good way, to sum up, what Actionate is. 

Why is it still being sold? 

I have no idea. 



Sqribble Review: The #1 E-Book Creator? Huge Discount & More🚨

Today I am going to be sharing my honest Sqribble review. Sqribble a relatively new product that is used to create E-books and PDF Files. 

The reason, you would use a product like Sqribble is to make the E-book look nice and improve the readability of the E-book. Throughout this review, you will learn what Sqribble is, how to make money with it and see a demo of it being used. 

Sqribble Review: What Is Sqribble?

Sqribble Review: What is Sqribble?

Everyone knows how important good lead magnets are, whether it is ebooks or pdf reports.

They are so important for building email lists but you can also sell them directly.

You will have to do the write and design the entire e-book and it simply takes forever…

Well, that is where Sqribble comes in.

Sqribble allows you to create professional e-books and other sorts of written lead magnets in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is select a template, fill it out, use their drag and drop feature and you are done.

As someone who has written a few e-books and done it the manual way, I was actually surprised at how simple Sqribble is.

Sqribble comes with around 50 Different Templates in 15 different niches which is great.

How To Make Money With Sqribble 

Using Sqribble is a legit income opportunity. I wanted to show you how you can make money by using Sqribble. 


Marketers, Business owners & companies pay freelancers to create E-books. With Sqribble, you can create these in minutes. You can offer your services on freelancing sites such as Fiverr (There are tons), as well as marketing your services through social media or even paid ads.

To get these jobs quickly, after purchasing Sqribble, you should just sign up to as many freelancing sites as possible and offer your services. 

You could also do the same for different social media platforms. 

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Is Sqribble a Scam?


As someone who has used this product and tested it no, sqribble is not a scam.

In fact, it is quite a high-quality product, to be honest, and I was surprised as it was a lot better than my expectations despite its cheap price.

So, nope, it is not a scam at all, and you will see that in the demo section of this review.

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Sqribble Review: Pricing + Discount


Front End Sqribble – $47 (Discount Code Updated: At Bottom Of Sales Page)

This is the standard Sqribble software which will allow you to create beautiful e-books.

Great price for the value that it gives.

Upsell 1 – Sqribble Professional ($97)

This is the first upsell which will give you 150 additional templates. I bought this to see if it was worth it and to be honest, the best templates from the software are in the professional version.

This upsell will just give you more of everything that comes with the professional package.

Upsell 2 – Sqribble Prime ($47)

Sqribble Prime will give you 15 Templates per month that are added to your dashboard each month. This is meant to make you stand out from other users.

Upsell 3 – Sqribble Fantasia 3D ($77)

Sqribble Fantasia 3D is the designing part of the software.

If you purchase this, you will be able to create 3D book covers within the software.

This isn’t the only feature that Sqribble Fantasia has.

It also allows you to create “Flip Books” which will turn your standard e-books into interactive e-books with animated pages that turn like they do in real life.

I never had any idea how to actually do this so that is really cool.

Upsell 4 – Sqribble Auto Job Finder Software ($197)

Now, this is the “money maker” of the entire software.

This upsell will go and automatically find any jobs on freelance sites that you can complete.

It will then notify you so you can fulfill these jobs.

It’s a great way to save time and actually earn money using this product.

Although you might think this feature is quite expensive, it is actually pretty cheap.

This is because you will earn back the money anyway using this feature.

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Sqribble Pros

1. Very Quick E-book creation

Sqribble saves huge amount of time and helps you create E-books and other written e-books quickly. It does what it promises to do.

2. Ease of use

It is very easy and simple to use, yet effective.

3. Features

Sqribble has some amazing features that I have never seen before. So, features are a pro as well.

4. Designs

The Designs within Sqribble are beautiful and look very nice. They are very professional so that is a pro too.

5. Customization Of The E-Books

Sqribble allows you to customize your e-books a lot to how you want them to look. The customization is great.

6. Legit Business Opportunity

It is a legit business opportunity and people are charging a lot to create e-books on freelance sites such as fiverr and upwork.

7. Agency Rights

If you purchase Sqribble, you will have full agency rights such as creating e-books for clients

GET SQRIBBLE HERE –See Code At Bottom Of Sales Page For Huge Discount


Sqribble Cons

  • Some Features are behind upsells

This is the only con that I can find. A lot of the upsells are locked behind upsells which are in the pricing section, so if you want all the features you will have to get the upsells too.

Sqribble Demo

Below there is another demo of the Sqribble software.

As you can see it is really easy for anyone to create beautiful e-books extremely fast.

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My Experience

As someone who has written multiple e-books in my time as an affiliate marketer, this is definitely a software that I will use more.

Before this software, I wrote most of my e-books and they simply looked boring and blank as I focused more on the content than the design.

I have also released multiple e-books and I can honestly say some of the designs for one e-book cost me more than this software.

However, now that I have this software, I can say that I am NEVER going to release an ugly e-book again.

I genuinely am surprised at the quality of this product.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


As most digital products, Sqribble offers a 30-day money-back guarantee which is great.

To be honest I don’t think that you will use it, simply because of the quality of the product.

I bought this product with low expectations which was for 2 reasons:

  • I have bought similar products that have promised to do the same but didn’t
  • The price is incredibly low.

However, I can now say that I was wrong about this product.

It does what it promises to do, which I was so surprised about because of those 2 reasons that I mentioned above

Who Is Scribble For?

Who is the Sqribble For

Sqribble is for 2 kinds of people, marketers & authors.

The reason I say marketers is because all marketers should be focusing on building email lists.

And what do you need to build email lists?

Lead magnets, which are either a horrible experience to create or are expensive due to most low-cost freelancers simply creating e-books with bad quality or bad English.

So, if you are looking to create high-quality lead magnets that look beautiful then Sqribble is for you.

Sqribble is also for e-book authors because it simply makes creating e-books so easy, so it is definitely a tool that is very beneficial for authors that will save time and money.

GET SQRIBBLE HERE –See Code At Bottom Of Sales Page For Huge Discount

Who Is Scribble Not For?

Who is Sqribble Not For?

Sqribble is not for anyone who doesn’t want to create any sort of written lead magnets or any sort of e-books.

If you do think you need to create written lead magnets or e-books, then I can honestly only recommend sqribble to you.

It will save you so much time and money and it is incredibly cheap, and you would be missing out not getting it.

However, if you do not have any intention of creating these, then there is no point getting sqribble.


After doing some research into competitors, I concluded the following in terms of alternatives;

the only real alternative that is cheaper is to create everything yourself.

While this is very time consuming, it is the only option that is actually cheaper than just purchasing sqribble.

However, when you consider the time that you will put into this, you will realize that it isn’t cheaper at all.


Sqribble review: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Overall, I would give this product a solid 4.5 stars out of 5.

Sqribble has proven to be a real solution for creating e-books and other written e-books quickly, effectively and at a low cost.

It comes with tons of different useful features and you will save a lot of time and money using this product.

Sqribble has completely exceeded my low expectations before buying the product, which was caused by similar products promising to do the same thing when they don’t.

However, sqribble is a real solution for marketers and authors that create e-books & other written lead magnets.

Of course, it does only target that exact target audience, so if you don’t create e-books & written lead magnets, then sqribble is not for you.

If you would like to learn a really efficient way of using lead magnets to build an email list, check out my how to build an email marketing business guide. 

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