Why Is My Clickfunnels API Key Not Working? 2022 Fix!

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Why is my Clickfunnels API key not working?

Clickfunnels API Key Not working - The Fix

So, Why Is my Clickfunnels API Key not working?  There are a number of reasons why your Clickfunnels API Key might not be working. However, the most common problem is not mentioned anywhere. Which is why I am writing this article. If you cannot find an answer online, and you are simply copying and pasting the API key correctly, then there is a huge chance that the problem that I mention is the problem with your API key.

What Is An API Key?

Clickfunnels Api key not working

An API Key is a key that is used to integrate two pieces of software with each other. It is simply a key that is used to provide access from one software to another.

Why You May Need An API Key

There are many different reasons, why you may need an API key, as an API key is used to integrate any piece of software with another. Another reason why you might need an API key is to provide access to a piece of software. So, it is used as an access code for some pieces of software or some applications. These are the basic reasons why you may need an API key.

The Problem with your API Key

The problem itself is quite a technical problem so I am going to explain the problem as simple as possible. Just like any technology API Keys develop and update over time. And if the API key of your application or Integration provider is not on the same update as Clickfunnels they will not work, and you will not be able to integrate whatever you are trying to integrate.

Clickfunnels uses an older version of API keys, which is why it will not work with your newer API key. I have no Idea why they still use the older version, and I am not technical enough to know the advantages or disadvantages of it. However, I do know that that is the problem, because I spoke to the Getresponse live chat, and that fixed the problem.

How To Fix The API Key That Isn’t Working?

In order to fix the problem, we need to get the API keys to the same updates or versions. Now, I doubt that you will get Clickfunnels to update their whole API key system, and that would probably take a long time. So what do we do Instead?

Well, the only other way to fix it is to contact your Integration provider in order to request an old version of the API key. The Integration that I had the problem with was Getresponse, and luckily they have an amazing live chat support team and I could quickly contact them to request an old API Key. If your Integration provider does not have a live chat function, then you will have to contact their support team with whatever options are available i.e email/phone.

If You Are Still in Trial With Your Email Marketing Software & There Is No Livechat

API Key not working for Getresponse users?

If you are still in your trial with your Email Marketing Software provider and they do not have a live chat, then I recommend that you switch to GetResponse as they offer a 30 Day Free Trial, and they are very low cost for beginners as the price only increases with your list. They also have an excellent support team, and any Issue can be resolved in less than 10 minutes. They also have every single Email Marketing feature that is available on the market, so it is definitely the email marketing software that you want to use!

Also, they offer a lot of features that clickfunnels does. If you are just wanting to build lead funnels, you can do that with GetResponse too for less than half the price of ClickFunnels! I explain it all here.

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