ClickFunnels Review: I Hate ClickFunnels!

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Although I was a ClickFunnels user up until last year, I started to realize the number of problems with the software.

So, I wanted to give an updated ClickFunnels review that contains the negative parts of the software too. 

Of course, in some situations, ClickFunnels is a good option and it can still be useful for certain types of businesses.

However, as negative as it sounds, throughout this review, I will be focusing on the negatives & problems that ClickFunnels has. 

The reason for this is that most reviews out there do not contain the real negatives of the software.

Usually, these reviews are by affiliates so they are incentivized to tell you that ClickFunnels is this amazing piece of marketing magic that will let you build a fully-scaled business with no experience.

Sorry, to burst your bubble but that simply isn’t true.

ClickFunnels Review: Problems With ClickFunnels

Below is a list of all the problems with the ClickFunnels platform.

If one of these features or problems is something that would affect your business, I would take a careful look at other alternatives out there.

Or at least, have a careful look at the problem so that you know what to expect. 

ClickFunnels Marketing

First on our list is the marketing of ClickFunnels.

While you might be thinking that this has nothing to do with you and that it is none of your business, that’s not true if you are a beginner. 

The actual ClickFunnels platform is good for established businesses that are doing a minimum of $3,000 in revenue per month.

Established businesses will not get burnt by the cost of ClickFunnels and will be able to create comprehensive sales funnels for their businesses. 

While there is no problem with it being for established businesses, their marketing is tailored towards new marketers, aspiring entrepreneurs & aspiring business owners.

Often, in a “make money online” kind of direction. Especially, the marketing of the affiliates. 

Here is an example. 

“Imagine you lose everything”… this will cause somebody who has not yet started their online business to think “okay, I can do this”

When you are starting out and you are not making over $3000 in revenue per month, then there are a lot better options out there.

For example, the basic GetResponse plan does the exact same (apart from order bumps & one-click upsells) for $15 per month.

That would be saving you $82 per month or $984 per year.

Another problem with ClickFunnels marketing is their self-promotion if a link in your funnel is not working or a funnel step, then your visitor will just be redirected to

the ClickFunnels home page.

Meaning, you will lose profits and ClickFunnels will probably gain profits. 


Next on our list is webinars. While ClickFunnels has a webinar feature, it is very buggy, hard to use & pretty terrible in general.

I only used it once for one of my clients and it was the worse experience of my life and I had to refund the client and let someone else do it. 

Maybe, I shouldn’t have jumped into something I didn’t have a lot of experience with, but there were also tons of features that were not working.

I will let the video below explain the rest. 


Next on the list of problems with ClickFunnels is their support.

ClickFunnels’ support is nothing less than atrocious.

This is a problem that I have personally experienced while I was using ClickFunnels. 

Often, you are lucky to get some sort of response within days.

Although they do have a live chat feature it is just an automated robot and if you want to speak to human support, you will usually have to wait a couple of days. 

This can be a big problem, especially if your business is depending on their support.

Also, I have noticed that some of their support have no idea what they are talking about certain topics and aren’t very helpful. 

Membership Sites

Next is their membership site feature.

While I haven’t ever used their membership sites myself, I have heard & read a lot of negatives about them.

So, below I have listed the problems with their membership sites with the source of this information. 

  • You can’t track user progress
  • The end-user experience is bad
  • It doesn’t allow users to manage their subscription or change the payment details
  • It lacks essential features such as Quizzes & User Discussions
  • ClickFunnels doesn’t have built-in support for video or audio hosting
  • ClickFunnels system is not ideal for offering multiple courses
  • ClickFunnels hasn’t released any major updates to their membership site builder in a long time

(Source: SellOnlineCourses)


A lot of people praise the ClickFunnels templates and say that they are amazing. 

However, they are almost all exactly the same. A lot of the templates just look like the other ones with minor changes.

Of course, you can build your sites from scratch, but a lot of templates within ClickFunnels just look like the other ones. 

ClickFunnels only comes with 100 templates in total and they all look extremely similar.

It’s like they are all just another version of each other. Instead of being two different templates, they are more like X Template 1.0, X Template 1.1.

You can see this in the image below. 

Another problem with these templates is that, because ClickFunnels is so popular, everyone seems to be using the same looking templates.

It’s going to be a little harder to stand out when you are using the same templates as everyone else.

Especially, if you are somebody who is not utilizing video marketing and your landing page is not well branded. 

Also, most of the templates are made for the most popular niches such as Internet marketing & weight loss, so if you are in another niche then these templates might not suit your audience. 

Templates by platforms such as Kartra & GetResponse have a lot more variety, so they might suit your business better. 

Affiliate Program

Another problem with ClickFunnels is their affiliate program. While the payout is great, there are multiple problems with the affiliate program itself. 

The first one is that it keeps changing, one day it is open for everyone, then suddenly affiliates who do not have 20 active members can’t access their affiliate links.

I was a Clickfunnels member for about six months and in those six months, the affiliate program changed about three times. 

Usually, when they make these changes newer affiliates suddenly can’t access their links and it says it’s currently closed.

This is terrible if you have already bought traffic and started promoting it.

Also, 40% Commission sounds great, however, you won’t actually start receiving 40% until you have 40 active members.

Up until last year, you would receive 40%. 

False Advertising

The problem with this is that they still advertise 40% commission and you don’t actually find out that you are being paid less until you look at the terms and conditions.

Also, while I was a member of ClickFunnels they changed the terms & conditions once which meant that one of my free training funnels that I used to promote ClickFunnels, wasn’t allowed anymore. 

When you join ClickFunnels, they will also tell you that you “have already been accepted” to the affiliate program by being a ClickFunnels member, but then, later on, they will often suddenly close your access.

This happened to one of my friends while he had six people currently trialing and a complete campaign that focused on promoting ClickFunnels which he already bought traffic for.

He couldn’t access his links, see his stats and he didn’t even know what happened to those six trials. 

3rd Party Payment Processor

Oh, and I almost forgot… Their 3rd party payment processor who manages their tax forms has even worse support than ClickFunnels. When I tried filling out the Tax Form, there was a bug that would give me a US Citizen Tax Form (I live in the UK) and I tried contacting them four times through different methods without getting a response.

Although this isn’t ClickFunnels fault, it’s pretty annoying and ClickFunnels said they can’t do anything about it. This meant I was unable to access any commissions I generated. 

Overall, their affiliate program is just pretty annoying as when they change it, it always damages the newer Clickfunnels affiliates and they do so without any sort of notice. 


The last problem has to do with the Integrations and it is something that I personally experienced.

I’m not sure if this always happens when you integrate different pieces of software, but ever since I used Thrive Architect, I have not had this problem. 

The problem is the loss of leads between ClickFunnels & email integrations.

While I was using ClickFunnels, often with Integrations such as ActiveCampaign & GetResponse, some leads would be lost between the Integrations. 

I mean, that is terrible, some of these leads could have bought high-ticket offers in the email follow-up.

The way I would notice this is by looking at my new contacts in ClickFunnels, often there would be at least 5 more within ClickFunnels. 

Also, I’m not just talking about the “opt-ins” in ClickFunnels, as I know these sometimes count duplicates, I am talking about the new contacts section.

Again, I am not sure if this happens with all integrations, but using Thrive Architect & ActiveCampaign, I have not yet experienced this issue. 

It’s also worth noting that if you use a platform that has powerful email marketing tools such as GetResponse, you will not run into this issue, as you will not need to integrate two different pieces of software. 

Who ClickFunnels Is For

Although I focused on the negatives throughout this ClickFunnels review, it still is a good software for certain types of businesses. 

These businesses are established businesses that are generating over $3000 per month that are looking to create comprehensive sales funnels with order bumps & one-click upsells. If that is you, then, by all means, ClickFunnels might be the solution for you. 

However, other than that, I don’t see ClickFunnels being the solution for a lot of people because of the problems with the software that I mentioned above. 

Who ClickFunnels Is Not For

ClickFunnels is not for you if: 

  • The Problems that I mentioned above would affect your business
  • Your business is making less than $3,000 per month
  • You are not looking for a comprehensive sales funnel builder
  • You are simply looking to collect emails

Best Alternative For Beginners

Lastly, I wanted to present you with the best alternative that you could use if: 

  • You are a beginner 
  • You just want to collect emails
  • You want a basic sales funnel (no one-click upsells & order bumps)
  • You have a lower budget

This alternative is GetResponse.

Their pricing starts at $15, it offers better email marketing tools than ClickFunnels & they offer a 30-day free trial (no credit card required). 

GetResponse also allows you to build basic sales funnels as well as lead funnels, so it can be a way better option for beginners.

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to build comprehensive sales funnels you will have to go with a piece of software such as ClickFunnels. 

Also, it might be worth checking out the Top 13 Best Funnel Builder Software & Tools


ClickFunnels is a good platform, but it’s marketed to the wrong audience so that it gets a bigger piece of the pie. 

Unless you are an established business that is doing over $4,000 per month in revenue and you are looking to create comprehensive sales funnels, I could bet on it that there are better options out there. 

ClickFunnels has an affiliate program that pays pretty high recurring commissions, along with big prizes such as “your dream car”, which incentivizes affiliates to tell you how amazing their platform is when in reality, it has a lot of problems. 

Nobody will tell you about the actual problems within the software, otherwise, they will not make their commissions.

However, please feel free to give ClickFunnels a try if you feel like it might be the right option for you. 

ClickFunnels 14-Day Trial 

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