15 Practical Email Marketing Tricks To Double Your Sales

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15 Practical Email Marketing Tricks To Double Your Sales

Although email marketing drives the most amount of sales in online business, it can be a little tricky.  

So, today I wanted to give you 15 email marketing tricks that will help you double the number of sales you make from your email list. 

This list will contain tips that: 

  • Increase your deliverability
  • Will help you build a better relationship with your list
  • Help you increase your open rates & CTR
  • And run better email marketing campaigns in general

Also, this list is for increasing your email marketing results, if you want to learn how to build an email list, I recommend reading how to build an email marketing business.

15 Email Marketing Tricks 

Although you might know some of these tips on this list, I do believe that there will be a couple that you can improve on. 

Especially, if you aren’t getting the results that you desire from your email marketing campaigns. 

As most of my lists, this list is also in no particular order. They all play great importance within email marketing, so it would be hard to rank them. 

1. Test Your Emails 

The first tip that I have is to test your emails. 

By testing, I mean to send them to your separate Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail accounts and see where they land. 

This will allow you to see if there are any problems with the campaign, before sending them out. I have to admit, I am guilty of not doing this enough, when often, a more thorough test, can increase open rates by 400% as you can see what’s wrong and tweak it.

For example, I found that when my emails land in “promotions” they often have open rates as low as 5%. However, when my emails land in the inbox that open rate increases by 25%. If your email lands in spam, this will often be 0%. 

So, just testing the email, seeing where it lands can work wonders. If your email is seen by five times more people, you are a lot more likely to make some sales. 

2. Tweak Your Emails To Get Into The Inbox

After testing your emails, you should try to tweak them until they land in the Inbox. 

Maybe, the email sounds like a promotion, if it contains words such as “Special offer” or similar words, then that is why it’s going to promotions. 

It can also be a variety of other reasons, but you should just test them thoroughly with multiple different accounts from the main email service providers. Once, you find a version that works in all, you can then send it out confidently and see how your open rates will increase!

If you are wondering what the difference is between landing in “Promotions” and inbox, the first difference is the notification. Users will not receive a notification on their phone for emails that land in their promotions. That alone will sink your open rates significantly. Also, a lot of users only check their main Inbox, not the promotions tab. 

So, landing into the inbox is very important as more people see our message. More people seeing our message will more likely result in sales. 

Also, if you are landing in the spam or junk folder, you should do some serious research, talk to your email marketing service provider and make sure you are using a custom domain. Otherwise, there is no point in your email marketing!

3. Cloak Affiliate Links

This only really applies if you are sending affiliate links. 

When sending out affiliate links, you will always want to shorten them. Otherwise, your emails are likely to go to the promotions tab, or sometimes even to the spam folder. 

This will as I said earlier significantly decrease the open rates and therefore your sales. Affiliate link attributes are usually marked as a promotion, but can sometimes even be blacklisted. So, it’s important to cloak your affiliate links. 

There are some paid services out there, but if you are looking for a free link cloaking service, I recommend using one of the ones below. 


Pretty Links (Only For WordPress Users, go to plugins, add new, then search for it)

Bonus Tip: Do not use the generic free link shorteners such as bit.ly, tinyurl, etc. These are blacklisted by many email providers and will often send your email to the spam folder!

4. Don’t Just Sell

The next tip is actually to sell less. But how will that increase our sales? 

Well, by offering value in our emails and not only selling, we will be able to increase our open rates significantly. Our leads will be happy opening our emails, seeing what we are sending them today. 

This is something that I talked about in the “Drug dealer strategy”. If we only send sales emails, they will get bored, annoyed and will eventually unsubscribe. 

Instead, send your leads, emails packed with value, maybe some content and even some free stuff which we will talk about later. 

5. Analyze Results 

The next tip is to actually analyze results. 

Don’t just send email after email, looking for the improvements in results to make themself. Instead, after every email that you send out, you should have a look at what needs improving. 

You should find what results aren’t as you might have wished for and then tweak the related factors. 

By doing this, you will achieve your desired results, a lot faster. 

Look at what’s not working, improve it, test it, try again. 

6. Clear Call To Actions

The next tip is having a clear call to action. 

How do you expect your lead to take the action that you want them to if your call to action is not clear?

Exactly, you need to make it clear what you want them to do. It does not matter whether you use buttons or hyperlinks, they have to be clear. 

Also, for most of your emails, you should only have one call to action. Otherwise, it will just make your leads take one path and forget about the other. The only time my personal campaigns break this rule is sometimes in the welcome email, I give them the option between a few different paths. Other than that, I always make sure to only have one call to action. 

7. Attractive Headline & Copy

Tip #7 is to have an attractive headline & copy. 

When I started email marketing, this was something I thought I did not need. Well, I was wrong, very wrong. 

If the copy is not attractive, then people will not read your email, let alone take the action you want them to. And, even if they do read the email, they will not feel the need of purchasing your product. 

The same goes for headlines, online business has exploded in recent years and so has email marketing. Most users receive around 100 emails per day, so if your headline does not stand out, you will have a hard time getting your leads to open your emails. 

Write a headline that will make most people open your email and write a copy that increases the pain of not having your product. Lastly, present your product as a solution and increase the perceived value of your product. 

Also, by the perceived value I am talking about emotions, don’t make unrealistic claims or anything like that. 

8. Variety

The next tip is to add some variety. 

With variety, I mean variety in everything. For example, the length of the email. Some times, write short emails and sometimes write long emails. 

Add a little variety, otherwise, your leads will just know what kind of emails they are receiving. This can cause them to not open your emails.

Also, don’t just send them sales emails as we said earlier, sometimes send them your content, other times value and then you can send them your offers. By adding variety to your emails, it keeps your leads excited.  

9. Force Conversations With Your List

The next tip is to force conversations with your list. 

I really like this tip for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it shows them that you are not just a sales robot sending emails. It shows them that you are a real person, who they can see as a friend. 

Other than that, it also has a technical advantage, can you guess what it is? 


If email service providers see that your leads are replying to your emails, then they will see it as a conversation, as a conversation goes back and forth. This would mean that your emails are less likely to go to promotions. 

You can force conversations, by asking personalized questions, asking for an important reply or offering a lead magnet for a reply. It’s a pretty fun method but it also has some great benefits too. 

10. Find A Perfect Balance In Frequency

The next tip is to find a perfect balance in Frequency. 

By Frequency, I am talking about how often you are sending emails to your leads. 

Is it every Saturday? Every Monday? Or every day? 

There is no right and wrong answer to this, you have to find the perfect balance between not annoying your leads, but also emailing them as much as possible. 

It depends on your niche, your emails, your content, etc. but it’s important to find a good balance. 

In general, the more value that you offer to your list, the more emails your leads will want to receive.

11. Use Your Email List To Build Your Assets

Tip #11 is to use your email list to build your assets. 

By assets, I am talking about your YouTube channel, your blog, etc. Assets that will help you produce traffic. That same traffic will then turn into revenue. 

Don’t worry about making a couple of sales off your email list all the time. Instead, use your email list to generate hundreds/thousands of views on your assets which contain affiliate links anyway. 

Then you are building out your assets, helping them grow and still earning commissions.  After you build these assets up, they will help you bring in even more email leads and more importantly, commissions. 

What I am saying is focus on the big picture. 

12. Give Your List Free Stuff

Everybody loves free stuff. 

The first step to a profitable list is a happy list. So, make them happy! 

Give them free: 

  • Guides
  • Courses
  • PDF Files
  • E-books

Or anything else that you can give them for free. It will shoot up your deliverability and it will make your list like opening your emails and more importantly like you. 

Once they like opening your emails and like you, it will become a lot easier to sell to your list. 

13. Don’t Send Them Junk

People love free stuff & high-quality content, not junk. 

In fact, they hate junk. You have wasted their time, you have been annoying and you don’t respect them. 

That’s what your leads will be feeling if you send them junk, so don’t! And by junk, I mean anything that does not work, has no value or where your leads simply do not have any idea what you are talking about. 

This also includes low-quality products, too many emails for one purpose and anything else that has no real purpose. Doing this will result in unsubscribes and leads that don’t trust you. 

Decreased trust equals decreased conversions… 

14. Personalization

Next is personalization.

Personalization as in including your leads first name and sometimes even a personalized question.

Firstly, this will make your leads more likely to open and read the email, which means, that it will be easier for you to get them to take the desired action. 

Also, it will sometimes stop your emails from going to promotions, as it will look personalized, so that gives a little indication that it’s a real email.

15. Write On Single Lines

The final tip is to write on single lines. 

Most people don’t like to read big blocks of writing, so they often just click off the email. 

However, if your email is written on single lines, they are more likely to start reading it. If the email has a good and exciting copy, they will continue to read it. 

All of this, will lead to an increase in your leads taking the action you want them to. 

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