Facebook Sales Funnel Examples

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A Facebook sales funnel is a plan and sketch of your target customers’ journey before they convert and purchase your products. This type of funnel differs from the traditional ones in that, it is designed and targeted at the Facebook audience. You might have had enough information about the Facebook sales funnel, however, a clearer picture comes from Facebook sales funnel examples. 

Facebook sales funnels help your business convert more, avoid wasting your marketing capital, and therefore efficient profitable sales campaigns. The following Facebook sales funnel examples are living testimonies of businesses that made a hit with the Facebook sales funnel. 

Facebook Sales Funnel Examples


When the 2017 holidays came, Pandora, a jewelry company decided to increase its brand awareness. They targeted Germany and also shifted their ad format a little bit by introducing a video ads format in their campaign for the first time.  

To start with, they collaborated with Facebook to redesign a working TV commercial to fit the Facebook audience. The video was precise and straight to the point, within 15 seconds, it showed a woman being gifted a necklace from the lover. They then proceeded to run news feed and in-stream ads targeting people in Germany, from 18-50 years of age. 


Pandora gave little insight into their overwhelming achievement. They confirmed an increase in favourability for their brand among the target German population. Pandora however never shared their mechanism of measuring favourability but reported a lift by 10 points. 

Still, the campaign had a great return on investment (RIO). They managed an increase of new buyers by 41% while their confirmed purchases spiked to 61%. With such amazing results, this was a very good Facebook sales funnel marketing campaign.  

Lessons from Pandora 

First, pandora’s example shows the effectiveness of videos in creating brand awareness. Videos arouse emotions, they persuade and are very memorable. The 15 minutes clip compiled all about pandora in such a short time with massive impact. 

The success of Pandora’s video campaign might also be linked to the source and quality of their video. With the short-interest span of Facebook users, editing the TV format to 15 seconds made it fulfilling to the audience. Furthermore, this was an ad with success on a TV advertisement, therefore, it had been partly proven to be effective. 

Facebook Lead Generation Sales Funnel Marketing Example 

Major Impact Media 

In 2019, Major Impact Media brought to light the revival of a failed real estate Facebook marketing campaign. The real estate client had the aim of achieving leads, the past marketer had done multiple Facebook ads with zero sales. So the Minneapolis, Minnesota real estate opted for a major advertising company for a better experience.  

Major came in with lots of ads created for the purpose of lead generation and a CRM to manage the results of their campaign. On the first day of running their campaigns, they had a rise of leads from 0 to 8 with each carrying a $2.48 value to achieve. 

The following 3 months generated 370 leads at a value of $6.77 each. However, major never gave insight to the leads that eventually converted and actually made a purchase. Among facebook sales funnel examples, this proved great in lead generation, especially when you consider it was a real estate campaign. 

Lessons from Major Impact Media 

Major’s example proves the importance of correct ad targeting in the Facebook sales funnel process. The previous marketing agent had this wrong which saw 0 value. However, with a little twitch in the target audience, you can see how they achieved overwhelming results. 

Facebook Sales Funnel Examples – Conversation 

A case study of Femibion from Merck  

Merck consumer health company wanted their family planning product known and finally bought it across Germany. Merck decided to use a family planning e-book guide to generate leads for their brand.  

The campaign started by showing women possible places that they could conceive babies, the next stage came with a solution, a family planning e-book. 

In collaboration with Facebook, Merck started their level one campaign in December 2016 Facebook. The next stage of the campaign went down on targeted at women in Germany who had viewed the previous campaign. 

Merck did this with the hope that women who had seen the ads on baby-making places could now buy into the idea of an e-book on the topic and therefore become leads. 

The campaign came to a halt in April 2017, the conversion rate rose to 35% with over 10,000 leads generated. This was in itself a hit as far as Facebook sales funnels can go. 

Lessons from the Merck case 

Merck successfully sourced leads in an easy multi-level Facebook sales funnel. At first, they reached out to their possible customers from a broad perspective. In the second round, they narrowed down to those who actually showed interest in the first place. The results were amazing.  

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Facebook Sales Funnel Importance 

From the above facebook sales funnel examples, you realize the centrality of strategy and plan in the winning teams. All the campaigns were well planned and targeted at the right audience. you realize that they all had a means for tracking their progress and could easily identify the weak points in their funnel or the previous marketers’ funnel. 

Therefore, if you want to run successful Facebook campaigns, whatever your target is, a funnel is a must-have. 

Targeting is important and starts with understanding your audience first. For instance, Merck targeted women in Germany since they were the victims of the baby-making process. By so doing, the interest and sales optimized. 

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Facebook Sales Funnel Examples – Conclusion 

These facebook sales funnel examples serve as samples, in order to create an effective sales funnel, you need to start afresh utilizing insight and ideas from them. Know your audience and their desired solutions they plan an effective funnel depending on the product or target. 

A real estate facebook sales funnel can’t be similar to that of family planning, that’s why you might need a marketing agency to professionally do it as Major Marketing did.

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