Fiverr Affiliate Program Review Is It Worth It?

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review: Everything You Need To Know

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Fiverr Affiliate Program Review: Introduction

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review Is It Worth It?

I’m sure you have heard of Fiverr, one of the most popular freelance marketplaces in the world. 

The place that allows you to get all kinds of cheap services for your business. Graphic design, Spokesperson videos, SEO, Copywriting, Web design, etc.

Whatever you need Fiverr’s got it! Even human billboards!

But that’s not what we are going to be covering today.

We are going to be talking about their affiliate program that allows you to refer people and earn commissions. 

What Is The Fiverr Affiliate Program? 

The Fiverr affiliate program is the affiliate program from the extremely popular freelance marketplace Fiverr. 

Like most affiliate programs, Fiverr’s affiliate program is completely free to join, however, you will need to be approved.

I believe if your answers are good, then there is also a certain system that will approve you instantly because I was approved instantly. 

The way it works is also like most other affiliate programs, you have a tracking link when somebody purchases through that tracking link, then you receive a commission. 

What’s important to note about Fiverr is the commission structure, which we will talk about in-depth in the next section, but I just wanted to quickly remind you that Fiverr is a freelancing network.

This means that somebody is actually fulfilling the service, so they will have to get paid.

Fiverr receives a 20% cut of what they charge, and you will receive a cut of that 20%

Or, they also have a different model that you might prefer, which we will cover in the Commission Structure section. 

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Fiverr Affiliate Program Commission Structure

The Fiverr affiliate program has four different commission types. They all have their own benefits and are unique.

You don’t have to stick to one once you have picked it, you can always grab the other links and promote Fiverr with the other commission types.

It’s up to you. Let’s have a look at them, to find the best one for you. 

Revenue Share Commission

How It Works: The revenue share commission, if you chose this commission rate, then every time your referral purchases a service, you will receive a commission.

It does not matter when your referral buys, it can be now or in 5 years, you will still get the commission.

As I said earlier, this commission is the commission of the Fiverr’s fees, not the total sale. Fiverr’s fees are 20%.

Amount: 30% of Fiverr’s Fees (So, 30% of 20% of the sale)

Type: Lifetime Sales Commission on every sale.

CPA Model

How it works: Next, we have the CPA model. CPA stands for cost per acquisition.

It’s a little different from other CPA models as you need your leads to at least make one purchase, but the commission rates are quite high.

However, they on the service which they are buying (see table below).


Pro plan $150Architecture & Interior design $50Mobile Apps $40E-commerce development $40Web Programming $30Business Plans $30Virtual Assistant $25Voice over $25Product Descriptions $25
Whiteboard & Animated Explainers


Game development $50Web & Mobile Design $40SEM $30Data Analysis & Reports $30Short Video Ads $30Articles & Blog Posts $25Translation $25Other $15
Book & e-book writing $50Website builders & CMS $40WordPress $40Proofreading & Editing $30Website Content $303D Models $30Illustration $25E-commerce Marketing $25

Type: One time, per acquisition. 

Hybrid Model

How it works: The last way if you want to refer customers is through the Hybrid model. As the name suggests, it is a mixture between the Revenue share model and the CPA model.

It is meant so that you can get a little bit of both.

So, you receive a smaller CPA commission, but also a small revenue share commission every time your referral makes a purchase

Amount: $10 CPA + 10% of revenue

Type: Lifetime sales commission + CPA

Sub-Affiliate Model

How it works: Lastly, we have the sub-affiliate model, which is the commission plan you would promote if you are referring affiliates, not customers.

If you refer affiliates, you will get a certain % of what they earn. 

Amount: 10% of the commissions generated through your referred affiliates. 

Type: Lifetime, sub-commission. 

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Tools Inside The Fiverr Affiliate Program

Inside of the dashboard, you will see that there are some marketing tools. You can use these in different ways but they are explained below. 

1. Banners

Firstly, we have banners. Banners are just for blogs and websites, you can add these to your websites, if somebody clicks on them and purchases, you get paid. 

You can see some examples in the image below, but they have more too. 

Fiver Affiliate Program Review: A look at the banners

2. Pixels

Next, we have pixels, which are pieces of code that you can add to your tracking link. This can help you with your remarketing and help you gain some additional data. This is a pretty useful tool that a lot of affiliate programs don’t have, so that’s pretty good.

3. Guides On The Affiliate Program

Another part that I really like about the Fiverr Affiliate program is the number of guides, it comes with.

After having a look through them, you will know everything that you need to know so that you can start earning commissions by referring people to Fiverr. 

The topics of the guides that are within the affiliate program can be seen below.

When those are clicked it will open the guide with all the needed information on that topic.

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Affiliate Links

Affiliate links can easily be found in the dashboard, by clicking marketing tools and then all links.

As we mentioned earlier there are different commission structures that you can choose from.

However, don’t worry if you can’t make a choice, as you can always change or even promote all of them at the same time. 

Fiverr Affiliate Program Payments

With the Fiverr affiliate program, there is a payment threshold of $100.

That means that you will have to earn $100 before you can withdraw your earned funds. $100 is a pretty standard number across most affiliate programs, so there is no problem with that.

In terms of payment methods, they have the following methods available for withdrawals: 

  • Paypal 
  • Bank Transfer
  • Fiverr Revenue Card
  • Direct Deposit (US Only)

So, in terms of payments, they have the standard payment processors which will work for most people. 

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Fiver Affiliate Program Review: Pros 

Here are the pros of the fiverr affiliate program. 


Just like most affiliate programs, the Fiverr affiliate program is free to join. 

Easy To Get Accepted

Although a lot of affiliate programs don’t require you to be accepted, it’s still a benefit of the Fiverr affiliate program that it’s easy to get accepted.

Good Tools

The Fiverr affiliate program comes with good promotional tools such as Banners & Pixels.

It also comes with tons of guides to answer any questions that you might have about the program. So, that’s another positive of the Fiverr affiliate program. 

Unique & Custom Commission Structure To Fit You

The Fiverr affiliate program also comes with different commission structures so that you can find the one that suits you the most.

Fiverr Is Well-Known & World-Wide

As Fiverr is pretty well-known, this increases the trust factor which increases conversions. 

Big Market

Fiverr can be used to buy any freelancing service which means it’s a nice and broad market that will suit a lot of audiences. 

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Fiver Affiliate Program Review: Cons

Here are the cons of the Fiverr affiliate program. 

Low commissions if you are used to digital products

If you are used to promoting digital products, then the Fiverr affiliate program has pretty low commissions.

The commissions on sales made are usually a % of the fees, so this is pretty low. 

Already heavily used

Most people in the business space, already have a Fiverr account, so that means that you will find it a little harder to promote it. 

Potential Problem With The Fiverr Affiliate Program

The big potential problem that I can see in the Fiverr Affiliate Program is the low commission. 

I believe you will find it very hard if you are planning to run paid ads, as the commissions are so low, while the cost of ads is skyrocketing.

So, I would not recommend trying to run paid ads to Fiverr for commissions. 

However, if you are just looking to promote it through Free traffic such as Search engine traffic or YouTube, then it could definitely work out for you. 

I would definitely not recommend trying to run paid ads for it, which I know a lot of affiliates would like to do.

Simply, because of the low commissions and how heavily Fiverr is already used.

These two factors combined give a big signal to not run paid ads for this affiliate program.

Or at least to be extremely careful, as I can’t even imagine a profitable campaign. 

How To Promote The Fiverr Affiliate Program

How To Promote The Fiverr Affiliate Program

The best way to promote the Fiverr affiliate program is through content creation.

YouTube or Blogging. 

The reason for this is, that it just won’t be worth your time promoting it on social media.

You need to promote it on a high-value asset such as a blog or a YouTube channel.

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Also note that you can’t really run paid ads as a Fiverr affiliate, as your profit margin is not really there. 

Or, at least it would be very hard too.

I’m very experienced with affiliate marketing and I would not attempt to run paid ads for the Fiverr affiliate program.

It’s just not worth it. 

Overall Opinion

Overall, I would say that the Fiverr affiliate program is pretty solid. 

Of course, some might argue that the commissions are too low, but it was to be expected as of course, the freelancers have to be paid as well.

They can’t just work for free and Fiverr can only give you commissions out of their share. 

As it is a freelancing marketplace, there is no way around this.

Due to this, I would also not recommending running paid ads, as I said earlier. 

Also, the Affiliate program comes with some pretty good tools inside to help you earn commissions.

Although the commissions aren’t very big, the Fiverr affiliate program still offers a solid affiliate program for content creators to help them earn a little bit of extra income on the side. 

Is The Fiverr Affiliate Program Worth It?

I would say that it is worth it if you are creating content that includes links to Fiverr anyway. 

Or, you can create content around Fiverr as well. I mean, if you sign up 1000 people through the hybrid model, that would be $10K in CPA commissions and 10% of all the revenue that Fiverr generates, forever. 

So, if your content includes topics that sometimes are relevant to Fiverr, I would definitely say it’s worth your time.

If you are planning on using paid ads, I will say it again, there is no way it’s worth your time. 

I hope you have found this post helpful! If you want to start a profitable method to promote Fiverr, I recommend the $100 Affiliate marketing method. 

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