Fiverr vs Legiit – Which One Is Best?

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Fiverr vs Legiit - Freelance Marketplaces

Welcome to this comparison of Fiverr vs Legiit. Today we will be comparing both of these freelance marketplaces so that you can find the best freelance marketplace for you. Both of these marketplaces have their own advantages and disadvantages which we will be taking a look at. 

We will be comparing Fiverr and legiit in a few different categories so that you can find the best freelance marketplace for your needs. So, let’s get into this comparison between these two freelance marketplaces. 

Fiverr vs Legiit – Direct Comparison

The main difference between these two freelance marketplaces is that Legiit is a lot more professional. Fiverr is a lot more popular, but the average quality of work on Legiit is a lot better. On Fiverr, you will find a lot more low-quality work. However, there are some good sellers too. With that being said, the cost of good sellers is usually a lot higher on Fiverr than it is on Legiit, but there are some exceptions too that, of course. Usually, for almost any category, Fiverr will have tons of sellers, but only a handful of them are good. Most of these good sellers, then usually charge pretty high prices. 

Additionally, Legiit sellers are able to say more about their services in their descriptions. So, you will feel more confident ordering at Legiit, as you will know more about their service. 

We will be taking an in-depth look at which marketplace is better for purchasing the following services: 

  • SEO Services
  • Writing
  • Video Creation/Animation
  • Comedy and Music services
  • Programming & Development

Alongside this, we will also be taking a look at which marketplace is better for selling your services, as well as the fees of both of these freelance sites. 

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SEO Services

So, the first category that we are going to compare these two networks in, is SEO services. 

This is a clear win for Legiit. Why? 

The quality of the services is just a lot higher, whether you are buying backlinks, social signals or even press releases. On Legiit, the sellers are real SEO agencies that have real clients. They care about how your site does and they want good reviews. 

Whereas on Fiverr, most sellers are from places like India and will give you thousands of backlinks for $5-$10. These links are more likely to harm your website than do any good. So, in terms of SEO services, you should really be using Legiit as the sellers on there will actually help you win the long term game without harming your site (unless you go crazy on the anchor text and purchase thousands in a short space of time).

Also, in terms of press releases, most sellers on Fiverr will charge you either too much, or they will ask you through a file to send the money first, meaning they are 99% scamming you. 

So, for SEO services, you should be using Legiit.

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In terms of writing, it varies. By the way, this also includes copywriting. 

Both platforms have a lot of writers, so there is no shortage of writers on either of these platforms. Fiverr has a little more, but the quality for the price is better on Legiit. Fiverr has some really good writers, but they usually charge quite a lot. Often over $30 for 500 words. 

There are some good writers in the $10 area, however, there are also a lot of writers who’s quality isn’t as high in this price range on the Fiverr marketplace. On legiit, you can get some really high-quality articles that contain 500 words for just $7. So, the value for money is very good at Legiit. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great writers on Fiverr, however, it’s not that easy to pick them out, as most sellers either charge a lot or have very little information on their profile. 

In terms of copywriting, Fiverr has more sellers. Whether that be for your sales page, your emails or your ads. On legiit, when you look for a copywriter, you will mostly find sellers who do blog posts. 

So, if you are looking for article writing, I would recommend Legiit. In case, you are looking for copywriting services, I would recommend Fiverr.

Video Creation & Animation

Our next category is video creation & animation. 

Now, for this category, it’s pretty even between the two marketplaces. Fiverr has a lot more sellers, due to the popularity of the marketplace around the world, whereas Legiit has fewer sellers. With that being said, most services in this category that you can find on Fiverr can be found on Legiit too. Additionally, the pricing is usually a lot cheaper on Legiit. 

I do believe that in this category, both platforms are very good. They both offer: 

  • Spokesperson videos
  • animated explainer videos (with animation)
  • Whiteboard explainer videos

Alongside tons of other video-related services. From my experience, despite, Fiverr having more sellers, Legiit is a little cheaper for these kinds of services. 

Comedy & Music Services

Our next category is Comedy & Music services. I hope nobody will get offended that I put music, next to comedy. 

The reason I did this, is because they are somewhat similar and this category is a clear win for Fiverr. Legiit doesn’t really target a lot of music-related or comedy niches. On Fiverr, you will find tons of songwriters, mixers, music video creators, etc. On Legiit, you will find some, but they mostly have 0 reviews. 

This is simply because Fiverr is so popular around the world and it has a lot of less-business-related freelancers there too. Legiit, is a lot less popular, but focuses on business services specifically, although they may get broader in the future, who knows? 

Comedy is the same. On Fiverr, you will find people in the most random suits such as a vegetable suit to do whatever you want them too. On Legiit, there isn’t really anybody offering these kinds of services. 

So, in this category, it’s a win for Fiverr. 

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Programming & Development

In terms of programming & development, you should always be careful purchasing.

As this category includes so many different services, I would really recommend browsing the Legiit & Fiverr marketplaces yourself. You should also consider Upwork, as there are a lot of developers on there too, that seem to be very high-quality.

I’m not saying Legiit and Fiverr don’t have high-quality developers and programmers, as that’s not true. All I am saying is, be careful when purchasing these kinds of services, as they are usually pretty expensive and things can go wrong, including additional fees.

I have never purchased this kind of service myself, so I have no experience that I can tell you about. However, just make sure to be careful. Look for somebody trusted with multiple reviews and tell them about what you need first.

Graphic Design

Both platforms have some really good graphic designers. Not only, do they have tons of designers who can do various different jobs, both platforms are also incredibly cheap. 

Whether it’s e-book design, logo design, banner design, etc. both platforms have tons of sellers that can fulfill these services for very cheap. So, if you are looking for graphic design, there really isn’t a big difference between these two platforms as long as you are buying from trusted sellers. 

The reason, I say this is because there are some low-level sellers on Fiverr who just use Canva and are just trying to make a quick buck, so make sure to avoid sellers who are not trustworthy. 


If you are looking to sell your services as a freelancer, I would really recommend selling on Legiit. Fiverr is way too popular right now and you will be buried under so many other sellers who offer the same thing, while on Legiit, there is less competition. Additionally, the people that buy from Legiit are a lot more serious and will often come back as a repeat customer. 

There are a few exceptions for this, for example, if your services are less business-related or not as much used by businesses. So, if you have a music-related service or a comedy related service, you would probably want to head over to Fiverr. 

If you are unsure and don’t know where to go, you can always consider trying to use both platforms to sell your services until you make a sale.

Seller & Buying Fees

(Source: Legiit & Fiverr)

If you are a seller, you will probably want to know about fees.

Fees on Fiverr are 20%. So, if you sell a service, 20% of the price you charge will go to Fiverr. Legiit fees are 15%, meaning 15% of what you charge goes to Legiit.

Fiverr also has some buying fees, $1 for orders up to $20 and for orders over $20, the fees are 5% of the total. Legiit does not have fees for buyers. In terms of fees, as you can see Legiit takes smaller fees. 

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Both of these freelance marketplaces have their own benefits. However, I think that for most small businesses, Legiit is the better platform. 

The quality of the work on this platform is extremely high, for a very cheap price. You can feel safer when buying, due to the amount of information each seller has. Also, just taking a look at reviews, you will see that Fiverr services have a lot more 1 star reviews. However, there will always be some sort of exceptions for this, so feel free to sign up to both platforms. 

I hope that you have found this Fiverr vs Legiit comparison useful, make sure to leave a comment with your personal thoughts or experience. 

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