Your Blog Sucks

Your Blogging Strategy Sucks | 8 Signs You Need to Fix Your Blogging Strategy

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Blogging takes time, there’s no doubt about that.

But, that doesn’t mean that you should use the fact that it takes time as an excuse that it’s not on track.

Of course, in each niche “on-track” will mean something else and it also depends on your overall strategy, but if you have been using it as an excuse, deep down you will know.

And, I must admit I have done the same, I think most people have at some point.

The important thing is that you fix your strategy.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to cover 8 signs you need to fix your blogging strategy.

Your Blog Sucks

8 Signs You Need To Fix Your Blogging Strategy

Keep in mind, these signs are signs, not definite indicators. 

For some, these signs may appear, but they might be on-track.

So, here are the 8 signs you need to fix your blogging strategy:

  1. You’re not focusing on SEO enough
  2. Your readers don’t stick around 
  3. You put too much time into one thing. 
  4. You cry too much 
  5. You don’t have a lot of content
  6. You don’t have a clear monetization strategy
  7. You can’t create a lot of content
  8. You ignore tasks you don’t like

Chances are, you’re guilty of one or two of these, so am I and it’s probably the same for some really successful bloggers.

However, if most of these apply to you, there may be some trouble. 

1. You’re not focusing on SEO enough


The first sign is that you’re not focusing on SEO enough.

In the long term, SEO will bring you the most amount of traffic and the highest quality traffic.

No other promotional tactic will compare.

If you’re ignoring SEO, then you’re doing it wrong.

Put the time into keyword research for some of your posts. 

It doesn’t have to be all, I like bulking out a site with some posts that I feel like too.

For example, this article has 0 keyword research involved. 

But, the point is you should be doing keyword research for most of your posts. 

Otherwise, you will probably never rank on the first page. To improve your SEO strategy, you should start by choosing an all-in-one SEO software.

2. Your readers don’t stick around

The second sign is that your readers don’t stick around.

If you have a small amazon affiliate site that ranks for a couple of keywords and just makes direct commissions from Amazon or whoever else you are promoting, this may not apply to you. 

But, for most types of blogs, you will want your readers to stick around as much as possible.

Try to collect email addresses, maybe add push notifications to your strategy and try to make your readers remember you. 


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3. You put too much time into one thing

The next sign your blogging strategy needs fixing is that you put too much time into one thing.

Maybe it’s link-building, maybe it’s content or maybe it’s social media.

What you need is a bit of everything.

Not, a ton of promotion but terrible content.

You may be able to get away with just content, but if you’re in a competitive niche, you probably won’t.

The point is to find a balance between everything.

Maybe, put one day of the week into link-building, three into content, and schedule the social media promotion.

Doing that, you will have a bit of everything and that’s all you need for consistent growth.

4. You’re a Cry Baby

The next sign is that you cry too much.

I used to be in a lot of Facebook groups where this was always the case.

“I’m doing everything right, I have all green lights with Yoast SEO but I don’t rank and nobody visits my blog”.

Luckily, I don’t social media anymore. 

But, the point is, if things aren’t going the way you like, then you aren’t doing everything right, so stop complaining and saying you are.

Someone might have given you a wrong tactic, but then it’s on you to find out and look for one that works for you. 

5. You Don’t Have a Lot of Content


This one may be a little controversial, as there are many decent-earning affiliate blogs that have 10 pages or less.

However, if you’re in a somewhat competitive niche, don’t do a lot of link building and have a small number of posts or all your posts have a low word count, then you’re doing something wrong.

Your competitors are probably writing 5x more content than you or investing 5x more money, either way, that’s why they are succeeding. 

So, unless your strategy involves having less content, if you have a little amount of content, you need to change that. 

Otherwise, your blog will never get off the ground. 

6. You Don’t Have a Clear Monetization Strategy

A good hint for this is you don’t get a lot of visitors and you’re targeting low volume keywords, but you are using AdWords.

Not having a clear monetization strategy does not necessarily mean that you have to be making money now or anytime soon.

However, you should have a plan on how you want to monetize your blog.

And, it shouldn’t just be “I’ll display ads”, you should filter out the topics and keywords you want to target in the long term that will pay you the most.

Or, maybe, you just want to build an audience on a specific topic then sell a course, that’s fine too.

Maybe, you want to start a software company in the niche that your blog is and use your blog too promote it, again totally fine too.

The point is you should have an idea of how you are planning to monetize your content.

An actual plan, not something so broad.

Your actions should also be aligned with this plan.

If you need help finding a monetization strategy, you should read: Is Blogging profitable? (And, how to make it profitable)

7. You Can’t Create Content

If this is the case, then you really might have some issues.

What I mean is, if you picked a niche and you can’t create content because you have no motivation, knowledge and you can’t afford to pay writers, then you messed up.

You need to either learn it and do it yourself, find the cash to pay writers or give up and use it as a learning experience. 

There’s no point waiting if this is the case and waiting for something magical to happen. 

Make a plan to fix the problem and fix it. 

8. You Ignore Tasks You Don’t Like

The last sign you need to fix your blogging strategy is also something that can probably be applied to most people at some point including myself. 

And, it’s ignoring tasks that you don’t like.

Doing this will just limit your growth.

If you think you don’t need to do them because you don’t like them, and you only want to do things you like, then I guess growing your blog is not something you like.

You have to understand that these small parts that you don’t like are part of the big picture that you do like.

Signs You Need To Fix Your Blogging Strategy: Final Words

Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you. 

It might have not applied, but then you probably wouldn’t have clicked on the article.

And, if it offended you, then that is probably the biggest sign you need to fix your blogging strategy. If you are in a competitive niche, make sure to check out: How to blog in a competitive niche and succeed

Anyway, if you did enjoy this article, make sure to leave a comment and/or share it. 

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