Franklin Hatchett (Net Worth, History & MORE)

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Who is Franklin Hatchett

Franklin Hatchett is a YouTuber and the creator of the Ecom Elites program (designed to help individuals get started with Dropshipping) and the Savage Affiliates 2.0 (for internet marketers interested in affiliate marketing).

Franklin also runs a Youtube channel through which he offers his expertise and knowledge regarding Dropshipping, Facebook advertising, Clickbank products, and search engine optimization.

Franklin Hatchett Net Worth 

There is no definitive source for Franklin Hatchett’s Net Worth.

Most sources claim his net worth is somewhere in $1million to $10 million range.

His most known businesses are:

Plus, he also owns endless affiliate sites and drop shipping stores that he shows in his courses. Besides that, he has also mentioned real estate investments, and a software company on his YouTube channel – so it’s really hard to estimate this guys net worth.

It may even be higher than $10 million, but that is an estimate – since we don’t know the value and equity he owns in all of his businesses.

The History

It all began in 2015 when he was working 60 hours per week for a construction firm, driving a digger in New Zealand. Hating every minute of it.

When it came to money, Franklin didn’t have much when he started his entrepreneurial career. He was just a construction worker with a vision.

In the beginning, he wasn’t always generating money online and he was just like his fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, seeking methods to generate passive income or extra cash to travel.

The first method he utilized to generate money was a website and Google Adsense, which failed. The workload was far too much to balance out what he was making for the Adsense earnings.

It was at this time that Frank discovered the power of websites, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing.

Best Known For

Franklin Hatchett is known for his YouTube videos where he gives advice on affiliate marketing and dropshipping, the topics he knows the best.

Franklin’s content has gained him a huge following with over 445k subscribers on his Franklin Hatchett YouTube page. Franklin’s most popular videos have been listened to tens of thousands of times by people all over the world.

Franklin is a great example of an internet marketer who has been able to turn his passion for entrepreneurship into a profitable business.

Franklin has certainly used YouTube as a platform to teach thousands of people around the world about Dropshipping, Clickbank, and Facebook ads simply and understandably that they can implement.

Successful Internet Entrepreneur

Franklin’s videos have received a lot of positive feedback from his fans. Franklin is one of those people who believes in sharing his knowledge with others so they too could enjoy the success he has achieved.

Franklin has set out to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals by teaching them the right way to go about it. Franklin helps his students get started with their business and advises on how they can create a profitable dropshipping or affiliate marketing business online.

Franklin’s courses are highly researched and contain all of the information an entrepreneur would need to be successful in this powerful industry. Franklin offers his services to all of those who want a successful online business.

Franklin is a great example of an internet entrepreneur who knows how to get a message out there and connects with his audience on a personal level.

Franklin Hatchett Courses

Franklin Hatchett Courses

Franklin Hatchett is an entrepreneur with a passion for internet marketing, business automation, and building automated funnels. He has made it his mission to bring hands-off funnels to entrepreneurs around the globe that want more time, money, and freedom.

Online traffic is not enough… now you need to automate your lead capture, follow up, and sales process so you can literally “set it and forget it”. Franklin’s goal is to teach entrepreneurs how to build automated funnels in any industry.

Building the courses Franklin states he wants to break the mold of traditional internet marketing training. He says that most online products just focus on selling you “the dream” instead of showing you how to make money. Franklin states he wants to change all that with his training.

Show Me The Way

The main reason for the popularity and demand of this particular product is Franklin Hatchett’s great ability to make the content of this course in a detailed manner so that anyone can understand it at any level.

Franklin Hatchett is an internet marketing professional who believes in producing top-quality products with his experience and expertise.

If you are new to internet business or want to start your own online business then Franklin Hatchett is the best option for you. Franklin Hatchett teaches his aspiring entrepreneurs in a detailed manner with exact examples from his projects.

Franklin is an affiliate marketing professional with years of experience and knowledge which he so generously shares with his aspiring entrepreneurs who purchase his course.

Hatchett offers various courses, 2 of the most popular are mentioned below. He has produced more than 120 videos about affiliate marketing and drop shipping and has thousands of students around the world.

This course will take you from beginner to advanced in your affiliate marketing, social media marketing, Facebook ads, YouTube channel creation, and video marketing if you follow Franklin’s training.

Courses Offered

  • Ecom Elites Program – Learn how to successfully run a dropshipping business. You can learn more directly from them by visiting the info page by clicking here.
  • Savage Affiliates 2.0 – Comprehensive training for affiliate marketing, includes everything you need to be covered to get started. Check out our complete review of this program here.

Franklin Hatchett Dropshipping

Franklin Hatchett has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible and be a part of their journey so they can learn from him and succeed in business. Franklin believes that anyone can be successful in the dropshipping niche with the right information and guidance.

Franklin Hatchett created an entire course on how to get started with eCommerce right away. Franklin’s course, the Ecom Elites Program, has helped many people around the world learn about dropshipping and start their own business online while working at home.

The Ecom Elites program is known for teaching aspiring entrepreneurs everything they need to know to get started with E-commerce. Franklin Hatchett has created this course to be easy for beginners to understand and follow, which will allow them to start their own business and finally quit the 9-5 grind and maintain their freedom.

Franklin helps his students raise their income and achieve greater financial freedom through dropshipping.

Franklin gives his students a large variety of resources to help them become successful entrepreneurs. Franklin’s course includes many bonuses that Franklin has built from scratch and can be used as a reference for all things dropshipping.

Benefits of Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is the most powerful and cost-effective way to start your own business. You can sell products from places all over the world without having any inventory or store space.

Spend less on storage, employees, overhead, and inventory? Sounds like the perfect start to a successful on-demand business!

Franklin Hatchett Affiliate Marketing

Franklin Hatchett has created his affiliate marketing course, Savage Affiliates 2.0 for everyone to take advantage of. Franklin creates all the training in a very detailed manner with great examples from Franklin’s own experience and projects.

Franklin Hatchett Savage affiliates

The courses are designed to help Franklin’s aspiring entrepreneur students become successful online entrepreneurs through the use of affiliate marketing. Franklin’s course focuses on teaching his aspiring entrepreneurs how to make money with affiliate marketing and teaches them everything they need to know to become successful online marketers.

Franklin also helps his aspiring entrepreneurs increase their income by showing them how they can make money with affiliate marketing.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Franklin’s aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to make money with affiliate marketing without having their products or services.

There are a lot of benefits to affiliate marketing, but the most important one? It’s passive income. You don’t have to do sales or spend time convincing people into buying from your website for it to generate revenue; all you need is an ad placed on someone else’s site and any product they sell will provide money back at no cost!

You get a small commission when they sell something, but it can add up quickly! Talk about an awesome deal!

Should You Buy One Of Franklin Hatchett’s Courses? 

If you’re looking for a way to get started with dropshipping, increase your affiliate marketing revenue, or just need some fresh ideas on how to optimize your business’s online presence it may be worth checking out one of Franklin Hatchett’s programs.

He offers several courses that promise an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan and all the tools necessary to succeed in eCommerce. I have taken his Savage affiliates course myself and found it very helpful! You can find more information about these courses here.


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