Free Alternative To ClickFunnels 2022 – $0 Alternative And 4 Paid Alternatives

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ClickFunnels Free Alternative

Free Alternative To ClickFunnels

Finding a free alternative to ClickFunnels would be great right?

Well, you no longer have to look any further!

Today I will be showing you an alternative that includes a landing page builder and very good email marketing.

I am not joking…

You even get automation sequences!

But before we jump into the alternative, let’s talk about ClickFunnels…

ClickFunnels is probably the most popular funnel builder software on the market.

It can provide you with funnels, email marketing, membership sites, and a pretty good affiliate program.

However, the problem for many people is the cost.

ClickFunnels has two pricing plans which are below.

Clickfunnels pricing


While it does have a lot of valuable tools, it is not exactly the cheapest software on the market.

It certainly isn’t for everyone.

Especially, if you are just starting out and exploring a new business.

If you don’t have a clear plan then ClickFunnels can burn you through their high monthly fees.

That is when I recommend that you don’t get ClickFunnels but instead try this completely free alternative.

However, it really depends on what you need for your business.

Do you need a sales funnel?

Or, do you just need a simple opt-in form?

It depends on your business needs, but that is definitely something you should look at.

The Free Alternative To ClickFunnels…


MailerLite is the free alternative to ClickFunnels

The free alternative to clickfunnels is…MailerLite!

Now, you might have heard of MailerLite before and you might be thinking; “But isn’t this just an email autoresponder?”

Yes, but MailerLite also has a landing page builder.

MailerLite is a real alternative and is completely free until you have 1000 Subscribers!

Some MailerLite features are even better than ClickFunnels, believe it or not.

When I found out about this, I was pretty surprised so I tested it and it actually proved to be a real alternative that is free!

However, there are also some downsides as you would expect, so let’s get into the Pros & Cons.

Pros Of MailerLite

The first pro is that they are completely free until you have 1000 subscribers.

Pretty obvious, but that is a very big pro that speaks for MailerLite.

Now, the next advantage of using MailerLite is that MailerLite actually has better email marketing tools than ClickFunnels.

MailerLite is mainly an email autoresponder so while you might have expected this, I didn’t expect them to have these in the completely free plan.

The next advantage is based on my opinion, but I believe the templates that are available in MailerLite actually look more professional than the ClickFunnels templates.

However, there are also some cons of using MailerLite which we will get into.

Cons Of Mailer Lite

The first con is that there are NO sales funnels.

This honestly isn’t too bad, because I don’t think there is any place online that will allow you to host a sales funnel for free.

You can still use MailerLite to collect email addresses and build your list.

And, depending on your business, you can always send them to another online marketplace where you are selling a product or service.

The other next con is that it is only free until you have 1,000 subscribers after that it costs $15 a month.

Again, this is not really a con at 1000 subscribers, you should usually be making around $1000 or at least $500, so $15 from there is extremely cheap.

Especially, since it is free until you have 1000 subscribers.

The last con only applies to unethical affiliates. Affiliate marketing is not allowed, however, affiliate links are.

If your affiliate marketing business, evolves around helping people in your niche with free content and you are building relationships with your email list, then you are allowed to use MailerLite.

However, if your affiliate marketing business is just emailing your list random offers all the time, then you CAN’T use MailerLite.

You can read more in their terms and conditions. 

Paid Alternatives

Paid Alternatives To ClickFunnels


LeadPages is the first paid alternative to ClickFunnels.

They have a few different pricing plans, the cheapest one has pretty huge limitations such as only 1 domain and no sales funnels.

In that case, you are better off going with the free alternative to ClickFunnels, MailerLite.

Their “Pro” plan only costs $48 per month if billed annually and contains almost identical features to ClickFunnels.

However, it costs $79 per month if billed monthly and it is also missing some key integrations.


Next on our list is Builderall.

Builderall is probably the cheapest option apart from our free alternative, MailerLite.

With BuilderAll, you can probably get the most features for your money.

I think for most people the $30 a month plan would be suited, which includes:

  • Checkouts – This is probably your cheapest option for a sales funnel!
  • CRM – Again I believe one of the cheapest prices for CRM on the market
  • SMS Messaging
  • Landing Pages
  • And More

Now, although builderall offers us a lot of features for a cheap price, it also has some cons.

The first one is the editor, it doesn’t feel as good as most other pieces of software.

And the other one is the quality of the templates, they also do not feel that good.

However, they aren’t too bad.


The big advantage ProfitBuilder has is that it is a one-time fee that is similar to the fees that most other funnel builders charge monthly!

It is a WordPress based funnel builder, so you will have to install it in WordPress.

The packages range from $50 to $150.

However, to create a proper funnel, you will have to purchase the $150 package.

Overall, it is a great funnel builder.

There are demos & more information on the sales page.


GetResponse is also another paid alternative that is available.

The advantage of GetResponse is that they offer their “Auto-Funnel” which allows you to generate sales funnels that you can easily customize.

You can then go onto connecting your “auto-funnel” with their powerful email marketing tools which include automation sequences, etc.

However, as with any software, there are also cons of using GetResponse.

As your list grows, the price of the software grows as well.

This can be a pro but not when you have to be on higher pricing plans because you need the auto-funnels too.

So, the cost will increase quite quickly.

The second con is that there are limitations on how many funnels you can create.

For example, on the lowest price plan, the limit is one funnel, and on the second-lowest price plan, the limit is five funnels.

As somebody who used to use GetResponse, I also remember running into some deliverability issues.

Final Advice

Deciding which software to use, really depends on your business.

However, you should carefully review your options because it is better to stick to one platform because switching around can be frustrating.

For some of you, ClickFunnels might even be your best option if that is what suits your business best.

If you are looking for a truly free alternative to ClickFunnels then you really should try MailerLite!

They have powerful email marketing tools alongside landing pages & hosting.

So, it could easily be the best free option available to you.

However, most pieces of funnel builder software offer a free trial.

That means you can go and find the one you like the feel of, and then go onto use that one.

If you want ClickFunnels, but you are holding back because of the price, I recommend reading through How To Get ClickFunnels For Free In 2020.