GetResponse vs Kajabi

GetResponse vs Kajabi: Which Software Is For You?

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Welcome to my comparison between GetResponse vs Kajabi.

In this comparison, we are going to take a look at both of these pieces of software to help you determine which one you want to use.

Both options are very popular, but the purpose of both pieces of software are a little different. 

Let’s find out which one is best for you. 

GetResponse vs Kajabi: Key Differences

GetResponse vs Kajabi

The main difference between Kajabi and GetResponse is that Kajabi’s primary feature is the membership sites, while GetResponse’s primary feature is email marketing. Both options also have great landing & sales page tools. 

Due to these differences in features, there is also a significant pricing difference. If you do want to create membership sites, you can also consider Kartra and Teachable. 

GetResponse vs Kajabi: Overview

Founded In1998 2010
ServicesEmail Marketing, CRM, Landing & Sales PagesMembership Sites, Email Marketing, Landing & Sales Pages
Starting Price$15 Per Month$149 per month 
Customer support8.5/10 9.5/10 
Free Trial 30 Days (No Credit Card Required)14 Day Free Trial
Money-Back Guarantee None30 Days

What Is GetResponse

GetResponse was founded in 1998  by Simon Grabowski and has since then become one of the most popular email marketing tools on the market with over 350,000 customers. 

As time went on, GetResponse expanded by adding more features such as for example landing pages.

GetResponse Features

GetResponse has a lot of features, but we’ll break them down into the different categories so that it’s easier to understand. 

Email Marketing 

Firstly, we have email marketing.

Given that GetResponse’s initial purpose was being an autoresponder, as you would expect, they have powerful email marketing tools.

Here are some of the email marketing features that GetResponse has to offer:

  • Broadcast Emails/Newsletters
  • Autoresponder
  • Automation Workflows

  • Split-testing
  • Contact scoring & lead tagging

In case, you don’t know what contact scoring & lead tagging is, both of those features are explained below:

Contact scoring is when GetResponse will give your leads a score on how engaged they are with your emails.

This will help you notice when part of your list is unengaged, so you can put an effort in to win them back.

Lead tagging is basically just email segmentation.

For example, if you’re using two different lead magnets and one is an e-book about losing weight and the other is an e-book on intermittent fasting, you could give each lead a tag depending on which lead magnet they received.

Then if you have a weight loss product, you can sort by this tag and only send it to those with the losing weight e-book tag (if you wanted to). 

It’s basically like if you work in a pizza store and then you ask everyone who ordered pizza to stand on the left and everyone who hasn’t ordered pizza to stand on the right. 

But, most autoresponders will do this for you. 


The next feature is the CRM. 

CRM stands for customer relationship management and it’s a tool that helps you manage your leads to see which ones are the most likely to purchase.

It’s a little limited compared to if you were to buy a CRM on its own, but if you’re looking for an email marketing software with a strong CRM, I would recommend ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign’s CRM lets you automate the process a little more.

Related Article: GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign: Which One Is Best For You? 

Nonetheless, GetResponse’s CRM is still a useful tool too. 

Landing Pages & Sales Pages

Using GetResponse, you can also build your landing & sales pages.

GetResponse comes with a ton of beautiful templates that you can easily edit or you can build your pages from scratch.

You can also build sales pages with this feature.


Next, we have the webinar tool.

Using GetResponse you can host your own webinars which can also be helpful when building your lists.

AutoFunnel Feature

Lastly, we have the autofunnel feature.

This is a cool little feature to help you build your entire sales funnel, through easy-to-use templates as you can see in the image below.

This feature also comes with some ready-made lead magnets, so that can be a big help too if you’re in a B2B niche.

Most of these are on general topics such as Conversion improvement, so they can probably be applied to most B2B niches.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse has 3 main pricing plans and an Enterprise solution.

As with most autoresponders, GetResponse has a dynamic pricing table dependant on how many leads you need.

Below you can see the plans for 1,000 contacts, but for a full pricing table, please visit the GetResponse website. 

What Is Kajabi?

Kajabi was founded by Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser in 2010.

Since then it has become one of the most popular membership site builders on the market and has over 25,000 members. 

While its main features were originally just membership sites, it also expanded, and as time went on also started offering some more advanced features. 

Kajabi Features

Here are the main features Kajabi has to offer:

  • Membership Site
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing & Sales Pages
  • Affiliate Management
  • Webinars

Membership Sites

First of all, we have membership sites.

You would use these if you for example wanted to sell courses.

Kajabi’s membership site builder is probably the best on the market and you’re looking to sell courses, you should probably go for Kajabi.

It offers the most comprehensive tools and is a robust solution for any business up to 100,000 contacts.

Email Marketing

Kajabi also offers email marketing tools.

The automation workflows (combined with the pages) are called pipelines, but they are a little more limited compared to GetResponse’s automation workflows.

With GetResponse, you will get more email triggers and have more ways to split your workflow.

Nonetheless, Kajabi still comes with other important email features such as lead tagging.

Plus, if you do want a full autoresponder such as ActiveCampaign or GetResponse, you can always integrate Kajabi with your autoresponder.

Landing & Sales Pages

Using Kajabi, you can also build your landing and sales pages.

This is nice if you are selling courses, as you don’t need to integrate with a ton of different platforms. 

Affiliate Management

Kajabi also comes with affiliate management, meaning you can get affiliates to promote your products.

This can work great for membership sites, as if you have a great product that the members enjoy, they will often promote it. 


Using Kajabi you can also host your own webinars.

This can also work great if you’re selling courses, especially, if they are higher-ticket courses.

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi has three pricing plans as you can see in the image below.

Kajabi’s pricing is pretty good for what the software does. 

You get access to the membership site builder, email marketing tools, webinars, landing pages & sales pages, so it’s pretty much everything you need to grow a course business. 

GetResponse vs Kajabi: Support

Both offer 24/7 live chat support which is great.

Kajabi’s support is known to be very strong.

The same goes for GetResponse, although some users have reported it to be inconsistent.

I have used GetResponse a lot and their support has always been fantastic for me. 

Kajabi also offers phone support, while GetResponse doesn’t.

While both offer great support, Kajabi’s support team is a little better. 

Try GetResponse For Free! (30 Day Trial, No Credit Card)Try Kajabi Free (14 Day Trial) 

Which One Should You Use? 

Choosing between these two platforms is pretty simple.

If these two are the pieces of software you have in mind, the choice is easy.

Do you sell courses and do you need comprehensive membership site tools? 

If yes, then go with Kajabi and if not, then go with GetResponse.

What If I just want basic Membership Site Tools?

If you just want basic membership site tools, then you have a couple of other options out there.

You can use a tool like Teachable, Thinkific, or Kartra.

Kartra has a lot more advanced features too and it was #1 on my best funnel builders post, due to these features.

Why Is Kajabi So Good For Selling Courses?

There really aren’t other options that compare with Kajabi if you are looking to sell courses.

You get the most comprehensive tools to create powerful drip campaigns and can also create groups and challenges.

Not only this, but you also get the email marketing and landing page tools too, so you literally have everything you need to run a successful membership site. 

GetResponse vs Kajabi: Final Words

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in helping you find the right software for your business.

Both of the options mentioned in this article are great for their own purposes, but what it really depends on is whether you want to sell courses or not.

For example, if you’re just selling e-books or services, there is definitely no need to get Kajabi and you will be totally fine with GetResponse.

It just depends on your business.

And, if you need help setting up your landing page with GetResponse, then check out this post as it will help you get all setup. 

Other than that, I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you have any questions, feel free to just leave a comment below and I will get back to you asap. 


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