How Many Blog Views To Make Money & How To Make More

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How many blog views to make money?

Today I will be answering the question: “how many blog views to make money?”

Alongside answering this question, I will also be showing you some other ways you can monetize your blog so that you can make more money with fewer views. We will be taking a look at monetizing through Google AdSense too. 

It’s pretty hard to answer the question “how many blog views to make money?” directly, as there are a lot of variables that it depends on, however, we will be taking a look at the method you probably already are monetizing your content through (adsense), as well as some additional ways such as: 

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Consultations & Coaching
  • Selling your own product
  • Promotions

Monetizing Through Adsense

So, the first and probably most popular way to monetize your content is through Google Adsense. 

Now, I assume that this is the way you are monetizing your content, as it is the most popular way to monetize blogs. When you are monetizing through Adsense, the amount you are paid depends on a couple of factors. 

  • Your niche & its CPC
  • How many clicks you are generating
  • The country of the clicks that you are generating

If a niche has a lot of advertisers, then that niche will pay higher rates. Why? 

Competition in advertising drives the price up, so the advertisers will pay more. Generally speaking, in niches where the advertiser pays more, you will earn more. 

Then, for each click you generate, you will receive 68% of what the advertiser pays. So, let’s talk about RPM (Revenue Per Mille), this means how much revenue you earn per thousand page views.

How Many Blog Views To Make Money With Adsense

On the low end, it will usually be between $2 to $5, on the medium end it will be between $5 and $10. Lastly, on the higher end, it can even range over $50. (Rankxl)

As you can see, the niche plays a big role in this, however, if you are in a low-paying niche, don’t worry I will show you some additional ways to monetize your content. Usually, the average is probably around $7 per 1,000 page views. (estimate)

So, depending on what you define as “money”, there is your answer. Now, I assume that some of you may be disappointed by those numbers. If you are, then don’t worry as I will be showing you some additional ways to monetize your content, as I mentioned earlier. 

To find your estimated earnings through Adsense, you will have to find the CPC of your niche, then take away 32% (Google’s Cut). That’s how much a click on your site would be valued at. 

The best way to find out how much you will earn with Adsense is just looking at the statistics in your Google Adsense account. You will be able to get a rough idea of how much you will earn by doing this. 

If you use other advertising networks, you can either look at the data inside of your account or search for RPM payouts of that network. 

Additional Monetization

Now that we know how much you earn through advertising networks such as Adsense, let’s have a look at alternative ways of monetizing our content. 

This section should be helpful if you are trying to earn more money with your blog, especially if you don’t have a lot of views. Just to give you an idea of how well some of these tips work, in the last 30 days, each visitor on my blog has been worth over $1. 

That is over 140x the estimated average of $7. How did I do this? 

Affiliate marketing with high commissions, which we will talk about in a second. However, I just wanted to show you that it is possible to earn a bigger amount with smaller amounts of traffic coming to your site. 

Now, you are not necessarily going to earn $1 per visitor, as again it depends on your niche, but you should be able to make some extra cash. If you are monetizing in additional ways

1. Affiliate Marketing

The first way to additionally monetize your blog is through affiliate marketing. 

In case, you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s when you sell another business’ product through your tracking link. When you make a sale, you earn a commission. 

I mentioned earlier that in the last 30 days, each of my visitors was worth $1. This was due to me selling digital products through affiliate marketing. When you sell digital products the commission levels are much higher. Usually, around 50-75%. Alongside this, I also utilized high paying CPA offers. 

Each niche is different, so in your niche, you may be promoting physical products. If you are promoting physical products, the commission will be a lot lower. Usually, it can range from 5% – 20%. However, that is heavily dependant on the product, so I recommend that you do some research for your niche. 

Popular Affiliate Programs that you can join: 

  • ClickBank (Digital, many niches)
  • Amazon Associates (Amazon Affiliate Program)
  • JvZoo (Digital)
  • ShareASale (Both) 
  • Digistore24 (Digital)

If you need help with promoting ClickBank Products, check out how to promote ClickBank products.

Picking ClickBank products can also be a pain, so here are the best converting ClickBank products. 

Buyer-Intent Content Ideas

  • Reviews
  • Product vs Product
  • How to fix this problem content offer product as a solution
  • Top 10 X 

If you are in a competitive niche, I also recommend reading about blogging in a competitive niche as this will increase your chances of success. 


2. Consultations & Coaching

The next way that you can monetize your content is through consultations and coaching. 

This is a great way to monetize your blog, as you can actually make a lot of money off 1 client, meaning you don’t need as many views. In case, you are thinking that you aren’t in the right kind of niche for coaching and consultations, that may be true, but you would be surprised how many niches you could actually do this in. 

For example, let’s say your blog is around jet ski’s, you could offer consultations for $50 per hour for people who want to buy jet skis. Before people go spend $15,000 on a jet ski, they would probably take your consultation for $50 per hour to help them make the right choice. 

If you have a blog about mindset, fitness or even chess, you could sell coaching services. Coaching is something that you can really charge a lot for and I am guessing that you would somewhat even enjoy coaching people in your field of expertise. So, both Consultations & coaching are something that you should consider!

3. Selling Your Own Product

Another way to additionally monetize your blog is by selling your own product. 

Don’t worry you don’t have to create a magic gadget or anything, it can simply be a course or an e-book. Something, that you create that will offer a lot of value to your audience. If it offers value, people will enjoy it. 

Also, if the product is digital such as a course or an e-book, you can sell it over and over again, without any additional charges to you. 

So, selling your own product is definitely something that you could consider when it comes to monetizing your blog. 

4. Promotions

Lastly, if you are getting a decent amount of page views, you can often find businesses that want to advertise on your site. 

Maybe through banner ads, or maybe through having their own posts. What’s the difference between this and Adsense, you might be asking. 

Well, by doing it this way, you are not paying Google 32-49% of the advertising revenue. Additionally, you can sometimes find businesses that will pay you a monthly retainer for displaying a banner ad. Personally, I prefer doing affiliate marketing as that is more profitable for me. However, if you are in a niche that mainly includes physical products, this option might be better for you. 

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Although, there isn’t a direct answer to the question “how many blog views to make money?”, I hope that you found some value within this post. Also, I do truly believe that all bloggers, especially small bloggers should be monetizing through additional methods such as affiliate marketing.

Otherwise, you are just leaving money on the table. Don’t be afraid to monetize, if you are offering value or the products you promote are valuable, then you should earn money for it. So, don’t be afraid to monetize.

Lastly, just test out what kind of monetization works for you. Eventually, you will not only find something that you enjoy, but also something that is profitable.

I hope that this post has helped you if it did leave a comment below!



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