How to Find a Blog Topic

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If you ever need success in creating blogs for your business or your site, then, how to find a blog topic is one major question that you might have asked yourself for a very long time and maybe you might have not found the best answer for your question. There are a lot of issues that you should consider if you are to find suitable topics for your blog posts. 

Note that the topic is always one of the most important sections of any text, and blog posts being one of those important texts, you need to have a nice topic that could attract more readers. Below are the major considerations for any blog topic choice that prove very important in how to find a blog topic. 

How to Find a Blog Topic

1. Use Underscore in Google Search Box 

This is quite interesting and easy to apply. It is more of a technique that helps you find several more suggestions that are either related to your keyword or are directly suitable for them. It is best referred to as the underscore technique. 

What you need to do on your Google search box is just type in an underscore, hit the spacebar, and then type in your keyword. Whatever appears on the screen would include word suggestions that could appear before what you just keyed in. 

Such a trick is important since it helps you find a lot of words that just fit before your keyword to make your topic more interesting or make it sound better than you thought. It is simple to execute but it yields good ideas for better fittings for your keyword. 

2. Online Discussion Platforms 

These can be a very good source of ideas for how to find a blog topic. It is easy to learn what you need to include in your blog content through joining online discussions and getting to see what questions people ask and fail to find answers to or what they tend to forget in the discussion that can be very important in completing the cycle of information. 

Remember many of these discussion platforms are just free expression sites that let people air out their views on different topics and discuss many of the issues that affect their lives at a given time. 

3. Google Keyword Planner Tool 

This is one of the free tools that might be very key in helping you in how to find a blog topic that might be interesting to your readers. It is quite a good starting point for keyword research and in the whole process of finding out what kind of content would suit your readers. 

Conducting advanced keyword research means that you are bound to get a more advanced series of long-tail keywords from which you can either choose or craft new ideas for your blog topic. 

4. Google “Search Related To” Box 

For quite a long time now, this has been a very important section suitable enough to discover best fit long-tail keywords that serve as good ideas for your blog topic choice. It is important to note that this section harbors a lot of long-tail keywords since it is being inclined to find out more results for voiced searches which means it has to be wide enough to yield satisfactory responses. 

This section then becomes more helpful when you analyze what it presents against your interests to come up with even more ideas for your blog topic. 

5. Quora 

Quora is a very resourceful question and answer forum that presents a lot of information. It is easy to access since the only requirement you need is to have a Gmail account which is of course very easy to create. 

Once you have an account, you can now log in to the forum and search whatever the information you want. The good thing with quora is that several other suggestions appear on the right side and this is where you find a lot of information that can help you come up with a nice blog topic. 

The information is vast enough to cover almost everything you need. Several topics are included and from those, you can be able to find out what more you need to add or omit from what you already have in order to bring more relevance to your blog topic. 

6. Google’s People Also Ask Section 

Did you know that this part is very important in Google searches? This box pops up many many more questions that are yet to be answered and many others that are relevant to what you may want to write about. There are a lot of ideas you can fetch from this section on how to find a blog topic since it gives you the clue about what people would want to know. 

Answering the question can be important in coming up with more information that your audience needs to hear. Many people often overlook this section but any successful blogger would tell you how important it is to find out and answer unanswered questions. 

7.  Answer the Public 

Another incredible tool! What you need to do with this is to key in a seed keyword and then click on get questions. Many questions will come up and as we mentioned answering the question is the best way to find an interesting topic for your blog. You not only find out several related keywords but also a number of future topic ideas that can serve you very well. After answering the public, you can find very many more ideas relevant to your blog topic.  

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How to Find a Blog Topic – Conclusion

You may have noticed that coming up with a blog topic is a lot easier than you may have expected. The slightest attempt to fish deeper into what you are able to find is the best way to find a blog topic. We have gone through a number of 100 percent free tools and easily accessible to everyone around the web. 

More and more comes up the moment you try to find out how to find a blog topic and thus is what should give you an upper hand in developing more viable blog topic ideas. 


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