How to get approved for affiliate programs

How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs | Complete Guide

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How to get approved for affiliate programs

How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs: Introduction

Have you been struggling to get approved on affiliate programs that you want to promote? If you have, then this post is for you. In this post, you will learn the simple steps on how to get approved for affiliate programs.

We will be talking about:

  • Why you may be struggling to get approved
  • How to get approved for affiliate programs you want to join
  • The steps you can take to increase your chances

Why You May Be Struggling To Get Approved 

So, before we jump into how to get approved for affiliate programs, we need to identify the problem. 

Usually, it comes down to the following:

  • Your web presence
  • Your experience
  • How you fill out the form

Those are really the three things that it comes down to.

If vendors aren’t approving you, it’s not because they hate you or they don’t want you to make any money, it’s because of those three factors. 

Sometimes they will also ask you for the size of your email list, so you should start building it as soon as possible. If you need help picking an autoresponder, check out the 6 best autoresponders for affiliate marketing. 

Why Affiliate Programs Require Approvals

You may be wondering; “Why do affiliate programs need approval?”

Well, that’s a really good point. You either get sales, or you don’t, right? Yes, but no…

Affiliate marketing will always have beginners. These beginners can actually damage the product’s pixel data, as well as the reputation of the product. 

In case you don’t know what I am talking about, each company probably runs retargeting ads meaning they spend money on advertising to visitors who have been on their site as they know that they have shown interest.

If they allow a bunch of random affiliates then what might happen is that they send spammy traffic.

This will then cause the company to make little sales (usually none) from that traffic while wasting money on retargeting ads.

Additionally, beginners can also damage the reputation of that company through spammy advertising. So, it makes sense to require approval. 

How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs

In order to get approved we need to:

  •  Stick to one niche (so that we have a strong web presence)
  • Improve our web presence even more
  • Give the vendor reassurance 
  • Fill out the form properly

Other than those steps there really isn’t much we can do. However, that’s good for us, because if we still aren’t getting approved, then we know that it comes down to one of those steps. Otherwise, we would never know where the problem is!


Sticking To One Niche

My first tip is to stick to one niche. By doing so, you will only focus on your web presence in that niche. 

If you’re trying to get approved for an internet marketing affiliate program, but you only have a website about dogs then you will struggle. 

By jumping from niche to niche you will never hit the point where you have a strong web presence and can get approved for basically anything you want in that niche. 

So, you really want to stick to one niche and not jump between a thousand different niches. Likewise, you shouldn’t have a blog or a YouTube channel about a thousand different topics.

Most vendors will look at your website and think that your content doesn’t fit to their product, so they won’t approve you. Why? 

They know you will probably not make sales, especially if you get little traffic and you will probably just throw off their pixel if anything.

It’s just not worth taking that risk as a vendor.

Improving Your Web presence

First of all, you should have a blog or Youtube channel.

It should either be in that niche or a niche that at least shows that you know what you are doing in terms of marketing products. You can’t just use social media.

Well, you can, but not for any serious affiliate program from bigger companies. They will always require that you have at least a blog or Youtube channel.

And it shouldn’t be inactive either, you should at least post once a week. Usually speaking, they will want to see that it’s getting some traffic too, otherwise, they will think that you are inexperienced.

If you haven’t actually started building your blog or YouTube channel, then I suggest you do that first. That’s probably why you haven’t been getting approved.

If You Want To Use Paid Ads

But what if you want to use paid ads?

Surely, not everyone needs to have a blog or YouTube channel, right?

Correct. If you want to promote with paid ads, things are a little different, sometimes easier, sometimes harder. Usually, you should just fill out the form and say something like:

“I am going to create a funnel around (product name) and promote it with Facebook ads”.

Don’t say stuff like solo ads, a lot of vendors don’t like these. Usually speaking, they won’t let you run Google ads either, so I recommend just running Facebook ads. Unless, it’s a product that will allow solo ads, as they can work great.

If you are just looking to build your list with paid ads, then promote to your list, you can say so as well.

Giving The Vendor Reassurance

You want to give the vendor reassurance and say that:

  • You will not be any sending spam traffic
  • You will not be using any BS methods such as negative marketing
  • You will be promoting it in a reliable way.

In case you are new and want to promote it on your YouTube channel or Blog, you can say that you probably won’t be sending a lot of traffic, but there will definitely be no spam traffic in there. Also, say that you are growing (if you are).

You also don’t want to look like all the other new affiliates. Usually, they will give long explanations, have nothing to show and just say stuff like “I will promote to my email list”

They will somehow manage to turn that into 3 sentences. You need to keep it simple. If you really don’t want to look like them, I would recommend sending a video of your face explaining how you will be promoting it (and that you will not send spam traffic).

How To Fill Out A Form Properly

So each form usually asks the following:

  • How you are going to promote
  • Your experience
  • Your website

It’s pretty easy to get approved if you do have a website, as they can just look at it. 

How You Are Promoting

Here you want to explain which methods you will use i.e:

Or whatever way you are promoting them. What you don’t want to do is leave it blank or say “my email list”. If you want to promote with your email list go into the detail of:

  • How you built it i.e which traffic methods
  • The Size of it. 

But keep it short. If you need some tips on finding traffic sources for affiliate marketing, check out: Best Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing. 

Your Experience

Here you just want to explain that you are experienced. It doesn’t have to be 10 years experience, you can just say for how long you have been an affiliate for, what you do, and what methods you focus on i.e are very experienced in. 

If you truly have no experience, then I would recommend promoting products that don’t require approval first. Otherwise, you may get yourself banned off programs that could be extremely profitable for you in the future. 

You shouldn’t really try to skip any steps. Once you can make sales on the programs that don’t require approval, you can go into the ones that do. 

These are usually the more serious ones. 

Your Website

Lastly, they will usually ask you for your website. If you have one, great! Submit it and there you go. 

Even if you aren’t getting a lot of traffic, vendors will usually be able to see if your website’s content is good and fits their product. If you don’t have a website, you can also link to your YouTube channel.

Don’t have either? Maybe link to one of the landing pages or funnels that you recently created and explain what it is. 

In case, you don’t have one of those either, you probably won’t get approved. Programs that require approval, are usually pretty serious. You’re not going to get approved with just a social media account. 


Affiliate programs that require approval, usually require approval for a reason. 

If you haven’t made sales on previous programs that don’t require approval, then you should probably aim for those first. 

It’s not harder to make sales on those and if you can’t make sales on those, chances are you can’t make sales on the more serious affiliate programs. 

So, don’t skip these steps, look for affiliate programs that don’t require approval and promote them first.  I hope that you have enjoyed this article. If you did, make sure to leave a comment and/or share it. 

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