How to Get my Website on Google

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Businesses are striving day after day to attain a better position on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With the massive data and content search engines on google hold, there are systems appropriately set to organize and decide which sites will appear before the others on search engines. As a web owner, how to get my website on google should be a piece of cake. Let’s dig deeper! 

Getting your website on google is not as complex as people think it is. Just a simple process and you’ll be ranking on top pages of search engines on google. 

Having your website on google and regularly optimizing it to be SEO friendly will not only make you rank top but also come in handy with huge traffic. You don’t have to submit your website to Google to start getting noticed and receiving ranks. Google has automated crawlers and spiders that go round finding sites and adding them to its index.  

So then as a web owner, thinking about how to get my website on google? Your website may not appear on google at all sometimes; even after waiting for a couple of days after publishing. You can hasten this process by submitting the site to google and you’ll be on board in no time. Google’s working computer systems are top-notch. 

They’re working 24/7 with crawlers that go around the internet collecting and storing data for site ranking depending on the type of content the site holds or the keywords it’s ranking for. Google crawlers embrace relevancy day in day out on the search engines. The most relevant site will come first, then the second, third, fourth, and so on.  

However, sometimes your site might not appear on google due to the crawlers going past your site on the engines. This might be due to the following reasons:  

Your site might not be properly connected to other sites. 

Google might have failed to crawl across your website when trying to access your site. 

A complex design for your website might make the crawling process for google spiders difficult. 

How to Get my Website on Google 

How to Get my Website on Google 

Submit our website on google 

Google spiders might miss or go past your website due to some reason. In a case like this, you’ll have to submit your website to google. Google crawlers might fail to crawl through your site may be due to a complex web design or other technical reasons.  

Choose the right Keywords 

Depending on the keyword you’re ranking for i.e either short-tail or long-tail, optimizing your keyword for a specific audience will make you outstanding in your niche. Do your web research well and understand what your market needs by pointing out the gaps and coming up with a solution that will accommodate the need. 

This will make your website visible on the search engines whenever visitors search the keyword you’re ranking for. Optimize your keywords and the alternative key phrases to be SEO friendly to increase visitors’ traffic to your website. Having keywords and their alternatives on your site will not only help Google crawlers go through your site easily but also bring huge organic traffic  to your website.   

Optimize your site for mobile phones 

About 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile phone users all over the world. A vast proportion of mobile users access the internet on their phones navigating through blogs, ads, and media on websites published on the internet. People spend most of their time on the internet seeking a service or product that will accommodate their needs. 

Compelling titles and meta descriptions for your website will persuade the visitor or searcher to click your link, visit your website and maybe make a purchase or order. The best websites on google are those with the best user interface. Make your visitors stay on your website a fascinating moment by optimizing and having the best designs and eye-appealing features on your website. 

Beyond having a five-star user interface, you’ll also want to make your guest click, purchase, or make an order eventually. That’s the real deal, right? You’ll make this possible by setting persuasive call-to-action to your site to trigger purchases and conversions when the sun goes down. 

Set link paths  

As a web owner, how to get my website on google can be done through link building. Interconnecting blogs and content on your website through link building will draw google crawlers to your website. This will increase your site’s visibility since spiders will visit even the deepest of pages on your website using the redirected links as paths. If you’re lucky enough to receive backlinks from more authoritative and big website owners, you’ll be in a better position on the Search engine result pages easily. 

Big websites linking back to your website will draw traffic from their dominant sites to your site within the flip of the duck’s tail. After submitting your website on google, it is advisable to immediately hop into link and content building for your website. Interconnected link trails will always put you a step ahead of your competitors.  

Google ads premiums  

Buying ads for your website will put you at the peak of your niche. After optimizing your keywords and creating content for your site, it’s about time people get to know your brand. This will even draw huge traffic to your website since your site will appear and get clicked on, by internet users from all over the globe. 

If you’re not well exposed and conversant with Google ads, find a pro who will help you run your ads and target your specific audience. This will sky-strike your business’ lead generation and conversion.  

Earn organic traffic 

This has been a big-time preferred answer for the question ‘how do I get my website on google’ by web owners. Rather than going for ads and paying for brand visibility on google, you can decide to go the natural way. This is achieved by going the longer path i.e. long-term on-page optimization and creation of relevancy to your target market.  

Elongate your compelling content and optimize your pages to be SEO friendly. Make sure your content is unique (free from plagiarism), high quality, and last but not least; accommodative to the client’s needs. Create eye-compelling and easy-to-read content to decrease the bounce rate on your blogs. 

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How to Get my Website on Google – Conclusion

Wondering “how to get my website on google?” I believe the guidelines and steps above are what you need to get your website on google and increase your brand visibility. Follow the instructions and make your website outstanding amongst your competitors. 


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