How to Get Website on Top of Google

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“How to get website on top of google” is the million-dollar question for online businesses. Google’s mission is to organize data & information in general in a way that will be useful for internet searchers. 

That means if your website or publications are not optimized and relevant to the users, Google will not show them on top of results. As simple as that. 

If you are not sure where or how to start, this article provides you different factors you need to know to get a website ranking high on the google results page. We’ll be sharing with you some simple tips and hacks on how to optimize your website the right way.

How to Get Website on Top of Google

Tips and Hacks on How to Get Website on Top of Google

There are varied methods for how to get website on top of Google. Yet, it takes some effort to top rank and you need to be patient as it doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it takes up to twelve months to master what it takes to rank in the first pages since Google is constantly changing its algorithm.

The real question is why everyone is crazy about ranking high on google search?

Well, the short answer is exposure and credibility. Two things that will help you grow and raise awareness of your brand which consequently translate to increase conversions and increase revenues.

Not only that but you can also:

  1. Enhance your website visibility: The more people are aware of your brand, the more you have traffic on your website, the more they convert. 
  2. Get discovered by potential customers who are willing to buy your goods or services.
  3. Improve your audience engagement with your published content.
  4. Increase your website traffic.
  5. Improve your leadership & dominance in the designated industry.
  6. Increase your industry authority.
  7. Get recognized as trustful resources for information and relevant data.

How to achieve all the above is possible with the right and best practices. Keep on reading to learn some useful tips on how to get website on top of Google.

Here is what you need to do:

Determine your keywords

You have to identify the keywords with which your website pages will show once Google shows search results pages. The keywords are usually either one single word or words or a whole phrase, it depends. 

You have to take into consideration that each page on your website targets a different keyword that will attract a different audience. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that the varied pages of your websites won’t have the same attention as they are not competing against each other.

Include your keywords in meta title, description, URL, alt tags, 

The best way that will get your website ranking high on google is via Keywords. When a user inserts a keyword in a search box, Google here creeps through all the web to bring out the best and most relevant results.

For this reason, you have to place your keywords strategically. Starting with the Meta title. Every single publication whether it’s an article or short blog post or even one of your website pages has a meta title. 

This later emerges at the top of the page. Google uses the meta title to showcase the search result web page. Second, we have the Meta description. In the meta description, you can learn more about what that page content is all about. It falls under the Meta title. 

URL on the other hand represents your domain name. On the Google search page, your URL will appear above the Meta description. It should include your keywords as it entails a certain level of trustworthiness to your potential visitor. 

How to get website on top of google – optimize and enhance the quality of your content

Your website content can either make or break your ranking position. Your content should be relevant, original, non-plagiarized, and unique. Plagiarized content can put you into unwanted trouble, so avoid copy-pasting content from high-ranking websites that share the same niche as you. 

Another important thing is to include your keywords in your content. Do not overstuff your keywords everywhere. use them wisely. try to avoid making the text poorly written or just for the sake of marketing. 

Be smart in the way you use your keywords in headlines, in subheads, in quotes, and more. Always remember that you are talking to a human. Therefore, easy to read but useful and informative content will always keep your visitors coming back for more information. 

Mobile optimization

Most users tend to use their mobiles and tablets more these days. And that means you should optimize and enhance your mobile app performance. This is particularly evident when people are performing local searches on google. With that said, make your mobile app user- friendly and responsive. Make sure it adjusts to any mobile screen size and uphold its operationality. 

Improve your customer user experience

Whether it’s a mobile app or a website page, your customer experience plays a major role in leaving a positive first impression on your potential visitors. With an intuitive design, easy to search and navigate through, and attractive yet straightforward CTA, you are good to go. 

Leave a lot of white space, so your website doesn’t look overcrowded. Again, the answer to how to get a website on top of Google in this aspect is via Visual search. 

Add your business/website to trustful directories and promote your brand 

List your business/website on well-recognized directories either for reference or review. This will increase your website’s credibility and boost your online presence. Start by looking for directories that have high traffic. Online reviews and linkages from different entrusted websites transmit alerts to Google that formulate into its ranking algorithm system.

You could also read about how to increase SEO on google.

Post guest articles with backlinks

Guest blogging is another way to get your website to rank high on Google. Start by searching and creating high-quality content. You want to make sure that the content you are sending is repeatable and means business. Add links to your website on one of their pages by swapping a high-quality article with them. The content should be authoritative and original.

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