how to grow a blog quickly

How To Grow A Blog Quickly (And Get More Traffic)

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How To Grow A Blog Quickly: Introduction

Welcome to this article in which you will learn how to grow a blog quickly. 

I will be showing you some strategies on how you can promote your own content to grow faster, as well as showing you how that will actually benefit your SEO a little too. 

Please keep in mind that blogging and SEO, in general, is a long term strategy. Even if you grow a blog quickly, it will probably take you around a year. However, once you have grown your blog, it has some huge benefits that last for a long time or even a lifetime. 

So, it’s nothing where you will be successful within a month, but it’s still definitely worth it, especially if you consider how cheap it is to start one. 

Explaining How To Grow A Blog Quickly

how to grow a blog quickly


First of all, you may be thinking, why is this tiny blog explaining how to grow a blog quickly?

The thing is that this blog is only five months old and that we have had over 2,000 unique visitors this month alone. Blogging about affiliate marketing is also highly competitive and the competition is usually very good, on a lot of keywords, the competition is huge such as,,, and even Forbes. 

So, in this niche particular it usually takes pretty long to get off the ground, but FiveStarFunnel is still growing pretty quickly. Not only that, everybody else (the little guys like FiveStarFunnel) will know a huge amount of SEO.

Affiliate marketing is a competitive field, but I like competition. If you were to blog about something else such as Dogs, Jetski’s or Fashion, I assume there would be a lot fewer bloggers who know as much about SEO and stuff like that.

So, okay this tiny blog may be able to help me grow my blog quickly, but how do I do it?

To grow quickly, you should generate lots of additional traffic from other platforms and do some on-page SEO. You might be thinking that you can’t generate tons of traffic, but I will show you how you can do so. 

Having a lot of traffic from other relevant pages can also help build up Google’s trust in your site (not directly Domain authority) and it can also, of course, help Google find your site quicker. Plus, you aren’t just relying on Google for traffic. 

By the way, I recommend staying away from black-hat SEO methods, as these can get you penalized and even banned off Google! 

Why Optimizing On-Page SEO is important

It’s also important that you do some on-page SEO so that your site will eventually rank. Generating additional traffic will help your site be indexed by Google and if there are a lot of people clicking through on it from other pages then that can display to Google that your site is a potential answer for your keywords. 

You can have all the traffic, backlinks, etc. in the world, but if your on-page SEO is not on point, you probably still won’t rank in Google. 

In the long term, Google will be your best friend and generate the most amount of traffic for you, so make sure to help them do so (and not upset them through blackhat methods)!

With all of this being said, don’t over-complicate things. Just make sure to:

  • Optimize your on-page SEO (as good as possible, perfect)
  • Focus on other traffic methods in the beginning
  • NOT upset google with black-hat methods

And of course, be patient. Now, let’s have a look at generating some additional traffic. It’s also important that you do everything you can for on-page SEO, but don’t put too much time into monitoring your rankings, because you can’t control that.

Instead, put the time into things you can control! 

How To Grow A Blog Quickly By Generating More Traffic

Below I have listed nine ways that you can generate additional traffic to your blog, although some will just help your SEO (so they will still help you grow faster).

Each one is also explained so that you know how to get started. I would recommend that you use all of them a little and put together some sort of schedule. 

If you use all or most of them and stay consistent, your results will start to compound and you will start to generate more and more traffic from them. I personally like to use all of these, but I don’t go too crazy on any of them. 

1. Use Social Media To Self Promote

The first way is pretty obvious and it’s to use social media to self promote your content. 

I put it in the first spot because it can probably generate the most amount of traffic. In case you didn’t know my Twitter engagement is dead and I get 300-600 visitors per month from Twitter, so it definitely does work.

If you send your followers to posts with affiliate links it can actually be pretty profitable as well. Personally, I like to use Twitter and Pinterest to generate traffic to my blog, but you can use any social media platform of your choice. 

I just use Twitter because I like it and it’s a platform where you can tweet a lot each day which means that you tweet a link to your blog once per day. The reason I like Pinterest is in a study by Neil Patel he found that it generates the most amount of organic visitors of all social media platforms. 

With all of this in mind, make sure to not annoy your followers and still post valuable content on your social media accounts too. Otherwise, people will unfollow you which will result in fewer visitors!


Affiliate Marketing on Twitter

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

2. Quora

The second way that you can use to generate additional traffic is through Quora. 

Quora is the largest question and answer platform in the world which means there are lots of users. When a question is asked related to what you blog about, you can jump in and answer it. 

But how do you generate traffic? 

Well, you can generate by linking to your own site for more information on the topic, or even as a source. Now, don’t get me wrong, you aren’t going to generate thousands of visitors from Quora. 

However, if you stay consistent and answer the right questions, you can get quite a lot of visitors from Quora.

Additionally, it even has some SEO value. Although the links are “no-follow” meaning they don’t count, when a lot of users click on your link, Google may see it as an answer to that question and choose to boost it’s rankings a little. If you stay consistent for months doing this, you can actually generate some real traffic.

Quora is something that I have been lacking in heavily myself. In my first month of starting my blog, I wrote about 3 answers per day and then just stopped. The answers were pretty bad and so was my blog, but I still get some traffic from it today. It’s better to write one answer per day but to stay consistent. So, learn from my mistake. Also, one of the (terrible) articles that I heavily linked to ranked in the top 50 on Google. 

I then went over and edited it (a lot) and now it ranks between 10-12 for a bunch of different keywords related to ClickBank (with not a single “do-follow” backlink) 

Bonus Tip: Use Google Alerts to get alerts whenever a question is asked related to a topic of your blog. 

Also, despite not using Quora at all anymore (which I am going to change today), I still get 1500+ views per month. 

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3. Medium

So, in #3 we have medium. 

Medium is a writing platform where anyone can write on any topic they wish. Again, the links are “no-follow”, however, you can generate some traffic from building up your followers there and linking to yourself.

Medium is something that I am still in the process of learning, however, I have actually started writing articles there now to link to my own.

Additionally, the medium also has some SEO value, despite the links being “no-follow”. Why?

When you are going for low-competition keywords, you can pretty easily rank by just using your Medium account. However, you can then link to your content (on the same keyword) and then Google will recognize that and see your article as an answer. 

If the medium article is linking to yours it won’t be above your article, as yours is the recommended resource by the medium article. Keep in mind, this won’t always work and it won’t work just on its own for more competitive keywords, but it’s still helpful. 

And once you build up a following on medium, you can actually get quite a lot of traffic from there too!

4. Blog Comments & Forums

The next place to get additional traffic is from blog comments and forums.

In terms of blog comments, there is a right way of doing it that will:

  • maximize your chances of getting approved
  • generate the most amount of traffic

If you want to use forums, you will have to just find relevant forums that accept links and then engage in the conversation with value and without being spammy. Personally, I have never found any success with forums, but a lot of people have so that is something you can consider. 

In terms of blog comments, you will also want to make sure that you aren’t being spammy meaning:

  • Your comment should have compliments & value to the author
  • Your comment should be highly relevant with questions about specific parts of the post
  • Don’t post too many, otherwise, Google may see this as spam and penalize your site. 

All comments should, of course, be manually written too! Before you jump into this, I recommend heading over to my guide on comments that also includes some examples.

5. Collect & Send Emails

Okay… This one’s pretty obvious. 

But you should be collecting emails in some sort of way, as you can bring these visitors back to your blog as well as sell to them in your emails. It’s obvious, but it’s important for your reader retention.

If you don’t collect emails chances are a big chunk of your readers will never return. And you will simply make more money by selling through emails. To collect emails, I use a plugin called Thrive leads and then I just connect it to my autoresponder. 

You can then sell products in your emails, as well as send out your articles to get additional revenue from either ads or affiliate links. If you’re on a budget and want an autoresponder, I recommend reading free autoresponder for affiliate marketing

6. Guest Post/Collaborate With Others

Build contacts of bloggers in similar niches to yours.

You can then do guest posts or just relevant link exchanges. While this won’t really get you tons of traffic it will help your SEO a lot. So, if you aim to get one link per week it will help build your domain authority a lot.

To find bloggers in your niche or ones that are closely related, you can:

  • Look on social media
  • Outreach – Find relevant blogs and look for “contact”.

Usually, you won’t exactly get tons of traffic from guest posts, but it will help your rankings which will result in traffic. 

7. Try Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads are extremely cheap and can be quite profitable by just sending visitors to your blog post with affiliate links inside. 

Not only are they really cheap, but they also help grow your Pinterest profile extremely quickly. By running Pinterest ads, you will get some followers and some users pinning your ads too, meaning their followers see the pin that you are promoting too.  Also, by gaining followers, your future Pins will get seen by more people. 

Of course, this is completely optional, but it’s definitely something that you can consider, especially if you are promoting digital products with high commissions, as the cost of Pinterest ads is usually under 30 cents per click!

8. Be As Frequent & Consistent As Possible

The last two points are just tips, but these tips will help you generate more traffic. 

So, be as frequent and consistent as possible. Without consistency, you will get absolutely nowhere. So, be consistent!

The reason I have included frequency in this part is that the more you post, the faster you will grow. For example, if you post three times a week, you will grow faster than if you just post once a week. 

With that being said, don’t go overkill on this. I used to post twice per day and it just resulted in the articles being terrible which lead to me deleting over 30 of them. So, be frequent and consistent, but don’t go overkill on frequency. 

9. Be Better Than Your Competition

The last tip is a little SEO tip. 

When you write content, check what’s ranking for #1, then write better and more thorough content!

More in-depth, more practical and just better! This will maximize your chances of ranking and it will also help you in the future when you are ranking and want to improve. Why?

Because when you are 100% sure that your content is better, you know that you just have to improve on the SEO perspective (on & off page).

Also, try to be better than your competition in every other way too. For example, frequency, feel, speed, etc. but this should be your long term goal, don’t focus on this too much as there are better ways to spend your time. 

Bonus Tip

Go for low competition keywords! You will have little to no chance ranking for high competition keywords! So, do some research and find keywords that don’t have a lot of competition. This will increase your chances of ranking.

Final Words

I hope that you have enjoyed this post on how to grow a blog quickly.

Just make sure to stay consistent in everything that you do, that’s really the key here. Of course, you don’t have to use all the methods that I explained above, but I would definitely recommend adding a few of them to your strategy. 

Also, with all of those methods explained above, results take time to compound, it’s not an overnight thing. That’s the case with blogging in general. 

If you did enjoy this post, make sure to leave a comment and/or share the post!

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