How to Increase SEO on Google

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Search engine optimization is a very important part that anyone should consider for their website if it has to rank on Google. There are many ways to build up SEO strategies and execute them in full. However, if you already have a website that is optimized but you still rank poorly, we are yet to find out how to increase SEO on Google and what should and should not be done on your website. 

There are very many ways of increasing SEO but since we are specifically talking about increasing the chances of better ranking on Google, I am going to major in website/on-page SEO. 

How to Increase SEO on Google

On-page SEO 

When we talk about on-page SEO we are basically talking about all the methods of scrutiny that you apply to a website to make it rank better on Google. There are various adjustments that you can resolve to use in case you want to increase your ranking on Google. 

Before we get any deeper, we ought to note that for your site to rank on Google you need listing, probably with Google my business. Now, the listing is a very important aspect of on-page SEO since it is majorly associated with allowing the search engines to crawl your website and make it visible on Google. 

Content is the stem of whatever you hold on your website and how you organize and structure it determines a greater part of how you rank on Google. Apart from your website copy, you ought to know how to make your content maximumly optimized and more attractive to all who visit your website. A combination of all that I have introduced above and many other techniques that help your SEO up is what we are going to discuss today. 

Content SEO Page by Page 

Structuring your content for SEO is a major step by step process that you need to understand in and out. Under this, we are going to see how to optimize your content on every page. Below is what you need to do to optimize your content 

Page Title Optimization 

Whatever you see first when you visit any website is the page title. Your title needs to be compelling, in the sense that it captures the attention of the reader. You need not bore your readers with so many empty words. What we are simply saying here is that you should have a page title that is precise and straight to the point. 

On the technical end, you need to hyperlink the page title text to make it more visible to the search engine. Concisely, you need to work on the page title to make it appealing to both the search engine and the reader. Working on both ends gives your website an upper hand on Google ranking. 

Optimize Your Meta Descriptions 

If you are wondering how to increase SEO on google, your meta description plays a big role. With the meta description, we are basically talking about the very brief description that appears on search results just below the page title. A solid meta description should give your readers a quick glimpse of what your page is all about to make them decide whether your page has the exact information they need. 

Therefore you need to make sure the meta description encompasses the whole scope of your content within the website. Being careful enough, you also don’t need to put information that is more of marketing than introducing your visitors to your website’s content. The keyword should only appear once and the wording should be very brief and straight to the point. 


You need to make sure that each page is optimized, with a meta description, and has a separate keyword. This means that the information on each page is bound to differ and needs to have a keyword to help it show up on Google. Interlinking is also one of the best methods of how to increase SEO on google. 

By interlinking, we simply mean binding specific texts of your page information to other information elsewhere within your site. To be specific you need to build internal links that interconnect your page information. It is important to mention that Google tends to favor sites that interlink page information. 

Image Optimization 

Images are a very important part of the content that makes it so attractive in the eyes of readers. However, Google cannot read images. You need to therefore attach an alternate text that is visible to Google. The alternate text is best known as alt tag or alt text in SEO terms. You need to put it in the correct format that makes it readable by the search engine. On the alt tag, it is advisable to include your important keywords but in a precise and correct format. 

Choosing the Right Keyword 

The right keyword is another key to how to increase SEO on google. In making your site visible to Google you need to find out which keywords you rank for and which ones you should use. The first thing here is to check on your niche to find out if the keyword you have just decided to use has been used by many others. 

Some niches are overflooded since the keywords might have been overused. It is therefore important to find out which keywords you rank for and which you do not rank for. After finding out this, you can now optimize your page information using the keywords. 

Mind the URLs 

Anything you use as the URL should be naturally easy to read and easy to remember. If you stuff a series of numbers and letters in continuous formation in the name of your link, you are likely to lose out so much since the URL is not in the correct form. The best thing then is to see how you can include your keyword technically in the URL to make sure it is quite memorable to your site visitors and visible to the search engine. 

For better understanding, you could also read the SEO step by step process.

How to Increase SEO on Google – Conclusion

All the above SEO tricks in one way or the other should help you have an easy time bringing in more visitors and increasing the chances of ranking on google. As I mentioned earlier, we were to base so much on-page SEO since ranking on Google was major in our discussion. 

The most important thing is that this article has touched on how to make sure your content is organized structurally to help you get more site visitors and rank on Google. SEO being an important part of our discussion today, I hope that you are now in a position to understand how to increase SEO on Google. 

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