How To Make Money With Kartra | 9 Best Ways To Make Money With Kartra

7 Best Ways To Make Money With Kartra | How To Make Money With Kartra

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Kartra is a brilliant piece of software.

But, what you really want to learn is how to make money with Kartra.

The software can be as fancy as it likes, but if you can’t use it to make money or save time, then it’s probably not that useful.

Luckily, Kartra can help you make money and also save time. How?

That’s what we’re covering today. 

How To Make Money With Kartra | 9 Best Ways To Make Money With Kartra

How To Make Money With Kartra

Here are the 7 ways you can make money with Kartra:

  1. Sell a course
  2. Sell your skills
  3. Kartra’s affiliate program
  4. DropShipping
  5. Drop Servicing
  6. 3rd Party Affiliate Programs
  7. Sell Kartra Funnels, Templates & Campaigns

1. Sell a Course

The first way you can make money with Kartra is by selling a course.

Can your knowledge solve someone else’s problem? 

Then, selling a course can be profitable for you.

All you need to do is create that course using Kartra’s membership sites, then market it using Kartra’s other features.

Kartra gives you everything you need to create, market, and sell your course including: 

If your course solves someone else’s problem, don’t be afraid to try this!

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2. Sell Your Services

The next way you can make money with Kartra is by selling your services. 

This could be any service which you can provide such as:

  • Copywriting
  • Content creating
  • SEO
  • Advertising

Whatever it is, Kartra gives you the tools to sell your services as profitable as possible. 

Kartra has great lead-nurturing and conversion-focused tools.

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3. Kartra’s Affiliate Program

Don’t have a product or service to sell? No problem. 

You can just sell Kartra. 

Kartra has an affiliate program which means you can sell Kartra and earn commissions.

Not just any commissions, big juicy 40% recurring commissions. 

This means if you make a sale to somebody and they pay $99 per month, you will earn around $38 per month.

Recurring commissions are great to create passive income.

Promoting Kartra’s affiliate program is pretty easy, as it solves so many problems.

But, just in case you can’t think of any ways to promote it, I have that all covered in my Kartra affiliate program review. 

4. DropShipping

The next way is dropshipping.

In case, you don’t know what dropshipping is, it’s when you sell physical products for a higher price than what you purchase it for.

However, the difference is that you ship it directly from your supplier to your customer, meaning you don’t need any inventory.

With Kartra’s high-quality and conversion-focused tools, you can create dropshipping stores with ease. 

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5. Drop Servicing

Drop Servicing Business Explained

The next way you can make money with Kartra is through drop servicing. 

Drop servicing is the process of selling services but purchasing them somewhere else for a cheaper price such as on freelance marketplaces. 

It works exactly like dropshipping but with services.

The main difference is that when you are drop servicing you are selling to businesses, whereas with dropshipping you are not. 

Kartra gives you everything you need to create a well-branded and conversion-focused drop servicing store, meaning you will have everything you need to sell your services at a high price. 

6. 3rd Party Affiliate Programs

The next way is by using Kartra to promote 3rd party affiliate programs. 

Kartra gives you the tools to create amazing sales funnels and even membership sites.

You can use these to create high-quality marketing funnels that sell your affiliate products. 

One method that works really well is using Kartra membership sites to create a course educating your lead about how to do something with X product.

For example, a course on “how to start a  profitable blog” can work well, as you need hosting to start a blog. 

You can then use this course to sell your preferred hosting solution such as WPX hosting or Kinsta. 

7. Sell Kartra Assets

Lastly, we have selling assets inside of Kartra such as: 

  • Kartra Templates
  • Kartra Funnels
  • Kartra Campaigns

Kartra lets you share funnels and pretty much everything inside of your account with other Kartra users.

All they need to access the assets you create is the unique share code (which you can generate).

This means, you can share them with your friends or you can sell these assets to businesses who need them.

Here are some ideas of assets which you could sell:

  • Templates for local businesses 
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Sales funnels
  • Full Campaigns

This can work especially well if you’re a marketing agency.

As an alternative to your high-ticket services, you could offer sales page templates for businesses that want to do it themselves and run their own ads. 

Will All Of These Methods Work For You? 

No, it’s about finding the right method for you. 

Maybe, you have some previous skills or experience which can benefit you when using one of these methods. 

If you don’t, then just give them a go and see whether you like one of them.

But, don’t give up because you are not making money, if you enjoy it, keep doing it. 

Often, things take time, so be patient!

Final Thoughts on How To Make Money With Kartra

Kartra has fantastic tools for:

And, many other things.

Using these features, making money is not that hard, if you can use them to solve problems. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article, if you did, make sure to leave a comment and/or share the article! 

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