Ideas for Blogging to Make Money

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Bloggers are making big wins in terms of revenue. If you are planning to start a blog or have a personal blog, you need a complementary income or a full income in the future.  How then do you make money from your blog? Is it all about a few pop-up ads here and there? No, and that’s the reason we bring you ideas for blogging to make money. 

We shall explore a bunch of blog monetization ideas which you can use to earn a good income. It is a good idea to embrace more than one method for increased revenue. 

Ideas for Blogging to Make Money 

Ideas for Blogging to Make Money – Consider Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate is perhaps the most common and also profitable method of making money from your blog. I involve reviewing products then adding links to the product on a shop like Amazon, once a visitor is convinced from your blog and completes a purchase, you earn a set commission on the product. The good thing is that the buyer doesn’t get charged an extra cent for the review, making it easy for the buyer to do and lucrative to the blogger. 

How to Get Affiliate Links  

Shops, service providers, industries, and other businesses with an affiliate program always declare it on the website. Check the footer of their website for an Affiliate icon and learn about their affiliate program. Alternatively, you can sign for an affiliate network of your choice. Affiliate networks are affiliate service brokers with a collection of multiple affiliate programs. Examples are: 

  • Clickbank 
  • ShareAsale 
  • Commission junction 

Sell Ad Space Using Google AdSense

As a new or experienced blogger, Google AdSense isn’t that new to you. Google AdSense is an advertisement broker that allows you to show ads on your site for revenue. This is so far the fastest, easiest way of making money from your blog when you are or planning to receive lots of traffic. 

Adsense is simple to set up, all you need to do is sign up for the program and submit your website for review. Google AdSense considers a number of quality indicators on your blog before accepting it. After acceptance into the program, all you need to do is add the provided code to your website and start making money. 

Adsense Alternatives  

It is common for publishers to get banned from the AdSense program for a lot of reasons, especially invalid clicks. The good news is that we have AdSense alternatives that could earn you quite well. Here are a few. 

  • Monumetric 
  • Criteo 

Sell Ad Spaces Directly to Advertisers  

Advertisement brokers such as google lift your pain of having to reach out to advertisers. However, they take a good commission out of your possible revenue due to this service. How about you reach the advertiser directly? You get 100% of the revenue. However, your blog needs to be getting enough traffic and impact to convince advertisers. 

One method of getting direct advertisers is by making your advertisement service page. Give some insight into your traffic, your audience, your content, and methods of advertising. The other way is cold calling the advertisers directly and letting them know about your offer. 

Ideas for Blogging to Make Money – Sell a Digital Product 

There is no lucrative money-making idea such as making and selling digital products on your blog. This especially applies to niche-specific blogs where searchers with the need for information land. However, it takes time and sheers hard work to get your product selling but once it does, you aren’t going to regret a second of your effort. 

For instance, if your blog touches on the business ideas niche, how about you create an ebook about business ideas and list it for sale on your website. Other than e-books, you can sell magazines and other creative products. You shall have to do a great deal of marketing to your readers for more sales. This idea also earns you 100% of the revenue from your blog. 

Start Freelance Blogging 

Freelance blogging is when you own a niche-specific blog and write helpful information about products or services in that field. If you have a good reader base, then service and product providers in that niche can hire you to blog for them at a fee. 

Online Courses  

Among the best ideas to make money is creating and selling online courses. This especially fits bloggers with extensive knowledge in their field. This is the same as selling e-books and could earn you a lot, especially if you choose the right niche. All you got to do is create an ebook on a disturbing topic in your niche, then list and market it. 

Create a Membership Blog 

A membership blog is that which someone has to pay to access the content. If you offer premium niche-specific content, you could restrict readership to paid only or pay for certain premium content on your blog. To make a hit with a membership blog, your content needs to be top-notch and rare to find hence necessitating a subscription. 

You could also read how to find blog topics.

Ideas for Blogging to Get Money – Conclusion

Above are the ideas for blogging to make money. Blogging to get money doesn’t start with monetization, this should come towards the end of the process. The actual success of making money from blogging is the initial choice and plan of your blog. Ensure you choose a niche you’re comfortable writing and learning because you are going to do a lot of content before landing your first return. 

Ensure your content is high quality from the word go, optimize your website for search engines, and maintain good SEO practices to rank higher for your target keywords. After you start getting a constant stream of organic visitors to your blog, you are now ready to get money from your blog. 

This is the idea or blog to get the money that we found to be the most profitable and reliable. Give your blog time to grow, be consistent with quality content, and keep a watch on your SEO and overall marketing, you might find yourself making blogging a main source of income. 

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