Is affiliate marketing saturated?

Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated? | Complete Guide

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Affiliate Marketing Saturation: Introduction

Welcome to this article in which I will be answering; “Is affiliate marketing saturated?”

We are going to be covering:

  • Whether affiliate marketing is saturated
  • Saturated niches
  • The effect of Saturation when using Paid ads vs Organic
  • Why Saturation Is A Lie Anyway
  • How To Succeed In A Saturated Niche

This whole blog post is there to give you a better idea of saturation in affiliate marketing. If you are just starting in your niche or you already have started but now you are worried about saturation, then this post is for you. 

In case you don’t know what “saturated” means, it means that the demand in that market is beyond satisfied. Basically, there is a lot of competition. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated?

Is affiliate marketing saturated?


Affiliate marketing itself can never be saturated, only niches can be saturated. I’m sure there are still completely undiscovered niches which are not saturated at all. 

If you were to say “affiliate marketing is saturated” that’s like saying SAAS is saturated. It just doesn’t make sense. If you go into a competitive niche like anything to do with wealth or health, then yes you will face competition. 

Affiliate marketing is such a broad business model, you could be selling (almost) any products you want. This means affiliate marketing is not saturated. I don’t care what your favourite guru says, it just doesn’t make sense. 

If you sell generic products in generic niches with no new angles, then yes, of course, you are putting yourself in a high-competition field. That’s why I always recommend for beginners to niche down into a more specific niche. 

That’s if you are using blogging or YouTube videos. With paid ads, you will want a broader niche under health or wealth, as Robby Blanchard from Commission Hero suggests. 

A lot of beginners when they start affiliate marketing think they have to promote the same product as everyone else, maybe an MMO offer or ClickFunnels.


You need to find a niche that isn’t as competitive, gain some experience then you can come back to these high-competition fields when you can compete with everyone else in that field.

Saturated niches

Here are some “saturated” niches:

  • Wealth

This includes anything with make money online, digital marketing software, online business, etc. there is a lot of competition in this field. You will be competing with a lot of people who know their shit, so if you are a beginner I would stay away until you can compete with them.

  • Health

This includes weight loss, recipes, diets and anything else related to that sort of stuff. It’s again so competitive if you go into a sub-niche of health you should at least be ready to work your ass off. 

Other niches that are also pretty saturated, but not as much:

  • Relationships
  • Mindset 
  • Alternative beliefs (law of attraction, etc.)

Don’t get me wrong, anyone can still succeed in any of these niches. Although, I wouldn’t recommend a beginner going into wealth with little experience, as the competition is probably just too good.

With that being said, with the right education on paid ads, a beginner can do pretty good in paid ads promoting wealth products. However, in organic traffic, it’s a lot more about offering value, which a beginner will not be able to do due to lack of experience. 

Effect Of Saturation In Paid Ads Vs. Organic

The effect of saturation is pretty different, depending on whether you go into paid ads or use Organic traffic methods. So, I thought I would give you a brief explanation of what to expect depending on which route you choose.

There is no right or wrong in this and even “saturated” niches are doable for anyone if they put in the work.

Effect Of Saturation In Paid Ads

In paid ads, the only real con is the cost per click, as it is driven higher. Other than that, the only other con is that you are competing against really good competition. 

This shouldn’t be a problem if you put a lot of effort into the creative of your ad, the choice of offer, and everything else around it i.e your landing page/email follow-up. 

Going into a saturated niche in paid ads has the advantage of you being sure that people are buying products in this niche. Otherwise, affiliates would not be running ads in this niche. 

So, apart from the CPC and the competition being very good, there aren’t any disadvantages to it. That’s if you have the cashflow and skills to compete with the bigger guys.

Effect Of Saturation In Organic Traffic

When using organic traffic, it gets a little bit more complicated. For this explanation, I am going to be talking about YouTube and blogging by the way.

If you go into a competitive niche, there will be a few really high-authority guys that you are competing with. For example, if you go into anything to do with wealth, business, etc. I will almost guarantee to you that in your keyword research, you will come across sites like Forbes or Entrepreneur

How do you beat them? By niching down into a specific sub-niche and doing the little things well i.e keyword research, writing in-depth content, self-promoting, etc.

Can You Be Successful In “Saturated” Niches

Let’s say you were to start at 0… Can you be successful in a “saturated” niche?

Of course, you can, you just have to put in the work. In less competitive niches, you may be able to write 30 blog posts, then leave the site to create passive income.

In a more competitive niche? That’s probably not going to happen, you will have to be constantly active and posting new content. Not only that, but you will also have to self-promote and maybe even do some outreach to get backlinks.

In paid ads you can be successful anyway, you just need the cash flow to test and sustain it.

On YouTube, it’s pretty similar to blogging, although if you have a video that gets a crazy CTR, then there is a chance of the YouTube suggestion algorithm going crazy and your video going viral.

Then again, I wouldn’t rely on that. I think if you stay consistent and are frequent, then eventually you will get one of those videos anyway.

So yes, you can be successful in “saturated” niches no matter if:

  • You start a blog
  • You start a YouTube channel
  • Or, you run paid ads

If you want to start a blog in a competitive or saturated niche, I recommend reading: Blogging in a competitive niche

Why Saturation Is A Lie Anyway

Why Saturation Is A Lie

Okay, saturation itself is not exactly a lie. 

However, the whole idea that people don’t want to enter a market because it’s too saturated is just stupid. If you want to enter a market and you aren’t even determined enough to compete, then what the hell are you doing in business?

All markets will have some competition. Yes, some will have more than others, but you should not be scared of competition. At the same time, I wouldn’t recommend going into a niche like “dropshipping” i.e selling Shopify or whatever, if you have no idea about dropshipping. 

Yes, you shouldn’t be scared of competition, but you should also know that you are at least as good as the others in that niche. If you never did anything related to dropshipping and you aren’t an expert in that field, then you will have a hard time competing with people who are. 

Stay in your means, but don’t be scared of your competition either. Make sure to know a lot about the topic and believe in yourself. 

With paid ads, of course, this is a little bit different. You don’t have to be interested in the topic, you just have to have the skills and cashflow to test. 

How To Succeed In A Saturated Niche

This part on how to succeed in a saturated niche is focused on organic traffic. There is a little section below on paid ads, but paid ads are always pretty effective in high-competition niches. So, there are just a few tips on them.

Paid Ads

Increased Cost Per Click

If you were to run paid ads in a saturated niche, the only difference is the CPC which comes from the competition. The only advice I have here is:

  • Make everything as good as possible (the creative, landing page, email follow-up)
  • Test thoroughly
  • Make sure you have the cashflow to test/sustain it

That’s it for paid ads. Paid ads in saturated niches are actually very effective, as you know the target audience is buyer-friendly. 

It’s just up to you to run them well.

Organic Traffic

When using organic traffic i.e Google or YouTube, you really want to be good at doing the little things. This will give you the highest chance of success, if you do all these things well, you should eventually succeed, no matter how competitive your niche is.


The first thing is self-promoting. In a competitive niche, you probably aren’t going to get off the ground, unless you self promote. So, you will have to self promote.

And by self promote, I mean a lot of it. This will help you get some of that initial traction, so do it!


Be consistent, otherwise, you will get nowhere. You can’t come into a competitive niche and post once in a while and become successful.

That happens once in a thousand times and chances are, it won’t be you.


Be frequent, be prolific. I’m not saying post every day, but try to be as frequent as possible without dropping the quality. Post the best content you possibly can, as much as you possibly can.

Keyword research/analysis

I can’t stress this one enough. An in-depth keyword analysis is what will give you an advantage. By finding phrases that haven’t been covered very well, you will be able to grow a lot quicker.

And you won’t waste your time on stupid keywords that you don’t have any chance of ranking for. If you need help finding keywords, you can read my how to to do keyword research for your blog posts. 

Optimizing For CTR

This is especially important if you are using YouTube. YouTube’s algorithm loves CTR. Want to get into the suggested section? Make sure your video has a catchy title and thumbnail.

CTR in Google is pretty important too. So, have a nice meta title and description. This will get more people clicking on your result (i.e more traffic) and will give you a boost in the rankings i.e more traffic.

Email/visitor retention

Collecting emails, asking to subscribe, etc. should all be part of your strategy. If you can’t keep your existing viewers or readers, it will be harder to grow.

Maybe, you also connect with them on social media. How you do it is up to you, but there should always be a way that you keep your existing readers.

Best Autoresponders For Affiliate Marketing: 

GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign

Final Words

I hope that you have enjoyed this article answering the question; “is affiliate marketing saturated?”

Hopefully, this has helped you get a better understanding of saturation in affiliate marketing, otherwise, you have just wasted your time. 

Whatever niche you go into, don’t worry about saturation and just put in the effort. If you put in enough effort, saturation does not matter. Make sure to leave a comment and/or share the article if you did find some value throughout this post!

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