Is ClickBank Safe?

Is ClickBank Safe?

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ClickBank is one of the most popular retail and affiliate platforms out there. Over 100,000 affiliates are using the platform to generate a handsome income stream.

But, if you are thinking of joining the platform as an affiliate marketer, you might have a genuinely concerning question.

Is ClickBank Safe?

Yes, ClickBank is a safe platform!

But, you do need to be a little careful and choose the right products to promote as an affiliate.

Let’s get into a little more detail.

About ClickBank

Created in 1998 by Eileen Barber and Tim, ClickBank today is a US-based leading retail and affiliate company.

For many people, it would be odd to even think that ClickBank is involved in any scam. But, as a complete beginner, having some doubts is natural.

Especially when there have been instances of fraud and scams.

ClickBank Business Model

There are essentially two ways you can make money on ClickBank.

  1. By creating your own products and selling them
  2. By promoting other sellers’ products and earning a commission on every sale

The first model is a relatively simple one: it’s like an e-commerce platform where you upload your product and sell it to consumers.

Affiliate marketing is a little tricky as it involves promoting other vendors’ products. So, you need to pick the right ones in order to move in the right direction.

ClickBank Marketplace

The ClickBank marketplace has over 20,000 product listings. So, as an affiliate marketer, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Moreover, the platform keeps on adding new products.

Choosing ClickBank Products to Promote

Is ClickBank safe? Absolutely! Do you need to be careful while selecting affiliate products? Yes!

People from all over the world upload their products on ClickBank. Some products are just not up to the mark and can hurt your reputation and affiliate commissions.

So, you need to research every product before promoting it, which can be a headache.

Here are a couple of tips to find the right ClickBank products to promote:

  • Go with a high-gravity product: The higher the gravity of a product, the more popular it is. So, you would be on the safer side when you go for a product with a high gravity
  • Check the product’s sales video: Steer clear of an offer that’s promoting other affiliate products in their sales video

ClickBank Payment Methods

ClickBank uses safe and secure payment options to disperse your payments. All of your payments are verified by the platform, which means your funds are always in safe hands.

Is ClickBank Safe – Key Takeaway

ClickBank is one of the most popular and safest affiliate platforms out there. So, there is nothing that should keep you from becoming a ClickBank affiliate.

However, you do need to choose the right products to promote if you don’t want to put your reputation at stake.

Look for any red flags and steer clear of the products that don’t seem legitimate.


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