Kartra affiliate program review

Kartra Affiliate Program Review: How To Crush It & Everything You Need To Know

Affiliate Disclosure: Look, I'm working my ass off delivering value to you. So, yes this blog is monetized through affiliate products. They are true recommendations and if you purchase them, I probably earn a commission (at no additional cost to you).

Kartra Affiliate Program Review Introduction

Welcome to my kartra affiliate program review.

In this review, we are going to be taking an in-depth look at the Kartra affiliate program.

You will learn how you can join the affiliate program, as well as some strategies that you can use to promote it.

This is going to be a pretty big post, so below are some links that you can use to skip to a specific section of your choice.

Those are the main links, but we will be covering a little more too.

You also don’t have to be a Kartra member to promote it! 

How To Sign Up For Kartra Affiliate Program

Signing up for the Kartra affiliate program is pretty simple. 

Firstly, you need to head over to the Kartra affiliate signup page.

Here you will want to click the big orange button shown in the image below. 

Kartra Affiliate Program signup page

Once you have clicked the signup button, you will then be taken to a simple form. 

Just fill this out, as you do with everything else. 

After this, you will be taken to a little questionnaire on how you want to promote Kartra. 

Super basic stuff. Just say how you want to promote it i.e on your blog, youtube channel, paid ads, etc. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a large social media following, most affiliates don’t.

I don’t have one either and got approved super-quickly because the way I want to promote it does not involve social media.

Also, note that you probably don’t want to say “Just social media” (unless you have a decent following AND a relevant audience) as that may sound like you are looking to spam on social media as this goes against their T&C’s. 

They don’t mind you posting on social media, they even give you swipes BUT they don’t want spam. 

Don’t worry about it too much. 

Just send your YouTube channel or Blog and explain how you want to promote it. 

And, of course, make sure that you are not sending any spam traffic as this is against their T&C’s. 

Once you have completed these steps you will just have to wait to be approved!

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Kartra Affiliate Program Overview

So, let’s take a deeper look at the Kartra affiliate program, how it works, the payouts, and the different features that it offers. 

What can you promote?

  • Kartra main product 
  • Kartra affiliate program

And their $1 Trial for their main product. 

If you don’t know what Kartra is, it’s basically like ClickFunnels but it does a lot more. 

Kartra has a lot more features for the same price. 

Better email marketing. 

Better and more types of templates. 

Tons of other features that ClickFunnels doesn’t have. 

If you would like to check it out for yourself, you can get a Kartra 30 day trial. 

How The Kartra Affiliate Program Works

The Kartra affiliate program works just like any other affiliate program.

You refer people to Kartra as an affiliate and earn commissions. 

Recurring commissions. 

They also offer incentives for referring affiliates at no additional cost to that affiliate. 

These are called tier 2 commissions and they pay 10% of each sale that the affiliate makes. 

For example: If somebody refers you as an affiliate and you make a sale 40% (of the sale) goes to you and 10% to the person who referred you. 

It’s not an MLM, it doesn’t continue there and the affiliate still gets paid normally. 

They are simply incentives for inviting affiliates and not the main commissions, so they are not an MLM. 

FREE Bonus: I give everyone who joins the affiliate program for free through my link here, free email support/help/ideas, etc. 😉

Nobody else does this, so you might as well snatch up this freebie! 

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How Much Does Kartra Pay Affiliates

Kartra pays affiliates 40% recurring commissions on all sales. 

That means if you refer somebody to the starter plan of $99 per month, you will earn $39.60 per month. 

If you get 10 of these, you are already at $396 per month. 

100 = $3960 per month

1000 = $39,600 per month.

You get the point… It’s extremely lucrative. 

Note: Results like that take years to build up. I was just doing simple maths! 

Kartra also has some higher plans on which you would of course also get 40% commissions. 

How Much Do You Earn As a Kartra Affiliate 

So, let’s take a look at how much you earn as the Kartra affiliate when you make sales. 

Below you will find all the different pricing options that Kartra has, alongside how much you can earn from making sales. 

There is a 25% discount if the customer pays on a yearly basis in which case your 40% commission will be applied accordingly. 

What’s also nice about the memberships is, that the people who join under your link will often eventually upgrade, as their business grows. 

You can also earn up to $1,819.20 per sale! (See below)

$99/mo for Kartra Starter ($948 annually)

For a referral to the Kartra starter plan you earn:

  • $39.60 per month 
  • $379.2 on a yearly subscription

$199/mo for Kartra Silver  ($1,788 annually)

For  a referral to the silver plan, you earn:

  • $79.60 per month
  • $715.20 on a yearly subscription

$299/mo for Gold users ($2,748 annually)

For a referral to the Gold plan you earn

  • $119.60 per month
  • $1,099.20 on a yearly subscription

$499/mo for Platinum ($379/mo annually)

For a referral to the Platinum plan, you can earn: 

  • $199.60 per month 
  • $1,819.20 if paid annually 

Kartra Affiliate Program Landing Pages

Kartra doesn’t just give you one or two landing pages and stop there.

They give you a unique landing page for:

  • The trial
  • An evergreen book funnel
  • Each separate feature

And, of course, the main affiliate link.

The affiliate program also comes with tracking links where you can track:

  • The Actions 
  • ROI 
  • Goals
  • Etc.

Kartra Affiliate Program Review: Landing pages

This is a pretty cool feature too and I am 99% sure that you get this as a free member too! 

Kartra Affiliate Program: Payments

In terms of payment methods, the Kartra affiliate program is pretty standard just like most other affiliate programs.

The Kartra affiliate program allows you to withdraw via: 

  • Paypal
  • Check
  • WireTransfer

Personally, I would stay away from Check.

One time my check got lost in the post (not from Kartra, from ClickBank), so I tend to stay away from it. 

It may have just been a one-off and the chances of it happening are less than 1%, but still. 

Also, the minimum withdrawal is only $100 which of course is not that hard to hit with the 40% recurring commissions. 

So, payments are pretty standard too. 

Kartra Affiliate Program: Conversions

The Kartra conversions have been pretty good so far for me personally. 

This might be completely different for you, but I still just wanted to tell you about my experience so far.

You may have a completely different experience, this isn’t typical.

It depends on the traffic methods and your promo material. 

My Experience 

I’m in pretty early phases promoting Kartra myself.

However, so far the conversions have been pretty solid.

I am seeing a trial stick rate just over 50% which is very high for a $99 per month product. 

This is the same sort of stick rate that I used to get promoting GetResponse which starts at $15 per month. 

In terms of click to trial conversion, it has been around 3% for me (so far)

This is also great considering it’s a $1 trial for a $99 per month product and I have been promoting with cold traffic (banner & 1 blog post).

If I set-up a custom email sequence promoting it, then I may be able to drive that up too. 

Doing The Maths

As I just mentioned, I am still in very early days promoting Kartra.

However, if you do the maths on the current conversion rates that I am getting, it looks pretty good.

Conversion from visitor to trial; 3%  

Stick through rate = 50% 

200 visitors = 6 trials

6 trials = 3 sales/ $120 Per month

$120 per month for every 200 visitors!?  

Also note: This is using SEO traffic (super-high quality cold) if you use something like Facebook ads, the number of visitors needed would usually be significantly higher. 

Although some people may say SEO is not cold traffic, it is unless the search terms are branded. 

In my case, they are not meaning it’s cold traffic. 

Done-For-You Promotional Material Offered By Kartra

Before we talk about how you can promote it, I also wanted to show you the done-for-you promotional material that you get within the Kartra affiliate program. 

Here’s what you get for joining the kartra affiliate program for free:

  • Email swipes
  • Banners 
  • Social Media Swipes

See the image below for more info. These can be found on the affiliate signup page.

Kartra affiliate program material

Kartra Affiliate Program Banners

Kartra Affiliate Program Social Media Swipes

As you can see they do give you a lot of material.

They want you to succeed because that will also help them get more customers.

So, use this material! 

How To Promote The Kartra Affiliate Program

To help you promote the Kartra affiliate program successfully, I just wanted to give you some ideas and guidance. 

There are three main ways that I recommend promoting Kartra, as they are likely to get the highest conversions. 

Note: If you choose the organic routes, don’t expect to gain traffic overnight. Building up an organic marketing channel takes a long time. Usually, over 6 months. 

1. Blogging

The first way is Blogging which is how I have been promoting the program so far. 

You start a blog or write on your existing one and start promoting it there. 

Here are some different pieces of content that you can create to promote Kartra. 

  • How to …. (then involve kartra)
  • Best (funnel builders, website builders, funnel software, etc.)
  • Reviews
  • Other Kartra related search terms

Of course, there is a little more involved in blogging than just starting and writing content, so I suggest you download my free E-book.

There you will find everything you need to know. 

2. YouTube

YouTube is pretty similar to blogging, in terms of the type of content.

So, you just want to create the same type of content, but on YouTube. 

You will also want to do some keyword research so that you have a better chance of ranking your videos. Full guide on YouTube for affiliate marketing. 

3. Paid Ads (With a free course/ebook?)

Lastly, you can also promote Kartra with paid ads. 

There are tons of different ways that you could do this.

However, the way that I personally would do it is by creating a course around Kartra. 

Then, you could give this course away for free and offer the $1 trial within the course. 

For example, you create a free course on “How to start a membership site” 

You then run (Google) ads onto that exact search term and have a title of “How To Start a Membership Site” – Free Training

And, then within the training, you explain everything and send your leads over to the $1 trial. 

Of course, you also show them how to create one or send them a membership site template which we will talk about in a second. 

You could do this with any of Kartra’s features. 

The reason, I recommend this method is because just advertising Kartra through a normal landing page will probably not see the best conversions, you have to be more specific.

Find people who actually need this product. 

Otherwise, you will have a hard time selling a $99 per month product. But, you can also check out affiliate marketing with Facebook ads. 

If You Don’t Have a Course And Want To Promote With Paid Ads

If you don’t have a course and want to promote with paid ads, here is something you could also try. 

Take the “evergreen book funnel landing page” and build a bridge page to it. 

Now, advertise this to existing business owners with something like “how to grow your business with books” or “how to cost-effectively grow your business with books”

Something like that. 

Keep in mind this is just an idea and I have no idea how this would work out.  

If you want to promote a product like this with paid ads, it’s usually best to find a new angle. 

Bonus Tip: Funnel Building Services

Lastly, you could also use funnel building services to promote Kartra.

Now, there are two ways you can do this.

These two methods are ways that literally can’t get saturated, but you will need a kartra membership yourself. 

Method 1 – Focusing on selling your services:

You can offer your funnel building services to businesses who may need them, get them to sign up for kartra (under your link), and charge for building the funnel. 

Here you can make money off the commissions, as well as the services you offer. 

For example, you could offer a funnel building service for personal trainers.

Then you advertise, reach out, etc. to them and then build the funnel for them for your set price. 

After working on it, you then show it to them ask if they want any changes, and so on. 

You then send them the 14-Day trial which they can get (here i.e your affiliate link). 

Then, you share the funnel with them via the share code. 

Method 2 – Focusing On The Mass + (Marketing Agency??) 

The second way is building a funnel template for a specific niche. 

For example, a funnel template for Lawyers. 

You then build a funnel for yourself where the lawyers can get access to this funnel template for free. 

They enter their email address, then you bring them to your thank you page where they will find a video explaining how to set it up (and of course your affiliate link). 

Then, you drive lawyers to this funnel/membership site of yours, where they can get their free access to this funnel template. 

After they land here, a lot of them will want to use the funnel template that you have created and will then go and grab a trial with your share code. 

You can do this for any sort of business that can get high-value leads online. 

See the image below to see how it would work. On the first page, you ask for their email address, then send them to your second explaining page. 

Kartra Affiliate Program Strategy

But hold up for one second…

By doing this, you don’t just bag Kartra commissions, you also generate targeted leads in a specific niche.

These leads you could then sell services to as well i.e start a marketing agency. 

You could then sell the following services to this niche:

  • Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO

Or anything else related to digital marketing. 

Basically, you can use these leads to start a marketing agency. 

Then, you could scale this by outsourcing the work for a cheaper price than what you charge. 

Boom! A new business model that combines affiliate marketing with the marketing agency business model. 

And, of course, this could work for any business niche, not just lawyers which is why it can’t get saturated. 

Kartra Affiliate Program Review: Rules, Terms & Conditions

These are NOT the official terms, conditions, and rules, so you should NOT treat them like they are.

What you see below is just a quick summary, just to give you an idea. 

  • Include Affiliate Disclosures & Disclaimers

On every page that you use to promote Kartra, you need a disclosure. 

If you scroll to the top of this page, you will see that I have a disclosure too. 

  • Don’t send junk traffic

They don’t want junk traffic, this will mess up their own advertising campaigns. 

If you get caught sending junk traffic, you will probably get banned or even worse. 

  • No Twitter Spam or any other social media spam

They don’t want Twitter spam or any other social media spam either. 

This probably doesn’t mean that you can’t make a normal post on social media IF you have the right type of audience and disclosures. 

  • Don’t misrepresent yourself as a “typical result” when promoting this offer.

You can’t go around acting like everyone who uses Kartra will make as much money as you do.

Pretty basic stuff like most other affiliate programs. 

  • No Trademarked Keyword Bidding

You are not allowed to bid on keywords that involve the word “Kartra”. 

It does not matter on which channel, these keywords are trademarked. 

  • No Commissions On Personal Use

Basically, you’re not allowed to use your own affiliate link.

Again, pretty basic stuff. 

Full affiliate agreement can be found before signing up here. 

Cons Of The Kartra Affiliate Program

I couldn’t really find any direct cons of the affiliate program.

Kartra provides its affiliates with a ton of material and the payouts are pretty nice too. 

The rules and payments are pretty standard too, so there really aren’t any noticeable cons, at least that I can see. 

I guess you could say it’s a con that you have to get approved? But this is also pretty standard for a company their size, as they do not want their advertising campaigns thrown off. 

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Kartra Potential Target Audience

This is what’s pretty nice about Kartra.

As they offer a website/funnel builder their target audience is basically super-broad. 

It can be anything from online businesses to local businesses. 

Almost any business in the world could use Kartra in some sort of way. 

You just have to convince them to.

So, there really is a lot of potential in promoting this offer. 

Kartra Affiliate Marketplace

As a Kartra affiliate, you also get access to the Kartra affiliate marketplace. 

Here you can find affiliate programs in all sorts of niches from the Kartra members. 

You may have to apply for these separately, but you will be able to see information about it such as:

  • What it is
  • Pricing
  • Commission

Kartra Affiliate Marketplace

Kartra Affiliate Program Review: Conclusion

The Kartra affiliate program is great, it’s much better than the ClickFunnels affiliate program. 

Personally, I would give it a 5-star rating, no questions asked. 

It has:

  • Great payouts
  • Great promotional material
  • Huge audience potential
  • Great product
  • Good Conversions
  • Unique Campaigns
  • Tracking Links

If you really put the effort into this, I think there is some huge potential just off this offer.

Let me know what you think of this affiliate program in the comments.

And, if you did enjoy this article make sure to share it! 

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