Kartra Email Marketing: Is it any good?

Kartra Email Marketing: Is It Any Good?

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You came across Kartra, but you’re not quite sure how good the Kartra email marketing tools are… No problem.

In this article, we are going to putting Kartra’s email marketing tools to the test to see whether they are good enough to match what your normal autoresponder does.

Kartra Email Marketing: Is it any good?

Kartra Email Marketing: Is It Any Good? 


Yes, the email marketing tools inside of Kartra actually do match what most autoresponders have to offer.

There are some autoresponders that have very unique features, but Kartra Mail is right up there with the likes of GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and the other classic autoresponders out there.

It even has some advantages when it comes to features like tagging, as there are more triggers available due to your whole business being inside of Kartra.

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Kartra Mail Features

Here are the main features inside of Kartra mail:

  • Behavior-based Automation Sequences
  • Split-tests
  • Lead Tagging
  • Contact Scoring
  • Advanced Analytics (Sales, etc.)

Kartra has a great deliverability rate too, as it’s something the platform is extremely careful about. But, as you can tell from the list above, Kartra has all the features that you will usually find inside of your autoresponder.

Behavior-based Automation Sequences

Kartra automation workflows.

Firstly, we have the behavior-based automation sequences and these are even better than in most autoresponders. Why?

Because there are more triggers.

You can trigger by whether the recipient has watched X% of your sales video, is an active affiliate, and all sorts of triggers that you won’t usually find in most autoresponders.

This means Kartra does not disappoint when it comes to the automation sequences. 

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It does not matter what you are trying to market, there will be times where you need to split-test your emails.

Again, this is something where Kartra does not disappoint either. Why?

You don’t just have the option to split-test your broadcast emails, but also your emails inside of the automation sequences.

Kartra lets you split-test these on auto-pilot and will pick a winner based on the settings you configure.

Lead Tagging & Contact Scoring

Kartra also comes with lead tagging features which as I mentioned earlier on, are pretty powerful too. 

They do have more triggers than a normal autoresponder which means they are a little more powerful than a normal autoresponder’s tags. 

Kartra Mail will also score the leads for you so that you know when your leads are engaged or not. 

This will allow you to keep all your leads as engaged as possible with ease. 

Good Deliverability

Kartra really cares about their deliverability, it will notify you when you are getting bounces and help you regularly clean your list to make sure that your list is engaged.

As you would expect, this results in Kartra having a great deliverability rate.

Advantages of Kartra vs Your Normal Autoresponder

Kartra has a couple of advantages vs your normal autoresponder.

For one, there are more triggers as I have mentioned earlier on. This means you can write more personalized emails based on more specific actions of your contacts resulting in higher conversions.

The next advantage is that there is no need for integrations.

With Kartra all your tools are inside of one dashboard including:

  • Your page builder & checkouts
  • Membership Sites
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Hosting
  • Calendar
  • Helpdesks

Integrations can be a real pain. Sometimes there are hidden costs as you need to use something like Zapier or sometimes software just won’t communicate correctly with another piece.

But with Kartra, you can manage everything from one easy-to-use dashboard.

This doesn’t just have the advantage in terms of integrations, but also productivity, as believe it or not, trying to switch between different web applications all the time, does actually take up quite some time.

I would sum up Kartra Mail as more power, fewer headaches.

In a lot of my recent articles, I have compared Kartra to some autoresponders to help you find the best option for you.

Feel free to check those out, if you’re unsure whether to use Kartra.

Kartra vs ConvertKit

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Kartra Email Marketing Demo

How To Get Started With Kartra Email Marketing

I think we can both agree that Kartra has some great power behind it and that giving it a go is definitely worth it.

If you would like to give Kartra a go for yourself, I do have something special for you, as for a limited time you can get an extended trial.

I’m not sure how long this little trick will be available, so I recommend using it while you can.

If you’re getting 16 additional days of Kartra for free that’s pretty much a 50% discount, so make use of it while you can.

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Final Thoughts

Kartra mail is a real autoresponder.

Unlike a couple of other funnel builders that offer email marketing tools, Kartra offers comprehensive email marketing features that match those of a real autoresponder. 

This is great, as email marketing campaigns are known to have a crazy ROI. According to Snovio, the average ROI of an email marketing campaign is $42 for every dollar spent. 

With the comprehensive email marketing tools Kartra has to offer, hitting those numbers is very much possible. If you’re looking for just an email marketing tool, you can also consider Aweber and ActiveCampaign. I made a full Aweber vs ActiveCampaign comparison where you can find the best option for you. 

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