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Affiliate Disclosure: Look, I'm working my ass off delivering value to you. So, yes this blog is monetized through affiliate products. They are true recommendations and if you purchase them, I probably earn a commission (at no additional cost to you).

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Looking To Become An Affiliate For Kevin Davids Affiliate Programs? 

Below are all the different affiliate programs that you can join, or you can join all of them by using the last link. 

  1. Kevin David Shopify Affiliate Program
  2. Kevin David Facebook Ads Affiliate Program
  3. Kevin David Amazon FBA Affiliate Program

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Kevin David Affiliate Programs Commissions

All commission levels in Kevin Davids’s affiliate programs are between 4150%. 

The commissions vary from product to product, but they are always around 50% or just under. 

Kevin David has paid out over $1,000,000 in commissions to affiliates, his webinars convert well!


Kevin David Affiliate Programs are processed by a 3rd Party payment processer called Tipalti. 

You can get paid by almost any payment method including: 

  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
  • PayPal

Target Audiences

Generally speaking, all target audiences are people who are trying to get into some sort of online business. 

However, I have left more detailed target audiences below. 


1. Kevin David Shopify Affiliate Program

Interests: Dropshipping, E-commerce, Shopify, online business

I also recommend targeting people who are already interested in dropshipping but are looking to increase their sales. 

You can do this by targeting keywords on Google or YouTube such as: “Shopify no sales”

2. Facebook Ads Affiliate Program

Interests: Online Business, SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency)

This one is a little more general in the targeting. However, you can target general online business opportunities and present them with this course as a solution. 

3. Amazon FBA Masterclass

Interests: Online Business, Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a little bit more advanced, so I recommend you target people who are already interested in Amazon FBA. 

Again, you can do this similar to Kevin Davids Shopify course and target people who are not getting the sales they want to. You can present them, Kevin Davids Course as a solution, as they will learn from Kevin, how to get more sales. 

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Kevin David Affiliate Programs: Price Range

All of kevin davids products are in the higher ticket direction. So, this is high-ticket affiliate marketing. 

I believe the cheapest is somewhere around $497 and they range up to $1000. You will only be paid your commissions if somebody purchases the product. 

While this means that you will make a lot of money off a couple of sales, it’s worth noting that it will be a little harder getting conversions for these high ticket products. 

However, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Kevin David has paid out over $1,000,000 to affiliates, so it is very possible to go and get some sales. 

Free Resources

Free Resources List: 


  • Promotional Content such as ads within the affiliate program


  • Kevin David’s YouTube Videos – (Next Section)



Very Low-Cost Resources: 


  • Udimi(Cheap Targeted Traffic + $5 Discount)



Kevin David Affiliate Marketing Tutorials

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    • Yes it works anywhere.

      But you have to make the sales. If somebody purchases through your link, you get a commission. If you would like to learn some affiliate marketing strategies, make sure to go to the affiliate marketing section. Or, download my new free book.

      Hope this helps.

  1. His Affiliate program is hosted on Clickfunnels, the links are working for me.

    The sign up page looks like ClickFunnels, but in the top right corner, it says Kevin David affiliate signup.

    It will not ask you for your credit card information, it’s just the standard affiliate signup and look at the domain, it’s got Kevin David in it too.


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