Launch Jacking Step By Step Guide – Profitable Affiliate Marketing Strategy 2022

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Launch Jacking Step-by-step guide

Today I am going to share an affiliate marketing strategy, which is called Launch Jacking. Alongside, Blogging, Email marketing, etc. launch jacking is also a very profitable affiliate marketing strategy. 

So, today we are going to be talking about launch jacking and the steps you need to take to get started including where to find launches. 

We will also be covering how you can use paid ads to help your launch jacking campaigns.

What Is Launch Jacking?

Launch Jacking is when you take advantage of a product launch by releasing a piece of content (such as a review) around that product that is launching to go and earn commissions.

The reason we would do this is that:

  • There will be some buzz around the product, which we will take advantage of.
  • It will be a less competitive keyword to rank for as the product is just being released.

How Does Launch Jacking Work?

Launch Jacking works by finding a product that is launching, getting a piece of content ranked and then profiting off the buzz around that product (by selling it through your affiliate link).

You can do this by creating a review or demo around the product before the product is launched.

I recommend trying to get a “review copy” off the vendor but in case they say no do this:

Research the person who has created the product. Make sure that they are a trusted vendor. Check if there are any reviews on other platforms than where you are planning to review the product.

For example, if you are looking to write a blogpost review, then check youtube to see if you can find any reviews.

If there is, go and just rewrite the same points that they said into a blog post (or vice versa).

Now, once the product is launched, you will have quite a good chance of ranking and when you have ranked, you will see some commissions. 

Is Launch Jacking Profitable?

Yes, Launch Jacking is profitable!

However, it depends on your content ranking.

There will be times where your piece of content will not rank because there is too much competition.

However, you shouldn’t give up here because it simply only takes one piece of content to rank, to be profitable.

The key is to look at the people who are ranking so that you can learn from them & implement it for the next product launch.

As time goes on, you will learn how to get your piece of content ranked, and you will be profitable consistently.

Launch Jacking – Step-By-Step Guide

Now that we know how launch jacking works, let’s get started! Below, is a step-by-step guide on getting started with launch jacking. 

Step 1: Finding Product Launches

The first step that you need to do is find product launches that you can promote. 

You can do this through Facebook groups or forums, but that takes a long time. So, I recommend heading over to MunchEye, as they have all the product launches from JvZoo, ClickBank and WarriorPlus listed there (Don’t worry, it’s free!)

Step 2: Applying To Get Approved

Once you have headed over to MunchEye, you will need to get approved for any launches On JvZoo & WarriorPlus. ClickBank does not require approval. 

If you are new and have never made any sales on these networks, you will find it harder to get approved, but it’s still possible. Most vendors are scared of you sending spam traffic that doesn’t convert, so you need to make sure that you don’t send this kind of traffic as it could hurt their launch. 

So, I recommend just sending them a video where you introduce yourself and say how you are going to be promoting it. For example, “Hi John, I will be promoting your launch through YouTube or Blog reviews that I will rank on Google or YouTube, I will not be sending any spam traffic.  

This will make you look different to all the other new affiliates, who will be saying I will promote it to my email list or similar approval requests. Doing it the right way, you will often get approved, even as a new affiliate. 

Do this for all launches in the next 10 days and then promote the ones you get approved for. 

Step 3: Creating & Uploading Content

Before you create content, you will want to make sure that the product is not a scam. You can either do this by researching the vendor or buying the product yourself. Either is fine, but it’s important that you do this as you do not want to promote a scam, that could hurt your reputation. So, go and make sure the product is of high quality. 

Once you have researched the product and you know that it’s a high-quality product, you can start creating content. You could create a review or a demo of the product. If you know that the product is high-quality you can even just go over the sales page and say what’s inside. 

After you have created your piece of content, you will want to post it on the platform that you will be promoting it on. Make sure to target keywords such as: 

[Product name] review

[Product name] scam

[Product name] demo 

Note: If you created a blog review, you will want to head over to your search console and index the page!

Step 4: Promoting (For Early Engagement)

After creating and publishing your content, you will want to promote it, so that you can get some early engagement.  Early engagement will help you rank a lot better, so this is really important! 

Share your piece of content on social media platforms (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Engagement and social signals are a ranking factor in Google and YouTube, so make sure to complete this step. If you have an email list, send an email out too. 

You might even be able to get some early sales doing this, so DO NOT skip this step!

How Much Money Can You Make From Launch Jacking?

While I can’t answer that question directly, as it is a similar question to; “How long is a piece of string”, I can give you some information to give you some idea.

Launch jacking is probably the quickest way to earn money from organic traffic. 

However, because it is more of a way to earn quick money than building a long term affiliate marketing asset, the earning potential isn’t as huge as when you are ranking for a very popular keyword such as “ClickFunnels review”

That doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money a long time after the launch, because you can.

What I actually mean by that is just to help you understand that the earning potential isn’t as huge as other organic traffic.

However, It can definitely help you earn some affiliate commissions quite quickly.

So, while the earning potential isn’t as big, it can definitely help you earn some quick commissions as an affiliate.

Will You Always Rank?


The simple answer to this question is no, you won’t.

There will be some big launches where there are simply too many competitors, that are bigger than you.

However, the more launches that you do, the higher your odds of ranking for some of them.

Once you rank for a big launch, you will often make a few commissions.

So, no you won’t always rank unless you have a really good strategy which you don’t really need as you are launch jacking and it is not that hard to rank for new launches.

You can’t always win but if you do it’s profitable.

Tips For Launch Jacking

Now, I am going to cover a few simple tips that will help you when you are launch jacking.

1. Offer Bonuses Or A Bribe

This is also a really good tip.

In your review, if you said that you really like the product, you can add some custom bonuses that you have created IF they buy through your affiliate link. Why? 

If you are offering bonuses, but everybody else isn’t, then most people will buy through you. Likewise, if everyone else is, but you aren’t then you will get little sales. You can also add these bonuses to your title which will increase the CTR. So, that’s another advantage of adding bonuses. 

Bonuses could include:

  • Mini-Courses
  • Software
  • PDF Files
  • Case Studies
  • E-Books
  • Anything Free

2. Review Your Competition

The next tip is to review your competition. If there is too much competition with high authority sites or channels, you will probably find it hard to rank. Also, try to make your review, bonuses, and title better than theirs, that should be the goal. 

This will give you a lot better chance at ranking your piece of content. 

3. Volume

Do as many launches as you can. This will increase your chances of ranking and ultimately make you more money. Don’t stop just because you haven’t ranked for one or two launches. You will want to consistently do as many as possible. Eventually, you will rank for quite a few and you will be able to make some nice profits through launch jacking. 

How To Use Paid Ads For Launch Jacking

You can also use paid ads for launch jacking. However, you should only be using Google ads, Bing ads, and YouTube ads. 

It works the same way, by targeting those specific keywords and sending your traffic to your review. 

For example, when people type in the keyword “product name review” then your ad will show up. Make sure to target exact matches on Google & Bing. 

In terms of YouTube ads, you can target the exact videos you want to show your ad on, alongside an exact match for the keywords mentioned earlier. This way, you will spend very little ad spend while only showing your ads to the people who are already interested in the launch. 

If you run an advertising campaign like this, for the first 3 days of every single launch, you should make some easy sales (assuming that your review is good and that you are offering good bonuses)

Paid ads can also sometimes help your normal reviews rank, so you really should consider using paid ads such as Google ads. 

Final Words

Launch jacking is a great way to get started in affiliate marketing. 

If you are looking for a course that teaches launch jacking, you can check out Savage Affiliates 2.0 which is one of Franklin Hatchett’s Courses. Or, you can also read my full Savage affiliates review

Believe it or not, Franklin Hatchett is actually the person who taught Jono Armstrong, who many people see as the “Launch Jacking King”.

Anyway, I hope that this article has been helpful and good luck on your launch jacking journey 🙂

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