How to Promote ClickBank Products on YouTube

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Looking for an easy and effective answer to “How to promote ClickBank products on YouTube? Read on!

Video marketing is incredibly effective because:

  • It is an effective communication tool
  • It is easy to consume
  • It is generally packed with information

As an affiliate marketer, you can’t afford to ignore video as a marketing tool.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to use YouTube to kick-start and grow your ClickBank affiliate business.

So, if you are an aspiring affiliate marketer, you will find a lot of value ahead.

Let’s address the burning question: How to promote ClickBank Products on YouTube?

Choose and Stick to a Niche

One of the first and most important things that you need to do before starting any business is effective niche research.

You don’t want to work on a niche that’s already too competitive. You could try, but there would be little to no chances of success.

You also can’t expect to succeed in a niche that doesn’t have enough products to promote.

So, how do you find the right ClickBank niche?

Find Your Interests

Think about your interests and passions. There are thousands of products on ClickBank, so you can find a category based on your interests.

Research Profitability

After finding out multiple potential niches, you want to check their commission structures.

Some products on ClickBank offer as much as 50% affiliate commissions while others might not even pay you 5%.

Find Profitable Keywords

You don’t want to work on a niche that doesn’t have enough demand on search engines. There should be enough topics/keywords to talk about with a decent amount of search volume.

You can use free and effective keyword research tools like Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner to find profitable keywords.

how to promote ClickBank Products on YouTube


Or, you can use YouTube auto-suggest to find relevant keywords to target.

Moreover, think about the problems your target audience is facing. Are there enough products in your niche that can solve their problems?

Create Videos

Next, you need to record your videos. The good thing is: You don’t need a dedicated expensive camera to record high-quality videos.

Your smartphone’s camera should be more than enough for your needs.

You also don’t need a paid video editing tool to polish your videos.

A free video editor like Shotcut will do.

How to promote ClickBank products on YouTube?

Content Ideas to Promote ClickBank Products

Here comes the most important part. You could create hundreds of videos about affiliate products, but if they aren’t offering enough value, you won’t get sales.

There can be a variety of ways to promote ClickBank products in a video. Let’s talk about them.

Product Reviews

sqribble review

As the name suggests, in a product review, you create a dedicated video about a specific product and talk about its benefits and drawbacks.

Remember that affiliate marketing is like any other business. You need to build your trust in order to make someone act.

So, provide the right information because if you don’t, people won’t come back to your channel. Keep your focus on delivering value and the sales will come automatically.

Product Comparisons: A vs B Type Reviews

From a buyer’s standpoint, it’s quite difficult to choose between two products with similar features, which makes product comparison reviews pretty helpful.

Depending on the niche, you can find a lot of comparison keywords.

For instance, you could help people wanting to select between the Apple X and Apple 11 by comparing their specs, benefits, and drawbacks.

But, of course, you don’t want to compare apples with oranges. The products should be similar in functionality.

How-To Topics

The third, and probably the most effective form of content, are how-to videos. Because you are not directly talking about a product in these videos, they can attract a lot of audiences to your channel.

So, you could even get someone to buy an affiliate product even though they weren’t looking for a product in the first place.

For instance, you could talk about how to lose weight the right way and then recommend a weight loss product at the end.

But, of course, you need to add a tremendous amount of value if you want your viewers to even consider your affiliate product.

Put Your Affiliate Link in Video Description

Next, you need to put your affiliate links in your YouTube video description.

One of the questions that may hit the mind of an affiliate marketer like you is “Can I put affiliate links under my YouTube videos?”.

The answer is: Yes, you can put your ClickBank affiliate links in a YouTube video description.

And, even if your channel isn’t monetized and you have zero subscribers, you can make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube.

Just make sure to put a disclaimer that you are an affiliate with ClickBank to make sure everything sails smoothly.

If you think the affiliate links are too long, you can make them look short and pretty by using a link shortener like snapt.

Put Your Affiliate Link in the Pinned Comment

To make your affiliate link prominent and easy to access, you can even post it in the pinned comment of your video.

Just make sure to use a link shortener and add a small description to make it look non-spammy.

Create Eye-Catching & Appealing Thumbnails Using Canva

Canva free templates for YouTube affiliate marketing

You might think “I don’t need great thumbnails because my content is great”. But, the reality is: Thumbnails play a more important role in your video’s success than you might think.

But, how do you create an eye-catching video thumbnail without any graphic design experience?

The good news is: Free tools like Canva make designing ridiculously easy.

You don’t even have to create your thumbnails from scratch. There are a lot of done-for-you templates that you can use.

Select a template, make small tweaks like adding text, and upload it as your YouTube video’s thumbnail.

Use YouTube Shorts to Reach a Wider Audience

YouTube standard videos are great for affiliate marketing, especially because you can go into as much detail as you want.

But, you don’t always have to go into much detail to get your message across. Plus, people’s attention span isn’t as long as it used to be.

YouTube shorts are a great way to appeal to that specific segment of your audience.

On top of that, YouTube actually prefers shorts and pushes these short videos up its algorithm.

You also won’t have to do much work creating shorts. These are small nuggets of information that can bring big results.

As for placing your affiliate links, you can insert them in your YouTube shorts’ description. Click on the three dots above the thumbs-up icon to edit your video’s description.

Here is how you can promote ClickBank affiliate products on YouTube shorts:

  • Touch the pain point of your target audience in the first few seconds
  • Agitate it by talking about its repercussions
  • Introduce the solution (affiliate product) in a subtle way

Remember, you don’t want to sound too salesy or come off too strong. It could work against you.

Optimize Your Watch Time

Your YouTube video’s watch time can have a lot of impact on how YouTube promotes it. The general rule is, the higher the watch time, the better.

This makes producing top-notch, helpful content all the more important.

So, while you need to grab users’ attention with eye-catching thumbnails, your content needs to be relevant, too.

Making a promise in your thumbnail and then not delivering on it in your content can seriously damage your watch time as well as reputation.

Here are some effective tips to improve your YouTube video’s watch time:

  • Make interesting and helpful content
  • Stick to the point
  • Use a thumbnail and title that represents your content accurately
  • Break your videos into chapters if you can
  • Add your videos to YouTube playlists
  • Use YouTube analytics

Optimize Your CTR (Click-through Rate)

YouTube’s CTR is another crucial metric that you need to optimize for as it plays a huge role in the recommendation. It’s also the reason, we sometimes get recommended the most random videos – because millions of people have just clicked on it.

Improving a video’s CTR is much more than creating attractive thumbnails.

Here are a few tips that can help you increase your affiliate videos’ CTR:

  • Write compelling titles
  • Test multiple title and thumbnail combos
  • Create content around the right keyword intent (Informational or commercial)
  • increase your channels average watch time
  • Use catchy colors

Optimize Your Videos

Finding the right keywords and creating video content around them is only half the battle. To help YouTube’s search engine rank your videos, you need to provide it with written words.

Include your target keyword or keywords in the title, description, and tags of your video.

It will help the YouTube algorithm to rank your video for relevant search queries.

If you can transcribe your video and include that text in the description, it would be best. You could even include the link to your affiliate blog in the description.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is a great way to promote ClickBank products because it’s relatively easy and can be more effective.

Most people prefer to consume videos over written content because videos are appealing and get the point across in a shorter time.

Plus, with YouTube shorts getting more popular, your work as an affiliate becomes even easier. You can now use videos of different lengths to target different segments of your audience effectively.

Follow the strategies discussed above and maximize your chances of selling ClickBank affiliate products on YouTube.

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