50 Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing Today!

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Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing

50 Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing

If you haven’t started affiliate marketing yet, or you have only heard of it, then you are probably wondering whether it’s for you. Well, there are TONS of reasons to start affiliate marketing, it’s a beautiful business model. So, today I wanted to give you 50 reasons to start affiliate marketing, in case you haven’t yet. 

After reading this list, you will probably feel a lot more tempted to start affiliate marketing than you did before.

50 Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing


1. It’s free (or low cost)

Affiliate Marketing can be started for completely free. You can start a YouTube channel or start building an email list for free. Other methods may require a very little amount to start, but in general, it’s such an incredibly cheap business model, that anyone can start.

2. It’s fun

Once you find the right method, right niche, etc for you, affiliate marketing becomes very fun. I can almost guarantee to you that over 90% of affiliates love what they do. It would be hard to get those sorts of percentages in any other business/profession. 

So, that’s another reason to start affiliate marketing, it’s fun!

3. Evergreen Business Model

Affiliate marketing is an evergreen business model. Why? 

Companies will always want to make more sales and affiliates will always want to make money. It will always be around for that exact reason. Or at least, as long as the internet will be a thing… 

4. Long Term Assets

The next reason why you should start affiliate marketing is that you will be building long-term assets. 

Also, they won’t only pay you for a very long time (if not forever), once you have grown them, they will require little work for big returns. 

By building these long term assets, you are essentially providing yourself with a better future. So, another good reason to start affiliate marketing.

If you start affiliate marketing on YouTube or by blogging, you are building great assets. 

5. Skills

If you start affiliate marketing, you are going to develop tons of valuable skills. 

SEO, writing, paid ads, video production… There are tons. 

Of course, you probably won’t learn all of them, but you will learn a few. These skills will be useful forever, which is another reason why you should start affiliate marketing.

6. Community

The next reason is the community side of it. You can find a lot of other interesting affiliates inside of Facebook groups or any other social media platform. 

You can share ideas, work together and learn from each other, so that’s another reason to start affiliate marketing.


I know I just said about the community side of it, but I wanted to highlight the benefit of the contacts that you will build by starting affiliate marketing. 

When you are into affiliate marketing for a couple of years, you are going to meet a lot of different affiliates who have audiences for all kinds of niches.  This will be extremely beneficial at some points in your life.

Additionally, you will also know a lot of different affiliates with different skills, SEO, link-building, video-production, paid ads, etc there are so many. So, if you ever need someone with these skills, they will be a message away. 

8. Passive Income

The next reason is something that we all love… Passive income!

In affiliate marketing, the longer you work, the more passive income you will receive in the future. It’s great. You could be walking down the beach, getting paid.  

Everyone loves passive income, so that’s another reason to start affiliate marketing.

9. Freedom

Yes, freedom does come from passive income, but that’s not the only freedom, you get as an affiliate. 

You get to choose when you work, how you work and if you want to one day try a new niche, you can. 

Affiliates have freedom in so many different ways and it’s not all down to the passive income. 

10. Low Competition (But it’s getting harder)

Unless you are promoting a really popular product, there is very little competition. 

Even if you are promoting a really popular product, you can just look for new ways to promote it to find some low-competition methods. 

With that being said, the competition is increasing, so it’s probably better to start as soon as possible!

11.Good for beginners

Reason #11 is that it’s good for beginners.

This only applies if you are a beginner, but it’s probably the best business to start if you are a beginner. You will learn about a lot of important parts of online business by being an affiliate.

Additionally, there is no easier business to start. Also, if you aren’t a beginner then because it’s good for beginners there’s no reason, why it’s not good for you. 

12.Earning Potential

The next reason is that the earning potential is huge. In fact, it’s unlimited. There is no limit on the number of sales that you can make. 

Affiliate marketing has so much potential, so that’s another reason to start affiliate marketing. 

13. Diverse

It’s diverse. 

No affiliate marketing business is the same as another. Additionally, there are so many different methods & niches that there should be something for everyone. Everyone has the chance to put their own twist onto affiliate marketing. 

Another great reason to start affiliate marketing.  

14. No Hidden Fees

A lot of businesses have a lot of hidden fees, especially in the start-up phase. 

Affiliate marketing is not like that. If you plan everything well, there are no hidden fees. This and the fact that it’s incredibly cheap to start makes affiliate marketing even better. 

15. Works in (almost) every niche

Affiliate marketing works in almost every niche. 

As long as there is a decent-sized audience & products to sell in the needs or wants of that audience, affiliate marketing will work. 

If those criteria apply, affiliate marketing is possible in those niches. Let’s be honest, that’s almost every niche. 

16. No Inventory

You are selling other people’s products…

No matter if you are selling digital or physical products, you don’t need any inventory!

You never see the products you are selling, so that’s another reason to start affiliate marketing. 

17. No shipping costs

There are no shipping costs!

Again you are selling products from others, so you don’t have to ship them!

Other businesses have this struggle, so another reason to start affiliate marketing!

18. No customer service

You will not need customer service, as you don’t have a product.

Yes, maybe you will have to interact with your audience sometimes, but that’s more fun than customer service!

Any trouble someone has with products you are selling, the vendor deals with that!

19. Entry Barrier is non-existent

There is no entry-barrier!

Tons of affiliate programs including amazon associates or most products on Clickbank, don’t require approval!

You just grab your affiliate link and get going!

For example anyone can sign up to ClickBank and learn how to promote ClickBank products

20. You will enjoy it once…

Once you find the right method for you with the right niche, you will enjoy it.

There’s no doubt about that. Affiliate marketing is perfect for (almost) any passion.

It’s definite, you will enjoy it, another good reason to start it.

21.Perfect For Solopreneurs


It’s perfect for “solopreneurs”.

You could run multiple million-dollar affiliate companies on your own. Somewhere along, you might have to hire a freelancer, but apart from that, you can do it on your own!

No need for any partners, employees or anything like that. Affiliate marketing makes it possible.

22.Little Stress

Compared to most other businesses, there is very little stress in affiliate marketing.

Customer service – None

Shipping Issues – None

You see? Affiliate marketing has very little stress, compared to most other businesses.

23. You need fewer views to earn more

With affiliate marketing, you need a lot fewer views to earn more.

It’s totally possible to get 5,000 views in one month and earn $5,000.

If you would only be using Google Adsense, you would probably be looking at $50 at most. Another great reason to start affiliate marketing!


It’s very low-risk. 

This isn’t only due to the low monetary investment, but also the success rates of serious people. 

If you have a YouTube channel or a blog and you stick to it for a year, chances are you will get enough views to earn a decent income from affiliate marketing. So, affiliate marketing is very low-risk. In fact, with some methods, there is practically no risk. 

25. No order processing

Again, you are selling someone else’s product.

That means they have to process and fulfill their long list of orders while you can just sit back and sell.

So, you can go and make sales without having to do the “dirty work” of business. Affiliate marketing is great!

26.Worldwide Market

Affiliate marketing is a worldwide market.

You can sell products to any country in the world, without any trouble. There are no limitations to this, so that’s another great reason to start affiliate marketing.

Assuming of course, that they have internet and basic payments.

27.Available In (almost) every country

Affiliate marketing is available in every country.

Although there are some exceptions to that, there probably is some sort of affiliate program available in those countries.

As long as there is the internet, there is very likely some sort of affiliate program that you can join.

28. It’s A Big Pie

Affiliate marketing is a big pie.

The total annual sales generated by affiliates is estimated to be around $12 Billion in 2019. (softwarefindr)

You only need a little piece of that pie to change your life, so go and get it!

29. The sooner you start, the bigger your advantage

The sooner you start, the bigger your advantage.

It’s that simple, if you start today, you will have a bigger advantage than starting a couple of months from now.

Also, the competition is growing which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it might make it harder for you in the future.

30. Big Commissions

Big juicy commissions…

As an affiliate, you get paid big commissions.

$250, $500 and $1000 from one sale are not uncommon. Those kinds of numbers sound very uncommon from other businesses such as e-commerce.

31. No annoying Outreach

I used to have a social media marketing agency where I had to do a lot of outreach.

I HATED it. Calling, emails, FB message after message. It was horrible!

Well, the good thing is you don’t need to do that in affiliate marketing. Another reason why you should start affiliate marketing!

32. Anyone Can Do It

Anyone can do it… It does not matter who you are.

Well, you will probably need an Internet connection and for some programs, you would probably have to be 18.

Apart from that, anyone can do it. It does not matter what languages you speak or anything else like that.

33. Scalable

It’s scalable!

Yes, it depends on the traffic methods that you are using, but they are all scalable in some way.

Some methods will require a little more work, others more ad spend, but they are all scalable.

It being scalable is another reason to start affiliate marketing.

34. Sell Whatever You Want

Fishing Equipment ✔

Clothing ✔

Electrical Devices ✔

Any Type of Software ✔

You get the point… If you are an affiliate, you can sell whatever you want. Affiliate marketing is in no way limited to one type of product, so that’s another reason to start it.

35. Get Paid To Review

When I was doing some keyword research the other day, I found that “get paid to review” and similar phrases are searched for a lot. 

So, I thought I would include it here. As an affiliate, you can review products and get paid for it!

You write an honest review, include your affiliate link and make sales.

36. Builds An Audience

Affiliate marketing will help you build an audience.

Your blog, your YouTube channel or your email list. These all will bring people who listen to you. It’s nice.

Additionally, an audience can be beneficial in many other ways too.

37. You can succeed quickly

In affiliate marketing, you can succeed extremely quickly.

Often, it only takes 12-18 months to replace your full-time income. If you are running paid ads that number drops significantly.

That’s not a long time at all and it’s definitely worth it. So, I suggest you get started!

38. It Only Depends On You

The only person your entire business relies on is you.

No fears of anyone else making mistakes. It’s all on you and down to your efforts.

This is great because once you realize that, you will often be more determined to make it work.

39. You aren’t affected by Current Events (or as much)

Okay, this one is a little bit random.

However, with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, it has affected many businesses.

I don’t know about other affiliates, but it has affected me 0. I guess it may have had some impact on affiliates who promote physical products, but not as much as most other businesses.

Need to self-isolate? 

Well, if you are an affiliate, it won’t affect your business!

So, another reason to get into affiliate marketing! (Although this was a bit of a random reason)

40. You are (somewhat) early to the party

Affiliate marketing is big.

It has a worth of $12 billion per year as we said earlier.  (softwarefindr)

The industry has an expected 10% growth per year.

So, affiliate marketing is very big and going to be even bigger. At this moment of time, you are early enough that the entry barrier is extremely low.

Additionally, there is less competition now than at any point in the future. So, get started!

41. You’re Probably Already Doing It!

Do you sometimes recommend products to people?

Well, that’s all an affiliate does. So, you are probably already doing what an affiliate does, but you aren’t getting paid.

So, you might as well start getting paid, right?

42. Excitement of Commissions

This kind of fades away a little, the more commissions you make. However, commissions can be so exciting when you are starting out.

Additionally, even if you are a little experienced, they can still be very exciting. For example, the first time you make $1000 in one day will have some great excitement.

If you start affiliate marketing, I can tell you right now, there will be some really exciting commission days.

43. It’s Money Online

Who doesn’t like making money online?

Everyone wants to make money online, everyone is searching for it. No, it’s not some magic push-button solution, those don’t exist.

However, it is fun, lucrative and can change your life. So, the fact that it’s money online and that you can just make money from wherever you want is another reason why you should start affiliate marketing.

44. Beneficial for…

It’s beneficial for when you start your own business i.e sell your own products.

As we said earlier the contacts are one of the reasons. However, it’s beneficial for many other reasons too.

Your audience will be beneficial for when you sell your own products. The skills will be beneficial too as we mentioned earlier.

If you do affiliate marketing for a couple of years, you will find it a lot easier to sell your own products in the future.

45. It’s Easy

Compared to every other business it is extremely easy.

Of course, it’s still going to be hard, because that’s part of the business. However, compared to other online businesses, it’s easy if not the easiest.

The only online business that I think could compete with it is drop servicing.

46. Great Way To Learn About Sales

Affiliate marketing is a great way to learn about sales.

As an affiliate, you are like a “digital salesman”. However, you don’t even need to pick up the phone.

You do the selling in your emails. Usually, it’s written. Selling is one of the most important skills in business.

Affiliate marketing allows you to learn about it without the annoying part of it.

47. Your Future 

As a whole, your future will see significant benefits from starting affiliate marketing.

Better income, more freedom, more fun and that’s just to name a few. If you are already in another business, then affiliate marketing can still be another income for you.

So, I would definitely recommend it, as it would be beneficial for your future.

48. Why Not?

In affiliate marketing, you can work in any niche you want.

You can create videos, write or even take pictures.

Everything how you want it to be so that you can make it fun. So, why wouldn’t you start affiliate marketing?

I don’t know… Leave A Comment!

49. Big Companies Are Doing It

Amazon, iTunes, etc they all have affiliate programs!

So, if they are using affiliate marketing that shows how serious it is. Also, these big comparing companies like Trivago, GoCompare, etc are all affiliates!

Cashback Sites?

They are affiliates too, they just share the commission with their customers/referrals.

50. No Sign Of Slowing Down

There is no sign of the affiliate marketing industry slowing down. (Awin)

The industry is growing an expected 10% per year, so why not go and get a piece of it? 

Other industries often show signs of slowing down during certain periods. Affiliate marketing doesn’t. In fact, I can’t see a way it would.

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