SEO Step by Step Process

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Search engine optimization is one major process that any website owner should understand. Like any other process, coming up with results is gradual and needs quite good involvement. Today, we are going to look into the whole SEO step by step process. 

This article is very useful in increasing the SEO score of your website and definitely making it a success since it brings us from the very beginning of SEO and all the other activities that surround the development of the website in terms of SEO. Now, let’s look into the depth of the SEO step by step process. 

SEO Step by Step Process

Step 1. Extensive Analysis 

We need to understand what we should do to the website to make it optimized. This is what necessitates the process of analysis. To be more specific, whatever we are analyzing here is the keywords that we rank for. Making it extensive is no doubt of great importance since we can narrow down to even the keywords you rank for in a specific location and how you can use them to tap into more traffic. 

The second thing you need to analyze and research is your competitors. You need to know how effectively you are going to avoid an overflooded niche. Apart from that, you need to look into other important aspects such as links, social media visibility as well as the use of the website internationally. 

Step 2. Site Mapping and Technical SEO 

To be speed effective and more visible to the search engine you need to develop a Google sitemap that collects all your information through relevant URLs and lists them where they can be easily accessible to the search engine. On the other hand, when we talk about technical SEO we are referring to the process of putting all your SEO tags in a structured manner that makes them visible to the search engine.  

To achieve this you need to include them in your content but technically as recommended to make sure you don’t either overuse them or use them in a limited manner that would make your content less accessible on Google. The greatest part of SEO majorly relies on how you structure your content. 

Therefore how you include the SEO tags after the research you conducted would either give you an upper hand or deny you a proper chance to rank on Google. Precisely, when talking about this step you can talk about structured data as the content you present. 

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Step 3. Checking the Usability 

In order to attract more in terms of SEO, you need to make sure that your site is user friendly. The usability score is evaluated to make sure that whatever you present is accessed comfortably using both desktop and mobile phones. 

However, these days, more emphasis is being laid on mobile phones. Additionally, you need to make sure that in making your content easily accessible, you do not alter the chances of a high SEO score or devour the already executed SEO plan. 

Step 4. Build Your Links 

This is a very important part of the SEO step by step process. After establishing and developing your internal contents, you need to find out how you can link your sites to other important sites that are relevant to making it more visible to the search engine as well as your target traffic. 

This step is usually very dependent on the first step we talked about. Knowing what you need and what you need to attach yourself to is usually very important in finding out where to hook onto. After knowing, you can now link yourself to each of the preferred sites by use of external links. 

Step 5. Social Media Marketing 

To impact more on your site in an attempt to pull in more traffic, you need to use relevant social media platforms to reach out to more people. However, if this is not done correctly we are not bound to fetch as much as we expect from this step. 

Generate proper do-follow links to link you to your social media platforms as well as implement some of the structural data mechanisms to make it available to more people. I tend to find this more useful since a lot of people visit social media each day and if at all it is done properly, there is a great possibility to get more from it. 

Step 6. Market Your Content 

Content marketing may not necessarily mean the normal marketing we know, in technical SEO terms we simply refer to making your content quality. Quality content not only leads you to more traffic but also makes sure you have a minimum bounce rate. 

This means that many of your visitors would love to go through your content until the end of if it is something that needs action, they are bound to see the importance of executing it. Therefore, making your content high quality makes you stand a better chance as far as SEO ranking is concerned. 

Step 7. Maximize Your Site Speed 

Site speed is usually key in determining the quality of your user experience. This means that you should make your site speed maximum. In doing this, you need to look into the size of your images, which means you should avoid high-resolution images. 

You should also avoid many HTTP requirements as well as include necessary widgets to minimize external action. Such things might deny your users the Swift experience they need and they need to be checked in every aspect of your site. 

SEO Step by Step Process – Conclusion

All the SEO step by step process mentioned above are key in making your sites optimized from the start to the end. You, therefore, need to pay attention to them and see that as from the content to the experience your visitors get, the site assures quality. 

Technical SEO can sometimes be a challenge but you can find an expert to handle that if it brings a problem. You will find it better to handle your website’s SEO using this SEO step by step process guide to making sure that your website is fully optimized, a better ranking on Google, and more visitors. 

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