Customer Journey Stages

Whenever we think about online marketing, we need to look deep into the customer journey stages. The stages are vital because we mainly have to get the deepest understanding of the customers, we have in the online marketing process. In understanding the customers, we are going to look deep into the customer journey and find … Read more

How to Maximize Email Marketing

It has become a constant trend for digital marketers to reach out to more audiences through email marketing. However, there is nothing that has ever been perfect in its normal use. Then comes the question of how to maximize email marketing.  There are always some basic adjustments that need to be done on each and … Read more

How to Get Website on Top of Google

“How to get website on top of google” is the million-dollar question for online businesses. Google’s mission is to organize data & information in general in a way that will be useful for internet searchers.  That means if your website or publications are not optimized and relevant to the users, Google will not show them … Read more

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Learning how to add Google Analytics to WordPress is vital when it comes to how your website/or blog is running. Google Analytics is one of the tools that can help you learn more about your website and its performance.  It also provides relevant reports and information (like traffic stats)that is currently taking place on your … Read more