Best Blogging Platform to Make Money

Blogging is lucrative and profitable, at least now everyone can agree after the many successful blogs witnessed. However, blogging isn’t meant for everyone, you need to know or at least have an interest in researching, writing, and a lot of marketing. Knowing the best platform to blog on shall save you the hassle of writing … Read more

Types of Blogs That Make Money

Can blogging become your mainstream source of income, if so, what are the types of blogs that make money? Well, this is a common question for those starting out in their blogging career. First of all, we congratulate you for starting to learn and perhaps start your own successful blog. The truth is blogging is … Read more

How to Make Money With a Blog for Beginners

Differently from what most people think, a blog can be a good source of additional income and even replace your main income. Today, there is an unending list of successful full-time bloggers making millions of revenue. That said, a money-making blog has to be planned, developed, and run using the best practices possible. This detailed … Read more