Top ClickFunnels Affiliates: What You Can Learn From Them

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If you know anything about affiliate marketing, you’d know that ClickFunnels has one of the most profitable affiliate programs out there.

It pays affiliates up to 40% commission for every sale they generate through their affiliate links. This just proves that the ClickFunnels affiliate program can be a great source of income.

Up until now, the platform has paid over $50,000,000 in commissions.

A good chunk of those commissions went to a group of top ClickFunnels affiliates called the dream car winners.

Want to know what you can learn from these marketers?

Let’s dive in.

About Top ClickFunnels Affiliates

The ClickFunnels dream car award winners have successfully referred over 100 people to the platform.

And, there are around 100 of them.

It’s not practical to talk about everyone, so I’ll keep the focus of this post on the top few ones that you can learn from as an aspiring affiliate.

Let’s start.

Spencer Mecham

What can you learn from ClickFunnels affiliates

Spencer Mecham is at the top of my ClickFunnels affiliate list because he deserves it.

The guy has earned multiple dream car awards and has made a staggering 7-figures in affiliate commissions with ClickFunnels.

There is a reason why Spencer has become an inspiration for a lot of new affiliates out there. He is one of the fastest affiliates to cross 6-figure monthly affiliate earnings.

And, as Spencer has been successful at scaling his affiliate business, he is now building a well-knit community of seasoned affiliate marketers.

What Can We Learn from Spencer?

Spencer is one of the top ClickFunnels affiliates partly because he focused his resources on two strategies: One paid and one free.

Here is how his free strategy worked: He produced valuable YouTube content around ClickFunnel topics, helping people get the information they were looking for.

Then, he offered his audience free bonuses for signing up on ClickFunnels with his affiliate link.

After a while, when he started getting good results from organic searches, he invested in Google ads to scale his affiliate business.

He gave his all to the strategy that worked and didn’t get distracted.

So, how can you learn from Spencer?

Well, he offers a range of free courses including affiliate marketing.

Greg Jeffries

Top ClickBank affiliate

With affiliate earnings north of $500,000, Greg Jeffries is another one of the top ClickFunnels affiliates.

He has been so successful at promoting ClickFunnels because of his unique approach to SEO.

Instead of giving in to the temptation of targeting high-volume keywords, he continued working on the low-hanging fruit: The low-competition long-tail keywords.

What Can We Learn From Greg?

There is something extra-ordinary to learn from Greg’s affiliate strategy: You don’t need to rank for high-volume, competitive keywords to be successful at affiliate marketing.

Greg’s success is clear evidence that you are better off staying away from competitive niches and keywords.

That’s especially true when you are trying to get organic search engine rankings quickly.

But, how can you find an ultra-low competition niche and keywords?

One of the most effective and free ways to do that is by using Google’s own tool called “Google Keyword Planner”.

Although it’s built for pay-per-click ads, you can use the information it provides to find out SEO keywords.

After all, it only shows you what people are searching for. And, the best thing is, the data comes right from the horse’s mouth.

Here is how you can use it to find long-tail, low-competition keywords:

Go to Google Keywords Planner.

What can you learn from ClickBank affiliates

Google Keywords planner get results

Google keywords planner for affiliate keyword research

The strategy used by Greg is one of the most effective ones to rank and scale an affiliate site.

So, are there any free or paid affiliate courses by Greg?

He doesn’t offer a free course, but there are a couple of paid courses that you will find a lot of value in.

These are:

  1. CF affiliate domination
  2. SEO affiliate domination

If you are serious about making affiliate marketing a sustainable online business, you want to follow this guy’s lead.

Franklin Hatchett

Franklin Hatchet Savage affiliates

Franklin Hatchett is an online entrepreneur and YouTuber who creates courses to help people get started with affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

He is one of the most popular YouTubers that talk about making a sustainable income with affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn from someone who knows the affiliate marketing business inside out, Franklin Hatchet is your guy!

So, does he offer any affiliate marketing courses?

Although you can learn a lot from Franklin’s YouTube channel for free, he does have an extensive affiliate program by the name of “Savage affiliates” that gives you a clear path to success.

Stephen Esketzis

leading ClickFunnels affiliate

As the first ClickFunnels dream car award winner, Stephen Esketzis is easily one of the top ClickFunnels affiliates out there.

Here is something interesting about Stephen’s success as a ClickFunnels affiliate:

He won the ClickFunnels dream car award just by posting a single blog post and optimizing it for search engines.

Stephen’s one blog post was so effective that he ended up working with ClickFunnel’s content team.

What Can We Learn from Stephen?

If you were to take one thing away from Stephen’s success, it would be this:

You don’t need to follow others to be successful; it pays to be the first in line.

You see, Stephen was the first to put up a blog post on the internet. So, as there wasn’t any competition on the search engines, he managed to get a lot of clicks on his affiliate links.

Here is the bottom line: don’t be afraid to be the first one to implement a strategy.

So, how can you learn from Stephen?

Well, he probably doesn’t have a course as of yet, but you can learn from him by following his blog.

Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels has one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs out there. You could earn thousands in commissions just by producing great content on relevant topics.

This post covered the strategies top ClickFunnels affiliates used to earn up to 7-figure affiliate incomes.

They even have resources that you can use to jump-start your affiliate marketing career. Using these tried-and-true affiliate marketing strategies will maximize your chances of success.

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