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A Lucrative Twitter Side Hustle To Start In 2022 (No Experience Needed)

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Lucrative Side Hustle - No experience required

Twitter Side hustle: Introduction

Welcome to this article on a simple Twitter side hustle that you can start with $10 per month. I came up with this myself, but then I noticed that I don’t have the time to do it, so I thought I would just make an article around it, as some of you may want to do it. 

So, yes I haven’t tried this exact method myself, but there is no reason why it wouldn’t work and you will see why that is the case. If you do enjoy this post, make sure to leave a comment and/or share the article!

Let’s get started!

Our Strategy 

So, what we are actually going to be doing is drop servicing.

Drop servicing is when you sell services, but when somebody purchases them, we go and purchase them from our supplier. It’s like dropshipping, but with services. 

We will be finding two or three sellers that can fulfill the services (to be safe) and then we will sell them for a higher price. You can either make a sales funnel through a service such as GetResponse and sell your service that way or if you are on a lower budget, you can also just use one of those links. 

So, we will be posting relevant content to our service and then offering our services to people interested. That’s the whole idea behind this. 

What We Need For This Twitter Side hustle

So, here are things that we need to do start this Twitter side hustle:

  • a verified PayPal account (make sure to verify it first, otherwise, your funds can be held for 3-6 months)
  • Sellers of the service (multiple to be safe)
  • Zlappo (we will talk about this later on) 

The total cost of this is $10 per month. You may prefer to sell through a sales funnel in which the cost of the software that you use would also be added. Zlappo is a software that we use to automate our accounts so that we don’t have to do the tweeting all the time. 

How To Pick A Service/Niche

So, first of all we will have to pick a service or niche. 

Ideally, you will know a little bit about the service. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as you can look at others and learn some basic information. 

To browse services head over to freelance marketplaces such as Legiit or Fiverr and just have a little look.

When you pick services, make sure that they fit the following criteria: 

  • Very professional looking 
  • There are multiple sellers selling this service
  • 4.5-5 Star reviews

You can also pick 2 or 3 services, in a specific niche. For example, if your niche is SEO, you could offer:

  • Guest post backlinks 
  • Press releases 
  • Social signals

By the way, if you are going to offer SEO services, do not go to Fiverr. You will want to get them from Legiit, as these are a lot better. SEO services from Fiverr will probably do more harm than good. I wouldn’t really recommend going into the SEO niche, as you can do harm if you don’t have the right knowledge.

You can also try these services:

  • Social media account management
  • graphic design
  • writing
  • Video creation
  • Spokesperson videos

Pro Tip: If you really want to make a consistent recurring income, go for services that are tied to growth or give the business owner an ROI. This way, you will be able to get them on a monthly contract. With that being said, if you are a complete beginner that will be harder to do. It’s not a must, but it’s just for those of you out there that really want to make the most out of this opportunity.


Backup Sellers

So, once you have chosen your niche, you just want to make sure that there are at least three high-quality backup sellers. Otherwise, you may run into trouble, if:

  • Your seller stops selling
  • Your seller changes the price
  • Your seller doesn’t deliver on time. 

Things like this will rarely happen, but you should be prepared in case they do. 

Asking Your Seller For Permission

Before you start drop servicing a service, you should ask your seller for permission. 

Just tell them what exactly it is that you are doing, usually, they will be fine with it, as it means more sales for them. If they say no, you can explain to them how it would benefit them, but if they still don’t allow it, then just move onto the next one.

Also, you can also ask them if you can use their previous work, testimonials, etc for your portfolio so that you have one. Usually, they won’t care as you are making them sales. 

Educating Yourself About The Service

Once you have picked a service and done the steps above, you still need to educate yourself a little about the service. 

So, go and learn about it a little, you only really need to learn the basics. You may even already know about it. Also, look at other experts in your niche, have a look at what sort of content they post on their social media profiles.

You can rewrite their content so that it looks unique but still makes sense. Another place where you can gain some good insights is on the actual sales page of your freelancer. 

This can be a good indication of how to sell your services, as they are selling them like that. 

Getting Started

1.Setting Up Your Profile

The first thing that you will need to do is set up your profile. In the bio, you want to have something catchy to do with your service.

For example, We help business owners manage their social media profiles effectively to improve the ROI of social media. Or, another example would be if you were in the SEO niche is: Helping businesses improve their SEO results effectively and maximizing the ROI.

Something along those lines. Then you want either a logo or a professional-looking picture of yourself, alongside a nice and clean banner. You can get these off Fiverr for very cheap.

2. Try Zlappo For Free

Once you have your account set up, you will want to grab a 14 Day free trial for Zlappo. After the 14 Days, it only costs $10 per month. This will then help you automate your account and you can fill it up each week with relevant tweets to your niche. 

Again, you can look at other people in your niche and see what they post and then do the same (but change the tweets a little). Each week you will want to fill it up with relevant tweets to your niche. If you don’t use Zlappo, you will probably not post enough which will get you fewer clients or even none at all. 

So, just use Zlappo

3. Finding Relevant Users

Once you have your account loaded up with relevant tweets, you should go and find relevant users that would be interested in your service. For example, if your niche is social media management & content creation for those platforms you will want to look for:

  • Businesses that aren’t utilizing social media properly
  • Big content creators that don’t utilize social media properly. 
  • Local businesses that look like they need help.

On Fiverr, this service would probably cost around $100 per month. You could then sell it for $400 per month, or something along those lines. It may take a month to get your first sale, but if you stay consistent, it’s definitely worth it, as you can build it up from there. 

Staying Consistent

Each day, you should aim to:

  • Follow a couple of new users that are interested in your services
  • Tweet 6+ times per day. Zlappo makes this a lot easier

By doing this, you will show that you are active and also attract new followers. If you do this consistently, then your followers will become a lot of prospects all in one little space that you can reach out to.

Selling Your Services

Here comes the hard part, selling your services. 

For this, I would usually recommend using skype, as you can talk to your clients and build trust. It would be a lot harder to sell your services through DM’s unless you have some sort of minor service such as logo design, which is fine, but not as profitable. 

If you can get one or two clients on services that they would want on a recurring contract, you could easily already be making $500 per month. In case you do have a service like this that is tied to growth, you can hop on a 20-minute Skype call with them, explain the benefits and explain that the payment is safe due to using PayPal. 

You can also offer the service for a week first for $100 which would cost you around $25 on Fiverr. If they like it then, you can make it a recurring payment. If you are offering services such as logo-design or smaller services like that, you may be able to sell through DM’s and showing your freelancers’ previous experience. 

Keep in mind, with this business you will face rejection. It’s that simple, but you just have to get used to it. Aim to talk to 15 new leads per day (once you have built up your following), then within the first month, you should get at least one or two sales which will put you in profit. 

Killer Tips

So, lastly, before you start this business, I just wanted to give you some tips on this. 

1. Offer Referral Incentives

This one only really works if you have a service that is tied to growth, but it does work amazingly. Once you have the first client that is looking to stay with you, you can offer them 20% off for any businesses that they refer to you. 

Even if they refer five and get 100% off, you get 5 more clients that would make you a lot more money. This is a killer tip that will help you scale your business. 

So, let’s say it costs you $100 per month for social media management and you charge $400. That would become a $100 expense at a new profit of $1500. Meaning, your total profit would be around $1400. 

You can even offer bigger incentives if you wanted to since it’s not you doing the work anyway. 

2. Focus On Getting Clients & Don’t Give Up

As long as you know the service is available and that you can use it, your only focus should be getting clients. So, every day reach out to new businesses, stay consistent and keep tweeting value with Zlappo. 

If you give up quickly, you will probably fail at this. As I said earlier, you will face rejection in this business model. 

Final Words

I hope that you have enjoyed this little Twitter side hustle. 

In case, you haven’t started a business yet and are looking to, this one might be for you. It’s very simple, beginner-friendly and low budget!

Just make sure to stay consistent with your outreach! If you did enjoy this article, make sure to leave a comment and/or share it. 

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