Types of Blogs That Make Money

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Can blogging become your mainstream source of income, if so, what are the types of blogs that make money? Well, this is a common question for those starting out in their blogging career. First of all, we congratulate you for starting to learn and perhaps start your own successful blog. The truth is blogging is a booming business still under the curtains and today, we are going to share the types of blogs that make money and sift out the trash, let’s get to it. 

Types of Blogs That Make Money

Types of Blogs That Make Money 

First, you need to understand the kind of blog you are starting, in what broad category does it fit. We have two broad categories of blogs, that is, 

  •  Business blogs 
  • Personal blogs 

A business blog is that which is targeted at selling the readers products under a different brand from yourself. A personal blog is that which your main aim is creating a brand out of yourself, it might be a blog about your food, travel, likes, and so forth. Both of these can make you money. However, we got much to explore before we make money, read on.  

Your blog can be niche specific or general depending on your preference, either way, it shall fall into the above two categories. Choosing a specific niche has been proven to be better compared to multiple niches as it gives you time to concentrate and build on a single area which is easier to achieve rather than trying much. 

Here are the ten types of blogs that have been proven to make hits. 


People of different ages are obsessed with fashion. There is too much fought to clear about fashion, too many styles to create, and too many ideas that people do love searching and reading online. If you help your audience match their colors, find the best shades, bag, and do on, you shall earn their trust to refer them to a product, that’s a hit. Still, you could take advantage of the traffic and sell ad spaces via brokers like Adsense and others. The point is that this is an ever-green field and if you find the right content to give that your audience shall like, you have it. 

Sport blog  

Sports are very popular, that’s not important. The good thing for bloggers with an interest in the sports niche, there is a lot to cover, and millions of people searching for that. It makes the best blog for Adsense monetization. You can choose a specific game or cover all as long as you provide your audience with the right insights, updates, predictions, and much more depending on your preference and creativity. 

Travel blog   

A travel blog comes with thousands of money-making opportunities as long as you hit the right keys. People are always traveling, most of which visit new places. The web and more so google is the best and fast way they get prior information about their planned destinations.  

Other than being a moneymaker, travel blogs give you more in terms of experience and enjoyment. If you love traveling and sharing the moments and experience with other people, this is your best bet. You enjoy traveling while making money. Just start your blog, create an audience, and good traffic. You can earn from ads, affiliate links, marketing articles, and so on, the opportunities are unlimited. 


How about helping the new young mother’s nurse happy healthy kids? New mothers have a lot of queries about caring for their bunch of joy if you happen to be experienced in this, such information is in demand and hence high volume and quality traffic. 

Earning from your parenting blog shall range from affiliate links, products, donations, AdSense, and much more. Just provide high-quality content and you shall get a high-quality loyal audience and smart revenue. 


Gaming has shifted to online, most games require the plates to be online in order to play. Forums, communities build for the purpose of gaming information sharing are therefore very popular. Still, games offer a good basis for affiliate links and traffic businesses.  

Health and fitness blog 

Are you a fitness guru, or do you have an interest and can write about fitness. With the obesity problem a threat, people are currently trying to find the best methods to keep fit and healthy. How about you give them tips about the best practices to do their work out, their meals, and so on. Provide training equipment reviews and earn from affiliate commissions, alternatively, you can run ads or sell recipe and training e-books and much more. Always start with the content and marketing, the rest follows. 

Types of Blogs That Make Money – How Do They Succeed 

Choosing the right type of blog is just the start, there is a lot you need to do before making money from your blog. As stressed on almost every type above, the quality of your content matters a lot. To provide good helpful content, choose a niche you understand, and enjoy writing about. 

Narrow down to a specific niche rather than working on many. A single niche shall allow you to put more effort into it and dominate rather than touching a little on a variety of niches. To make the most out of your blog, consider combining multiple monetization methods as long as they are compatible. 

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Types of Blogs That Make Money – Conclusion 

Types of blogs that make money are not limited to the above, we have plenty of niches that you could make a fortune out of. The hack is, list all the niches you are experienced in, research the traffic of all your listed niches. Choose the best and get to work, create your content with love, and the ultimate purpose of serving rather than the rampant scamming on the web. 

Get your SEO right from the early stages to avoid later costly edits. Sell your brand all the way and keep expanding, youtube is a good option to bring on board also, create a channel for your blog and develop it as your blog website grows. That’s all for now. 


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